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Continuing nursing education is an important part of nursing practice and helps professional nurses to strengthen practice, education, administration, research or theoretical development, with a view to improving users’ health.


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Essay on Male Victims of Sexual Violence
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Introduction: Sexual assault is an on-going epidemic issue with no end in sight.  Healthcare providers are in constant search for opportunities to improve prevention through education and response to sexual assault. ... Last modified: 5th Jul 2021

Essay on High Teen Birth Rates
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Introduction: High teen birth rates are a rapidly expanding epidemic in the United States of America. According to Napier, rates of teen pregnancy in the states are at a historic high... Last modified: 14th Jun 2021

Cardiovascular Disease and Patient Medication
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Introduction: Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients have a higher rate of death after hospital discharge due to recurrent ischemic events (2017). The use of guideline directed medications, when used appropriately, has been shown to reduce the risk of death by 50 percent... Last modified: 14th Jun 2021

Drug Education Essay
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Introduction: This essay explores the need for education on the safe use and potential risks associated with long term narcotics use. The focus will be on PJ, a 70-year-old woman who was admitted for a lateral discectomy and history of chronic back pain. ... Last modified: 20th Apr 2021

Education and Obesity Essay
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Introduction: There are several reasons that Early Care and Education is important in helping prevent obesity is because if we create habits at a early age, we have a lower risk of adult obesity.... Last modified: 20th Apr 2021

Education and Fertility | Literature Review
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: The relation between the education and fertility of women is a topic that has received much attention in the last decades.... Last modified: 24th Mar 2021

Relationship between Health and Education
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Introduction: The World Health Organisation (WHO) originally proposed a definition for health literacy that was later adapted by Nutbeam (1998) ... Last modified: 22nd Dec 2020

Inter Professional Education Reflective Account Nursing Essay
Reflective Essays
Introduction: Throughout my time on the Year 1 Inter Professional Education (IPE) programme, I have compiled this portfolio consisting of a reflective account on my performance in throughout the programme. Included... Last modified: 1st Dec 2020

Health Literacy: Diabetes Mellitus Type II in Adolescents
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: The purpose of this health literacy project is to assist patients and caregivers in the primary care setting with understanding the risks and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus through the use of educational materials... Last modified: 17th Nov 2020

Developing Practice and Peer Education
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Introduction: The NHS Leadership Academy, (2019), believes that leaders differ to managers, with their policies, rules and procedures because they are made to show initiative and adapt to situations... Last modified: 17th Nov 2020

Health Promotion Education
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Introduction: Health promotion or education strategies are applicable to all health problems and are not restricted to any particular health issue or particular group of behaviours. ... Last modified: 14th Oct 2020

Importance of Nurse Education of Patients
Nursing Case Studies
Introduction: Jessica has become more aware of the risk of breast cancer due to her maternal aunt’s recent diagnosis and subsequent treatment and she is seeking education regarding how she can be proactive in her health care.... Last modified: 9th Oct 2020

Non-ST Segment Elevated Myocardial Infarction: Patient Management and Education
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: Mr Dawkins is a 75-year-old male who had non-ST segment elevated myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) and new onset congestive cardiac failure (CCF). He has coronary artery disease (CAD) and underwent coronary artery grafting and percutaneous coronary intervention previously... Last modified: 21st Sep 2020

Preeclampsia: The Importance of Education
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Introduction: Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for a Women, however, it can also be a stressful or even a life threating experience.  A mother’s anticipation for her new baby carries her through the fear of numerous possible complications that can affect herself or her baby. ... Last modified: 21st Aug 2020

Compare and Contrast: LVNs and RNs
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Introduction: The nursing standards of practice and nursing scope of practice are rules and regulations for the given state, that promote competent nursing actions are being performed during clinical practice. Alth... Last modified: 18th Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia & Thailand: Comparative Nursing Paper
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Introduction: Saudi Arabia & Thailand: Comparative Nursing Paper Introduction The two nations that will be utilized for comparison in regards to nursing education are Saudi Arabia and Thailand. These nations ar... Last modified: 15th Jun 2020

Asthma: Pathophysiology, Education and Health Promotion
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: Diagnosis: Based on the HPI, ROS, PE, and diagnostic tests, the diagnosis is most likely to be an acute asthma exacerbation. Episodes of an asthma attack are mostly triggered by exposures to an allerg... Last modified: 2nd Jun 2020

Interventions to Develop Education for Diabetic Patients
Nursing Literature Reviews
Introduction: Research literature design and implications of young diabetic adults aged 18 to 40 years of patient education is a vital healthcare needs in the contemporary generation. This is a growing concern in m... Last modified: 14th May 2020

Reflection on Mental Health Education
Reflective Essays
Introduction: Reporting. Mental illness treatments have a long history of bizarre and inhumane practices being performed on mentally ill patients which has given rise to a variety of professional, social as well as... Last modified: 5th May 2020

Nursing Educational Portfolio
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: A long-term condition is the description given to an illness or disease that has no existing cure but can be managed by drug therapies and ongoing reviews. Around two million people, (40% of the Scottish population) suffer from long-term conditions, meaning that at least one in four people will have a lifelong condition ... Last modified: 30th Apr 2020