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Chronic illnesses are non-communicable diseases which develop gradually over time. They generally cannot be solved instinctively and are barely to be cured ultimately. In most cases, chronic illnesses are more likely to be insidious where the patients have mild or no symptoms.

Chronic Illness

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Essay on Chronic Pain and Suicidal Thoughts
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Introduction: This research paper discusses the impact of chronic pain on the suicide attempts. It includes the prevalence and risk of suicidal ideation associated with chronic pain. ... Last modified: 10th Jun 2021

Coping Skills Used By Individuals With Chronic Depression
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Introduction: In this essay the author will examine chronic illness with focus on depression and its symptoms as well as critically evaluate coping skills used by individuals with chronic depression.... Last modified: 22nd Apr 2021

Obesity Prevention Strategies Essay
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Introduction: The rate of speed in which the occurrences of chronic illnesses has increased in the US has provoked a desperate movement amongst millions of individuals to take daily health decisions more seriously.... Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

Management of Type 2 Diabetes
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Introduction: Diabetes is an increasing problem in the world especially Type 2 which accounts for more than 90% of all diabetes cases in the world. Although it is a preventable disease, most people will not know they are diagnosed until it is too late therefore, they must undergo necessary treatment. ... Last modified: 12th Apr 2021

Interventions for Type 2 Diabetes Literature Review
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: Ganachari M S et al (2010) conducted “Assessment of Drug Therapy Interventions by Clinical Pharmacist in a Tertiary Care Hospital” which was conducted at KLES’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital... Last modified: 24th Mar 2021

Review Of Literature Related To Diabetes Mellitus Nursing Essay
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Introduction: The review of literature for the present Study has been done on knowledge regarding lifestyle modification among diabetes mellitus patients from published articles, textbooks, reports, newsletters, medline and internet search.... Last modified: 24th Mar 2021

Screening Initiative for the Prevention of Diabetes
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Introduction: A significant diabetic disparity exist for racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. Since minorites bear a disproportionate burden of the diabetes epidemic,... Last modified: 16th Feb 2021

Nursing Management of a Chronic Illness: Diabetes
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Introduction: Over time, ineffective management of diabetes can lead to a number of health related problems such as damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. ... Last modified: 11th Feb 2021

Improving Metabolic Outcomes of Type 2 Diabetics
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Introduction: Diabetes is a complex chronic condition that imposes a substantial burden on society, both locally and worldwide.  Many patients with type 2 diabetes receive suboptimal treatment in the primary care setting... Last modified: 11th Feb 2021

Intervention to Reduce Progression of Diabetes
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Introduction: Developing an Intervention to Reduce Progression and the Development of Complications from Diabetes Mellitus in Adults in Glasgow.... Last modified: 11th Feb 2021

Health Literacy: Diabetes Mellitus Type II in Adolescents
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: The purpose of this health literacy project is to assist patients and caregivers in the primary care setting with understanding the risks and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus through the use of educational materials... Last modified: 17th Nov 2020

Integrated Health Promotion Plan for Patient with Diabetes
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Introduction: Health promotion can lower morbidity and liabilities cost in health care today. In our practice, nurse take care of and deal with illness that patients has upon our interaction.... Last modified: 17th Nov 2020

Rolfe, Freshwater and Jasper (2001) Framework for Diabetes
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Introduction: Reflective account, using framework from Rolfe, Freshwater and Jasper (2001) of a patient with regards to a long term condition and identification of a learning need to be achieved during the module.... Last modified: 9th Nov 2020

Chronic Diseases: Impacts and Prevention
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Introduction: Chronic conditions have an effect on developing countries and first world countries such as Australia and it is on the increase year by year.... Last modified: 28th Oct 2020

Analyzing the Lifestyle of Older Adults Living With Chronic Illnesses
Nursing Case Studies
Introduction: A one on one interview was conducted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2019 with a 94-year-old female at the Brightview Senior Living Facility. The participant was recruited for the interview to provide a personal account of their daily life as an older adult and their experiences through the course of aging.... Last modified: 22nd Oct 2020

How does Vitamin D affect Diabetes?
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Introduction: The common endocrine disorder diabetes is most prevalent in today’s day in age due to the rise in the populations’ weight, poor diet choices, and lack of physical exercise. Personally, I know of m... Last modified: 10th Jun 2020

Patient Case Study: Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Nursing Case Studies
Introduction: Health History ●       Patient: J.D. ●       Age: 30 years old ●       Gender: Female ●       Ethnicity: Hispanic ●       Chief complaint: cold sweats, nausea, ... Last modified: 3rd Jun 2020

Exploring Perspectives on Health and Illness
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Introduction: Write an essay explaining and evaluating how and to what extent a particular life course stage can add to the understandings of health and illness provided by, biology, sociology and psychology. ... Last modified: 29th May 2020

The Effects of Diabetes among Australian Society
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Introduction: Introduction The term “Diabetes” is known widely as a disease which affects people who are overweight; although this disease is a common side effect which comes with being unhealthy, there are ma... Last modified: 27th May 2020

Gaps to Treatment for Chronic Illness
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Introduction:  If you have a chronic illness you are not alone, thee are 133 million people who are affected by a chronic illness within the United States every day. According to the National Health council 40... Last modified: 27th May 2020