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Alzheimer’s Disease: Treatments for Patients
12th Jan 2021
Introduction: The pharmacological and non- pharmacological treatments are both able to manage the vast progression of Alzheimer’s and maintain behavioral symptoms. ...

Literature Review on Pain Management
23rd Dec 2020
Introduction: In the article “Culture’s Effects on Pain Assessment and Management by Mary Curry Narayan (2010) describe some aspects in the process to treat and manage a client...

Literature Review | Medication Errors
22nd Dec 2020
Introduction: The focus of my scholarly project is to address the following clinical question: Does improved barcode scanning reduce serious medication errors for patients with acute medical and psychiatric conditions...

Literature Review: Access to Care for Addicts
22nd Dec 2020
Introduction: This paper was presented to increase the awareness of individual with Opiates treatment programed Dependency are denied access to residential treatment....

Women’s Health and Gender Bias in Healthcare
22nd Dec 2020
Introduction: When differences in healthcare and treatment are due to gender bias, a more pressing concern calls for our attention owing to the potential to harm patients....

Annotated Bibliography: Barriers to Communication in Nursing
4th Dec 2020
Introduction: The author examines communication between nurses and patients which plays a vital for delivering quality of nursing care. The author focuses on the result of nurses relationship in patient recovery and to establish the nurses approach towards patient using self-administered structured questionnaire...

Issue of Lead Contamination in Water
3rd Dec 2020
Introduction: The contaminant identified in this article is lead. Health Canada’s guidelines indicate a maximum safe concentration of five parts per billion for lead in drinking water....

Annotated Bibliography: Healthcare in Nigeria
27th Nov 2020
Introduction: This group of sources relate to the health care of Nigeria. The grouping consists of sources that deal primarily with the difficulties with achieving a positive health care model ...