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Exercise reduces the probability of cardiovascular disease a leading killer disease in some countries in the developed world. It also helps keep obesity at bay and enables people across the age divide to maintain flexibility and independence over their lives. Exercise is also beneficial for mental well being in that it reduces the risk of getting depression.


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Review of Literature on Alzheimer's
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: To examine peer reviewed published literature on the question – Is the Effect of Physical Activity on Cognitive Function a Risk Factor for Alzheimer in Adults? It shall explore the results from the peer reviewed research articles to determine different perspectives of the research question.... Last modified: 23rd Apr 2021

Effect of Exercise on Patients with Hypertension
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: The first of five articles found is aimed to find the effect of lifestyle change on weight and blood pressure. In this Quasi-experimental study, the researchers looked at 328 overweight housewives in the Klang Valley, Malaysia.... Last modified: 24th Mar 2021

Benefits of Physical Exercise
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Introduction: Regular physical exercise is beneficial to the body on a long-term basis. Most experts believe that healthy eating enhances the health of the body. ... Last modified: 16th Dec 2020

Exercise versus Dietary Modifications in Type II Diabetes Management
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: Abstract Diabetes management is being further studied as the prevalence of the disease keeps increasing.  To achieve better management of diabetes, research is conducted to ensure the most up to date... Last modified: 8th Jun 2020

Development of Holistic Teaching Project: Laughter Yoga
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: Laughter Yoga: Holistic Teaching Project  Have you ever heard “laughter is the best medicine”?  How do you feel after laughing?  Happy? Carefree?  Laughing always makes me feel... Last modified: 22nd May 2020

Exercise as a Treatment for Depression: Literature Review
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: Task 2 PICO Paper The Healthcare Problem According to a 2013-2016 U.S data study by the CDC, “One in 12 US adults’ reports having depression, with women twice as likely as ... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Exercise for Balance in the Elderly | Research
Nursing Essays
Introduction: CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The ageing process is considered as a biological reality, and which cannot be controlled by human being. It is dynamic in nature. The beginning of the old age is about 60 or 65... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Muscle Stretching Exercise for Primary Dysmenorrhoea Pain
Nursing Essays
Introduction: CHAPTER-V DISCUSSION, SUMMARY, CONCLUSION, IMPLICATIONS, LIMITATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS DISCUSSION “Dysmenorrhoea” is derived from a Greek word and the meaning of this Greek word is difficult me... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Effectiveness of Exercise Programme to Prevent Falls
Nursing Essays
Introduction: This chapter deals with the information collected in relation to the present study through published and unpublished materials for foundation, to prepare and to carry out the research work. SECTION ... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Exercise as an Intervention for Anorexia Nervosa
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Exercise as an Effective Intervention for Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa Introduction Eating disorders (ED) are serious and dilapidating psychiatric conditions that affect individuals through adv... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Alzheimer’s Disease Research on the Effects of Exercise
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Alzheimer’s Disease is a disease that affects the nervous system, specifically the brain. It is a disease that attacks the connective tissues in the brain, causing the tissue to die and affect... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Importance Of Exercise And Diet Health And Social Care Essay
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Introduction: Exercise and diet is considered to be an important determinant of health and sickness. Historically, a fat child means a healthy child, one who is free from infection. Today obesity or overweight in c... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Nerve And Tendon Gliding Exercises Health And Social Care Essay
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Introduction: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was first described by Sir James Paget in 1854 but the term was coined by Moeirisch. It is a syndrome of compression neuropathy of median nerve at the wrist. Carpal Tunnel Syndr... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Young Children Exercise And Obesity Health And Social Care Essay
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Introduction: Above given is a case study of on lifestyle health intervention. It is main case study for the following essay. The essay can be a It shall be a critical analysis of intervention`s design, delivery an... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Mental Health Effects Of Exercise Health And Social Care Essay
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Objectives: To determine the mental health effects of exercise for people with anxiety disorder, affective and mood disorder, and substances use disorder. Search Strategy: Clinical trials on anxiety... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Dietary Habits, Exercise, and Constipation among Elderly
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Student name: MAN HO YAN Title of the Study The title of this study is “The relationship between dietary habits, exercise, and constipation among elderly in Hong Kong. Objectives of the Stu... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Importance of Macrophages, IL-6 and IL-4 in Exercise
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Introduction: Introduction: Chronic inflammation is linked to sedentary life style such as Obesity, which is an important concern in human health (11,26).The experienced lifestyle of Western societies have shift t... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Active Living for the Older Person
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Annmarie Leonard Introduction I am required to compile a report on active living in retirement for the older person. I have to include answers to the following four questions: The role of the carer/... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Nutrition Needs Before and After Exercise
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Robert-John Santos  Executive Summary Over the past few years, I have noticed a culture change in terms of being healthy. It is represented in social media and public platforms of how more and more ... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020