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Interventions are the backbone of nursing. The term describes any action nurses may take to improve the health and comfort of their patients. Nursing interventions can be described as one of two ideas: Any task that a nurse does to or for a patient, and anything a nurse does that leads directly to a patient outcome.

Intervention Strategies

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Comparison of Intervention Strategies for Youth Homelessness

Nursing Literature Reviews

All the studies were done in Canada with a focus on how homeless youth deal with being homeless. The main ideas circles around social integration and substance abuse....

Last modified: 24th Mar 2021

Proposed Intervention to Decrease Obesity Rates

Nursing Assignments

The intended purpose of this project is to decrease the rates of childhood obesity by decreasing BMI by 5-10% through education of dietary intake and increase physical activities. The intervention wil...

Last modified: 18th Jun 2020

Incivility in Nursing: Causes and Intervention Strategies

Nursing Essays

Review of related literature a. Definition of incivility Incivility is defined as an uncivil behavior towards a person whether physical or verbal. Incivility is often seen in different environment an...

Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Family Intervention Of Dementia Health And Social Care Essay

Nursing Essays

The word dementia is an umbrella term which describes a serious deterioration in mental functions, such as memory, language, orientation and judgement. Numerous definition of dementia has been sugges...

Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Alcohol Consumption Interventions

Nursing Essays

To investigate how interventions may work we will look at the effects of alcohol consumption on individuals and populations, and draw attention to the search for policies that protect health, prevent ...

Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Intervention Strategies for Post Partum Depression

Nursing Essays

More than 1 in 10 women in the United Kingdom develop a mental illness during pregnancy or in the first year after giving birth, according to research by the Centre for Mental Health and London ...

Last modified: 11th Feb 2020