Tag: Gynecologic Oncology

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Literature on Cancer Disparities in the LGBTQ Population
2nd Jun 2020
Introduction: A Review of the Scholarly Literature on Cancer Disparities in the LGBTQ Population Abstract:  The LGBTQ population represents an unfocused group of individuals that are known to be at an increased ri...

Issue of Cervical Cancer in Developing Countries
28th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequently occurring cancer in women and the eighth-most frequent cancer worldwide (World Cancer Research Fund International, 2019). According to the W...

The Risk Factor of Age on Ovarian Cancer
26th May 2020
Introduction: Abstract This research paper explores one risk factor of ovarian cancer, expose the pathogenesis of age correlation with ovarian cancer, state the risk factors’ effects on epigenetics,  as well as ...

Case Study Narrative of Vulvar Cancer
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Case Study Narrative of Vulvar Cancer  Abstract Vulvar cancer is a rare malignancy that occurs in the female genital tract. Vulvar cancer studies have shown links between ...