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Nursing Management of a Chronic Illness: Diabetes
11th Feb 2021
Introduction: Over time, ineffective management of diabetes can lead to a number of health related problems such as damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. ...

Improving Metabolic Outcomes of Type 2 Diabetics
11th Feb 2021
Introduction: Diabetes is a complex chronic condition that imposes a substantial burden on society, both locally and worldwide.  Many patients with type 2 diabetes receive suboptimal treatment in the primary care setting...

Health Literacy: Diabetes Mellitus Type II in Adolescents
17th Nov 2020
Introduction: The purpose of this health literacy project is to assist patients and caregivers in the primary care setting with understanding the risks and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus through the use of educational materials...

Effects of Diabetes Mellitus on Root Canal Treatments
22nd Jun 2020
Introduction: Research Topic:Effects of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) on Root Canal Treatments (RCT) conducted in the Griffith University Dental Clinics: A Clinical Audit.  1) Abstract:  Amy  Introduction: Diabetes Mel...

How does Vitamin D affect Diabetes?
10th Jun 2020
Introduction: The common endocrine disorder diabetes is most prevalent in today’s day in age due to the rise in the populations’ weight, poor diet choices, and lack of physical exercise. Personally, I know of m...

Patient Case Study: Diabetic Ketoacidosis
3rd Jun 2020
Introduction: Health History ●       Patient: J.D. ●       Age: 30 years old ●       Gender: Female ●       Ethnicity: Hispanic ●       Chief complaint: cold sweats, nausea, ...

Exploring Perspectives on Health and Illness
29th May 2020
Introduction: Write an essay explaining and evaluating how and to what extent a particular life course stage can add to the understandings of health and illness provided by, biology, sociology and psychology. ...

The Effects of Diabetes among Australian Society
27th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction The term “Diabetes” is known widely as a disease which affects people who are overweight; although this disease is a common side effect which comes with being unhealthy, there are ma...

Disparities in Health: Diabetes Type 2 in Hispanics
18th May 2020
Introduction: Disparities in Health; Diabetes Type 2 in Hispanics Health disparities are prevalent globally. The disparities occur within the social groupings of the world population. It takes an array of dimension...

Interventions to Develop Education for Diabetic Patients
14th May 2020
Introduction: Research literature design and implications of young diabetic adults aged 18 to 40 years of patient education is a vital healthcare needs in the contemporary generation. This is a growing concern in m...

Effects of Physical Inactivity on State Diabetes Rates
14th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction Diabetes is an issue that continues to grow and plague the United States. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in 2015 (ADA 2015...

Prevalence, Aetiology and Pathology of Type 2 Diabetes
12th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction A summary of the prevalence, aetiology and pathology of type 2 diabetes What is diabetes? Diabetes is a group of conditions characterised by high blood glucose Type 2 diabetes occurs due...