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Generally, obesity is the accumulation of fatty deposits build up inside a person’s body. This occurs when the tissues become excessive fat. Worse, obesity may interfere with and injure organs and eventually cause serious health problems. Being overweight is associated with a higher risk if you have a medical problem such as diabetes and heart disease.


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Obesity Prevention Strategies Essay
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Introduction: The rate of speed in which the occurrences of chronic illnesses has increased in the US has provoked a desperate movement amongst millions of individuals to take daily health decisions more seriously.... Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

Literature Review on Childhood Obesity and Treatment
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: This review was mainly focussing on the use of two articles Obesity in Childhood and Prevention of Childhood Obesity which between then cover all the issues surrounding childhood obesity.... Last modified: 24th Mar 2021

Genetic Factors For and Against Obesity
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Introduction: Obesity continues to grow around the globe, an epidemic is known to affect millions. The issue more widespread and common that thought to be. In fact, many of us might know or be related to indiv... Last modified: 23rd Mar 2021

Obesity as a Factor of Infertility in Women of Childbearing Age
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Introduction: Obesity as a factor of infertility in women’s of childbearing age. Obesity is the define by the World Health Organizations (2019), as” an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a... Last modified: 23rd Mar 2021

Screening Initiative for the Prevention of Diabetes
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Introduction: A significant diabetic disparity exist for racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. Since minorites bear a disproportionate burden of the diabetes epidemic,... Last modified: 16th Feb 2021

Obesity and heart disease
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Introduction: A high body mass index (BMI) can lead to an increased risk of coronary heart disease. ... Last modified: 22nd Dec 2020

What Are The Causes Of Childhood Obesity Health Essay
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Introduction: Throughout the years, obesity has been a very important topic in our society and has risen exponentially among children and many researchers have wondered what are the causes of childhood obesity. ... Last modified: 17th Dec 2020

Obesity: Causes and effects
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Introduction: This paper is to inform one how important it is to be educated on the causes and affects of obesity. It will answer how one can catch the early signs of obesity and detect the symptoms in themselves.... Last modified: 10th Dec 2020

Obesity: Causes, Effects and Treatments
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Introduction: Obesity , is one of the common and serious disease over the world. There must be cases of obesity no matter in urban or rural area, as it is a widespread and escalating concern. ... Last modified: 10th Dec 2020

Educational Programs to Lower Obesity in the US
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Introduction: One of the many programs that is available for the population are the several programs outfitted to help curve and lower the number of obese people in the United States.... Last modified: 28th Oct 2020

Tackling the Rise of Childhood Obesity
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Introduction: Obesity is a growing problem in the United States; it is particularly alarming amongst children. With the high rise of childhood obesity within the past few years it has led to concerns about the health issues attributed to it.... Last modified: 22nd Oct 2020

Health Promotion in Nursing: Child Obesity Interventions
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Introduction: This essay will explore the knowledge, skills and attitudes nurses need for health promotion. In the last decade health promotion has been a significant part of health policy in the UK (Piper, 2009).... Last modified: 14th Oct 2020

Effects of Childhood Malnutrition and Child Obesity
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Introduction: A literature review is a compilation of resources that provide the ground work for further study. It is frequently found as a subsection of a published research study. ... Last modified: 7th Oct 2020

Obesity in the United States
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Introduction: Erik Petrosyan One in every three adults in the United States is obese, not to mention the other third of the population that is simply overweight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and ... Last modified: 24th Sep 2020

History and Development of Obesity in America
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Introduction: Obesity in America is becoming a problem. It has been on the rise since the beginning of the twenty first century, but seems to be getting higher in more recent years. ... Last modified: 24th Sep 2020

Relationship between Parenting Styles and Obesity
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Introduction: Obesity, in general, affects the physical and psychological wellbeing of the individuals affected, as well as increases the risk of other premature illnesses including cardiovascular disease, particular types of cancer, hypertension, stroke, and even premature death (Foss & Dyrstad, 2011).... Last modified: 21st Aug 2020

Proposed Intervention to Decrease Obesity Rates
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Introduction: The intended purpose of this project is to decrease the rates of childhood obesity by decreasing BMI by 5-10% through education of dietary intake and increase physical activities. The intervention wil... Last modified: 18th Jun 2020

Impact of Obesity in Society and Solutions to the Problem
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Introduction: Analyse how rising obesity is causing a crisis in modern society, and evaluate current solutions to address this problem. Increasing numbers of obese people in modern society have caused a series of s... Last modified: 18th Jun 2020

Obesity Strategies in the US
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Introduction: Obesity Jaleesa Gadson Abstract The meaning of obesity is having too much body fat. It is a difference in being overweight and weighing too much. In some cases, genetics seem responsible; in... Last modified: 4th Jun 2020

Is Obesity a Disease?
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Introduction: Obesity is Not a disease- Michel Tanner AMA Declares Obesity a Disease- Liz Neporent John Pollina One of the most controversial issues related to the health field is obesity. Obesity affe... Last modified: 4th Jun 2020

Health and Social Impacts of Obesity
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Introduction: Introduction Today, we have two groups of people, young people who are struggling with obesity and others who do not care. We are in a time where being obese can be detrimental to good health and for ... Last modified: 1st Jun 2020

Health Problem: Child Obesity in Canada
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Introduction: Health Problem: Child Obesity in Canada Needs Assessment and Rationale An excessive accumulation of body fats causes childhood obesity over time due to positive energy balance. Therefore, the conditio... Last modified: 1st Jun 2020