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Everyone experiences emotional ups and downs from time to time caused by certain events in our lives. Mental health related conditions go beyond these emotional reactions to specific situations. They are medical conditions that cause changes in how we think and feel and within our mood.

Mental Health

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Essay on Children’s Mental Health Services
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Introduction: Based on the data provided by the 2010 National Vital Statistics System (NVSS), suicide serves as the second leading cause of death among youth, ages 12-17.... Last modified: 25th Jun 2021

Healthcare Leadership and Mental Health
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Introduction: In general, mental health appears to be a topic that very few people seemingly wish to discuss— predominantly within the work environment.  The prime contributing factor may be obvious: A destitute mental state—that is left unresolved—could manifest within the workplace and ultimately afflict an individual’s work performance. ... Last modified: 25th Jun 2021

Mental Health Facility Closure
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Introduction: Mental health facilities provide different services to a person at any age who are experiencing mental and emotional crisis. ... Last modified: 26th May 2021

Development of Mental Illness Treatments
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Introduction: Since the beginning of time people have suffered from mental illnesses. However, how they viewed it and handled people with this illness has evolved throughout time... Last modified: 11th May 2021

Essay on Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
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Introduction: The adoption of psychotherapy by psychiatric nurses when dealing with individuals with mental cases has been and always going to be effective only when the nurses has both compassion and respect for the individuals that seek help. ... Last modified: 23rd Apr 2021

Essay On Mental Health in Women
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Introduction: The battle with mental illness has been ongoing in the United States but has become more prevalent in recent years. There are many factors that contribute to the development of mental illness with our focus on the female gender and the different affects it has on women.... Last modified: 15th Apr 2021

Essay On Substance Abuse and Mental Health
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Introduction: Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s death. The person who committed may be suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse.... Last modified: 15th Apr 2021

Repercussions of Language in Mental Health Essay
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Introduction: The language that we use to refer to mental health issues and related topics, with the intention of conveying compassion, providing hope, empowerment and optimism, under closer inspection, ironically reveal to express messages that divide and stigmatise.... Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

Review of Literature on Schizophrenia
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Introduction: Schizophrenia is a prolonged and severe mental disorder that affects the cognitive abilities of a person. This disorder mostly appears in the late adolescent stage or the onset of early adulthood.... Last modified: 9th Apr 2021

Mental Health - Definition and Case Study
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Introduction: This assignment is going to explore about what mental health is and make a distinction between mental disorders and mental illnesses. A case study of a patient suffering with depression is going t... Last modified: 29th Mar 2021

Case Study: Mental Health Problems
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Introduction: The purpose of this assignment is to select a client with the diagnosis of enduring mental illness and carry out an assessment based on the presenting problem of the chosen patient and the psychosocia... Last modified: 29th Mar 2021

Social Media Harmful Effects on Youth Mental Health
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Introduction: Analysts are correct in their declarations suggesting that young people are in the middle of a mental health crisis due to the rise of social media.... Last modified: 26th Mar 2021

Case Study of Living with Schizophrenia
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Introduction: As we have seen the symptoms or rather the results, of Schizophrenia can be life disheartening, depressing and take an emotional toll on the patients and their family. ... Last modified: 29th Jan 2021

Healthcare Operations for Mental Health Support
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Introduction: According to U.S. DALY’s graphs on Mental Health awareness, there is an epidemic with how patients suffering from mental health are not receiving the proper treatment... Last modified: 11th Jan 2021

Mental health illness and emotional wellbeing
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Introduction: This assignment will discuss mental health, mental illness and how it relates to our emotional wellbeing. The relevance of working with patients with mental health will be discussed.... Last modified: 10th Dec 2020

A Human Rights Based Approach to Mental Health Care
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Introduction: Human rights within adult mental health are enshrined in the 2006, Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD). Ireland signed the Convention in 2007 and further to its ratification in March 2018. ... Last modified: 3rd Dec 2020

Mental Health Providers in Alabama: Last in the Nation
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Introduction: In 2018, the United Health Foundation published their annual review that focuses on health disparities throughout the U.S., providing valuable information on each state.... Last modified: 10th Nov 2020

Placement at a mental health rehabilitation centre
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Introduction: The purpose of this write up is to explore and analyse how learning theories informed knowledge development and competence in promoting health and psycho education in clinical settings. I will examine... Last modified: 6th Nov 2020