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Learning Disability Nurse Reflection
25th Feb 2021
Introduction: Summary reflection –Modules 5 – 9 Working as a learning disability nurse, poses a career fraught with many interesting and often frustrating challenges. However, this is a population that can...

Why is Reflective Practice Important in Healthcare?
17th Feb 2021
Introduction: The ability to become reflective in practice has become a necessary skill for health professionals. This is to ensure that health professionals are continuing with their daily learning....

Cycles of Reflection in Nursing
8th Feb 2021
Introduction: Oelofsen (2012) defines reflective practice as the process in which an individual makes sense of situations, events and actions that occur in the workplace (Natius, 2012). ...

Reflective Practice in Nursing Communication
15th Dec 2020
Introduction: This assignment looks at the study of theoretical reflection in conjunction with how effective communication skills can be developed to expand our knowledge. To achieve this I will explain what reflec...

Presentation on Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Reflection
1st Dec 2020
Introduction: INTRODUCTION As a part of my Overseas Nursing Programme, I had to conduct a seminar presentation on any topic of my interest in front of students. I was given the date of presentation. Knowledge expa...

Reflection In Occupational Therapy Practice
1st Dec 2020
Introduction: I have always struggled with reflection, initially I didnt see the point of going over and over events that had happened, I was confident that the action I had taken at the time was right for the mome...

Importance of Reflective Practice in Healthcare
19th May 2020
Introduction: With reference to at least one research article, define ‘reflective practice’ and describe its importance in healthcare. The use of reflective learning has become an important tool in developing h...

Reflection on Critical Care of COPD Patient
1st May 2020
Introduction: Foundations of critical care. Introduction The aim of this essay is to present a situation in describing my experiences caring for am identified female patient, and reflecting upon the issues which a...

Value of Reflective Practice for Skills Development
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Reflective practice has been defined as “Involving self, a process that is undertaken in response to a positive or negative event that may be initiate consciously or subconsciously, that require...