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Patient Physical and Mental Health Care Decisions
18th May 2020
Introduction: INTRODUCTION CASE STUDY: HISTORY OF SIMON Simon Evans, a 32 year man has been diagnosed of schizophrenia at just 20 years of age and his illness comes with negative symptoms. Simon’s diet is poor; e...

Application of Groupwork Theory to Discharge Group
14th May 2020
Introduction: Identify an intervention with a service user or service users from your own practice. Discuss the theories for practice that informed the chosen intervention. Illustrate your answer with examples from...

Types of Bullying and Impacts on Health and Mental Health
12th May 2020
Introduction: Assignment: Bullying and Harassment 1.) 5 types of bullying and harassment Physical: Form of bullying/harassment that involves physically inflicting harm upon an individual, that may end up causing ...

Communication Skills in Mental Health and Addiction
7th May 2020
Introduction: Task 1 1.1 The communication process is the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver by getting over the barriers that affect its transfer. In simple terms, communication is the exchan...

Reflection on Mental Health Education
5th May 2020
Introduction: Reporting. Mental illness treatments have a long history of bizarre and inhumane practices being performed on mentally ill patients which has given rise to a variety of professional, social as well as...