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Explaining the Importance of Physical Activity Amongst Chronic Diseases & Everyday Life: The Benefits of Exercise

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” — Plato

Exercise gives the body the ability to remain healthy all the time. Many individuals around the world suffer from hypertension, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and cancer as a result of sedentary lifestyles. It is an issue that has continued to create a major struggle for most people out there in society. These issues can be altered and resolved through the use of several different exercises. Individual lifestyles give one the ability to practice and enjoy a given scope of adherence. It is necessary to admit that most of these people end up obese due to minimal or no exercise in their daily lifestyles. The danger is that the body will remain inactive and post a major problem in the long run. The realization of specific concepts in an everyday lifestyle gives a person the opportunity to test exercising hence having the power of a better lifestyle.


The body requires a conclusive management for it to remain healthy and have an optimal performance level. The amount of energy that is not utilized in the body has to be debugged to reduce any possible transformation of unwanted fats accumulating in the body. It is evident that most of the processes that are defined are all in line with the management of the body to remain at an optimal state all the time. The amount of energy that the body requires is stated and defined by the physical activity an individual may express at any given point in time. The nature of composites that the body will require is only possible through the utilization of a specific level of metabolic rate invention in the long run. The body has to remain at a specific level of performance for it to operate in a more efficient way. The level of physical activity in the body determines how healthy an individual is in the first place. It is necessary to have a continued physical activity increment as a way to incorporate what is required and release what is not necessary for the body. The body does not perform well unless it is physically healthy which is determined by enhanced exercises.

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 What are the benefits of physical exercises to the body? Is there any issue that may face anybody who fails to master physical exercises in a continued way? The body requires physical exercises for it to remain healthy and to work in the right way with minimal issues that may affect how an individual is and the living conditions in terms of sicknesses and other complications.


Exercising is a beneficial practice each person should master to reduce the possibility of developing complications. It is evident that the body requires specific conditions for it to remain perfect in all its operations. It is possible to have a smart move towards the realization of a healthier lifestyle in each new day. When an individual undergoes a series of exercises it is possible to remain healthy and happier in the real sense (McGee et al., 2018). When an individual is healthier and happier, he or she is able to socialize more hence building more friendships with their peers.

 The amount of toxins that may be evident in the body of an individual seems to go down with the optimization of physical exercise. Most researchers define physical exercise as a form of activity that has the power to take off stress from the brain. During exercise, an individual is able to stimulate the brain cells that manage the levels of anxiety and stress, the feeling of depression tends to disappear the moment the body is under physical exercise. The amount of blood flow to the brain increases an aspect that intensifications the respiration and metabolic rate of the body. All wastes and unwanted chemicals that may lodge in the brain cells will seem to be a shade off, creating a different environment altogether for the reduction of depression.


Exercise has the effect of increasing the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that regulate the feelings of an individual. It is evident that the body will remain happier when the level of the endorphin’s chemical is produced at a larger amount. The point is that the reduction of pain perception is declined the moment an individual is impacted by exercise (Malakou et al., 2018). The connection between the hormonal balance and the mental state gives the person the ability to manage any situation that they may be in, at all levels of commitment, at any platform. It is easy to connect with different people once the body is active and free from stress.


Anxiety reduction may be evident the moment an individual is aligned with physical exercise. The moment an individual undergoes through a physical exercise the level of anxiety goes down. It is an indicator that the body is alert and responsive to the amount of exercise that is being subjected to. Anxiety is a biological aspect that is much connected to the number of hormonal balances that an individual may be subjected to at any moment. Physical exercise in a real sense offers an opportunity to get a distraction from a mental state that may be evident at a given time and help optimize the way the life of individual progress without stress at any point in time (Malakou et al., 2018). The idea is to reduce the fears that may fill the body when anxiety starts to set in the brain. Anxiety is easy to control as long as there is a better platform to increase the physical activity of the body. It is necessary to increase the physical exercise as it allows the body to be active and release all the necessary hormones for the brain rejuvenation. 


Weight loss is usually a subject of debate that any individual with the problem will seek to get the best out of an exercise. The body has a tendency of gaining weight unless physical exercise is used to utilize the excess energy not needed by the body. Exercise helps the body align all its energy utilization processes through the management of what is done with the calories the body gets out of digestion that helps an individual with a trick to manage body weight (Malakou et al., 2018). Continued use of a specific energy regulation and management goals keeps the body alert and in the right use of all calories that are produced during food metabolism.  Burning extra fats that may be evident in the body is a personal attribute but not an automatic process that the body will initiate. However, when physical exercises are incorporated into the body it is easy to realize the given order of incorporating the right alienation and what the processes have to offer. In addition to knowing what is required at each stage of an individual’s metabolism. The combination of aerobic and resistance training is vital for the optimization of the body to cut mass weight that is not required in the health of an individual.


Exercise gives the body the power to hold huge amounts of tension that may be applied to the muscles and bones. The energy and pressure that is exerted to the muscles give an individual the power to remain tonic all the time. Exercise leads to the muscles absorbing more amino acids to their points of development and growth, an aspect that is vital for the regeneration of new tissues. The muscles will grow large and strong each moment a strain is exerted to them during exercises (Butcher et al., 2018). It is possible to master the way the muscle develops with exercise, the more an individual undergoes physical activity the better performance they will be able to get hence better results. It is possible to record high levels of muscular activity through exercise. When exercise is paired with enough protein intakes it is possible to see increases in muscle growth, physically showing a more firm and well-toned body. High-density bones can be as a result of higher levels of exercise like weightlifting and soccer. As time passes the body will look for better ways to stimulate its processes to absorb the physical impact that may be exerted to the bones.


Most researchers have concluded that exercise is the only way some of the chronic conditions may be averted. The body has a natural way of eliminating the toxins, however; some of the processes are low leveled and may not offer the adequate response that will be enough to be free from some chronic diseases, such as heart failure. Physical activity is necessary for helping an individual with the power to remain healthy all the time. It is possible to have a specific way of doing exercise that will help the body to regain health. Fats may be deposited around vital organs like the heart and liver (Butcher et al., 2018). Such cushions are not required in the real sense. It is evident that such fatty tissue limits the way the organs perform their functions. The body will be free from such chronic diseases as long as physical exercises are used to burn out such fat deposits. The level of activity in an individual helps in the reduction of chronic diseases, therefore healthier body all the same. It is easy to live longer without any fatal complication as long as the level of physical activity is increased.


The skin requires a better blood circulation for it to remain healthy. Once an individual is able to practice it is easy to rejuvenate the under-skin cells. The body is able to remain active and end up in the right cells tone at large. The blood flow under the skins when it is optimal it is possible to experience a better detoxification process (Malakou et al., 2018). It may seem less practical but the need to exercise gives an individual the power to rejuvenate the body cells in the right way. The amount of blood that flows under the skin helps in the reduction of aging. The moment an individual exercises it’s possible to have an elevated level of body reactivity in terms of connecting to the right trends of life. The body is sensitive and will respond accordingly to the moment it is stressed or toned in a specific way through the exercise.


The body will always work in an optimal way as long as exercise is optimized. The level of metabolic activity is a measure that is well outlined if the body is well ignited by exercise. The health of any person is defined by the lifestyle their life accounts. It is necessary to have a more specific way of doing exercises to improve the metabolic rates and energy production and its consequential utilization (Malakou et al., 2018). The personalized way of exercising gives an opportunity for any individual to operationalize in a specific area of interest. The power of exercising helps the body to remain active, thus the possible detoxification of harmful wastes as they are actively taken out of the systems.

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 The biological set up of the body is in a way that one must remain active to reduce most of the complications that come with sedentary living. The ability to cope with life is only possible if some stressors of the body are eliminated. The best strategy that is seen as a source of stress removal is through the use of exercising tradition. The brain, for instance, will remain active and able to regulate the hormones that are released to the systems of the body at all levels. It is easy to uncover all possible elements of unhealthy living, as long as exercising is taken as the sole way to manage the processes of the body.

 Exercise is a good starting point to release enough energy to the people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. The victims of the chronic fatigue syndrome will have enough energy to sustain them the moment they work out properly as a way to convert the available metabolites in their systems. The concept is that the body is able to come to terms with energy requirements throughout their lifetime as long as there is a universe of physical exercises. Individuals with some health complications will be more active and healthier when the tradition of exercises as part of their life (Myrex, Harper & Gould, 2018). The body has the tendency to accumulate more energy the moment better levels of exercises are incorporated in a continued way. Energy at times may not be released to the usage site even though metabolism may have taken place. The idea is the fact that the individuals have the power to enjoy a specific way of commitment in an elevated way. There is an ambient energy level that will only be released if an individual has the power to exercise in the right way. The involvement of an individual taking in energy depends on the rate of metabolism, which is a factor of the level of physical activity.

 The brain works well once the metabolic rates are optimized. Exercising is one way through which the brain cells are able to perform well and get replenished. The body releases some hormones that aid in stress and anxiety reduction. Furthermore, the social nature of exercising helps create group-like activities that help one to connect with others in a more active and end up distracting the toxic activities that cause stress in the brain cells. Humans are social in nature and exercise leads to that form of environment. It is necessary to be up to the occasion to embrace exercising as a modest way to moderate stress and anxiety (Myrex, Harper & Gould, 2018). At any given point in time, the body is able to actively release stress as long as there is a level of physical activity experienced in the adjacent environment.


The body requires physical exercises for it to remain healthy and to work in the right way with minimal issues that may affect how an individual is and the living conditions in terms of sicknesses and other complications. Physical activity reduces the possibility of developing critical complications like heart failure and other vital organs. Persistent exercising helps the body remain healthy in reference to the vital organs that make up the body functions. The requirements of the body will be subject to the level of physical activity the individual is doing. Energy requirements may be high at times, but the readily available energy is low. However, through an emphasis on exercising the energy requirements balances with the available metabolized calories. Cutting unwanted weight is possible as long as exercising is a ritual that an individual will keep in their lifestyle. The benefits of exercising are innumerable. Keeping the body fit through muscles and bone therapies attained through a physical exercise like soccer and athletics enables one to live healthily. The number of calories unutilized in the body will be low if frequent and persistent. If I had to further my research for another time, I would research more on the specific exercises one must utilize to improve an individual’s health for the future.



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Exercise reduces the probability of cardiovascular disease a leading killer disease in some countries in the developed world. It also helps keep obesity at bay and enables people across the age divide to maintain flexibility and independence over their lives. Exercise is also beneficial for mental well being in that it reduces the risk of getting depression.

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