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Parkinsons disease is a chronic, progressive, neuro-degenerative loss of neurons and the neuro transmitter dopamine. Patients exhibit many of the following characteristics that include combinations of tremors, rigidity, slowing of movement and postural instability that are all motor symptoms.


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Essay on Parkinson's Disease
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Introduction: Parkinson’s Disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease, after Alzheimer’s. Onset typically occurs late in life, affecting approximately 1% of 65 year olds... Last modified: 30th Jun 2021

Lead Exposure and Parkinson’s Disease
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Introduction: The etiological source of Parkinson’s is not yet fully known. So far the consensus between academics is that it is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Chronic exposure to environmental toxicants such as lead has shown to be a risk factor.... Last modified: 26th May 2021

Essay on Idiopathic Parkinson's disease
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Introduction: Introduction: Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease (IPD) is a movement disorder associated with loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra and the development of Lewy bodies. A reduction... Last modified: 20th Apr 2021

Essay On The Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
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Introduction: Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that affects the sufferer’s mobility and speech. It affects the central nervous system, leading to a person’s inability to control muscles throughout the body.... Last modified: 19th Apr 2021

Use of Virtual Reality in Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation
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Introduction: The use of virtual reality in PD rehabilitation is relatively new; however, there have been many studies regarding how VR training can improve the dynamic balance, gait, and obstacle negotiation in PD patients.... Last modified: 24th Mar 2021

Therapeutic Management of Parkinson’s Disease in Adults
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Introduction: 1) Pathophysiology and clinical manifestations Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive condition of the nervous system in which parts of the brain deteriorate gradually. It is marked by both motor... Last modified: 28th May 2020

Case study of a man with parkinsons disease
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Introduction: Mr Henderson has arrived in hospital after a history of falls at home and has just commenced a new medication regime. It is very possible that he may be anxious, worried, frightened as a result of fal... Last modified: 13th Feb 2020

Nursing Case Study Parkinson's Disease
Nursing Case Studies
Introduction: Thomas Aitken 1) Introduction The following discussion shall be about Parkinson’s disease with an emphasis on the disease’s association with John Magill. In Australia, deaths because of ... Last modified: 12th Feb 2020

Corresponding Nursing Care For Someone With Parkinsons Disease
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Introduction: This paper will briefly discuss the pathophysiology that causes the Parkinsons disease (PD) patients to have impaired mobility. It will then describe the nursing care required during the course of th... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Impact of Health Inequalities on Parkinson's Disease Patient
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Introduction: In the department of health publication from ‘Vision to Reality’ (2001), the minister for public health, Yvette Cooper, and the chief medical officer, Professor Liam Donaldson, stated the followi... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020