Areas of Expertise

At we have both in-house and freelance writing experts in a broad range of healthcare and nursing specialisms.

All our staff are qualified with a minimum of a 2:1 degree in their chosen subject area, with many writers holding multiple degrees across a range of subjects.

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Subject Areas

  • Biology category image
    • Writers in this area: 28
    • No Samples available
  • Children & Young People category image
    Children & Young People
    • Writers in this area: 22
    • No Samples available
  • Counselling category image
    • Writers in this area: 11
    • No Samples available
  • Dentistry category image
    • Writers in this area: 7
    • No Samples available
  • Health category image
  • Health & Social Care category image
    Health & Social Care
  • Health Psychology category image
    Health Psychology
  • Medicine category image
  • Mental Health category image
    Mental Health
    • Writers in this area: 27
    • No Samples available
  • Nursing category image
  • Occupational Therapy category image
    Occupational Therapy
    • Writers in this area: 5
    • No Samples available
  • Paramedic Studies category image
    Paramedic Studies
    • Writers in this area: 10
    • No Samples available
  • Pharmacology category image
    • Writers in this area: 13
    • No Samples available
  • Physiotherapy category image
    • Writers in this area: 6
    • No Samples available
  • Psychology category image
  • Psychotherapy category image
  • Radiology & Medical Technology category image
    Radiology & Medical Technology
    • Writers in this area: 10
    • No Samples available

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Each of our expert writers is fully qualified in the subject area for which they write and has been fully vetted to ensure they can meet our exacting requirements.