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Children’s Mental Health Services
19th Jun 2020
Introduction: Based on the data provided by the 2010 National Vital Statistics System (NVSS), suicide serves as the second leading cause of death among youth, ages 12-17, which results from the interaction of menta...

Issue of Rising Suicide Rates in the US
18th Jun 2020
Introduction: Suicide is a major public health concern in the United States (US). In fact, the US may be facing a suicide crisis. Research has shown suicides in the US are at the highest they have been in the last ...

History of Human Services
17th Jun 2020
Introduction: We, as a society, have not always acknowledged those in need. Nor did we know how to help or provide resources for those less fortunate. The way disabilities were approached was not always the way the...

Effects of Biofeedback on Mental and Physical Health
17th Jun 2020
Introduction: Evaluate two quantitative articles on biofeedback research Biofeedback was a technique developed in the 1960s to teach the individuals who utilize it, methods to control their body purposes, such as t...

Impact of Mental Health on Nursing Care
9th Jun 2020
Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to explore mental health and mental illness, considering the relevance of these terms to nursing in general healthcare.  To begin, the terms mental health and mental illn...

Mental Health Study Report: History, Causes and Impacts
8th Jun 2020
Introduction:   Mental health is the condition of an individual with regards to their psychological and emotional well-being.  According to mental health charity Mind (England and Wales) there are approximately ...

Impact of Healthcare Initiative on Mental Health
3rd Jun 2020
Introduction: IMPACT OF HEALTHCARE INITIATIVE ON MENTAL HEALTH Introduction As per the research of Barr (2016), the mental health crisis in the United Kingdom is imminent. Although the treatments for cancer and hea...

Mental Health Concerns for First Responders
3rd Jun 2020
Introduction: Abstract The importance of helping professions has been recognised world-wide for its valuable contribution in promoting the physical and emotional welfare of the population. During crisis situations,...

Suicide Risks in Children and Adolescent Youth
29th May 2020
Introduction: Suicide Risks in Children and Adolescent Youth Each year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), report that the rate of suicide attempts and related deaths have alarmingly increased. Th...

Resilience and Mental Health Care in College Students
25th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction  When we think about resilience and mental health, we want to be able to understand that life has many challenges and barriers to overcome that causes setbacks for each individual. W...

Impact of Healthcare Leadership on Mental Health
21st May 2020
Introduction: “Coming Out About Mental Health on Social Media” News Analysis: Impact of Healthcare Leadership on Mental Health Abstract Mental health—which includes emotional, psychological, and social well-b...

Mental Health Nurse Role in Person Centred Care
19th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of a mental health nurse’s role in providing person centred care to service users and their holistic care need...