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Us and china political system

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Difference between United States of America Political System and China


United States of America’s Background

The United States of America is a composition of 48 states that makes the country; United States. The United States of America is located on North America between Canada and Mexico. The United States also has control over a number of islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific. The United States in the third largest nation in the world behind Russia and Canada. It has an area of 9,629,091 square kilometers. It shares its boarders with Mexico, Canada, the Atlantic Ocean the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The capital city of USA is Washington D.C, located on the east coast almost midway between Florida and Maine. Its largest city is New York followed by Los Angels and Chicago. By July 2000 the population of USA was estimated to be 275, 562, 673 people. It has one of the most diverse populations in the world (Encyclopedia of Nations: United States 1).

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People’s Republic of China’s Background

China is located in the east of Asia and on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, on the southeastern part of Eurasian continent, bordering the East China Sea, the Korean Bay, South China Sea, and the Yellow Sea. It’s in between the Vietnam and the northern Korea. The bordering countries include: Bhutan, Afghanistan, Burma, India, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Laos, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Tajikistan. The size of the country is 9,596,960 square kilometers being the fourth largest country behind, Russia, Canada and United States. It is divided into 22 provinces, 2 special administration regions (Hong Kong and Macau), 4 municipalities, and 5 autonomous regions. The capital city of China is Beijing; a cultural and educational center for China. The population of china was 1,262 Million by July 2000. It has a population of 56 ethnic groups. It became a communist nation in 1949 (Encyclopedia of Nations: China 1).

United States Presidency:

The United States of America happen to be among the youngest countries in the world nevertheless having the world’s oldest constitution as well as political wisdom of its founding fathers. The American government functions fairly well within the framework of the constitution. The constitution manages to command a great degree of loyalty from the nation’s general public. One of the single most distinctive features of the national government in the USA is the presidency in which the president is popularly elected. The United States presidency has two basic components: in the first place it’s a reflection of those people who have held the president office as well as the precedent they have established. In this presidency the authority of the government is divided and limited. Many of the things that the president can do depend on the cooperation of the congress and the approval Supreme Court. He is also limited because there are many other things that he can not do. He has no control over the decisions and procedures of the congress, the Supreme Court or the fifty states (Encyclopedia of Nations: USA 1).

The president is the head of the state: the ceremonial head of the government. He grants pardon, holds states dinners and receives ambassadors. He is the chief executive of the country. He has the executive powers, hence takes care of the law of the country. He preparers the country’s annual budget and set rules for civil service. He has the power of appointing and removing and has to oversee the good running of the administration. The president is the chief diplomat, though the foreign relation is divided among the three organs of government: Congress, President, and the Senate that approves treaties. There is also the secretary of state who is directly a subject to the presidency and can hold the presidency office at pleasure. The president is the commander in chief of the armed forces. He makes all the major decisions of strategy and mobilizes the economy fort optimum production. He can appoint and discharge all makers of policies in the defense department. The president serves for a term of four years and can not serve for more than two terms (Encyclopedia of Nations: USA 1).


The political system of China has been operational since its establishment for 50 years. In that period there has been ruins of buildings as well as joy of victories, rapid advance in success as well as pride, tortuous ordeals and lesions from mistakes done as well as deep reflections (Encyclopedia of Nations: China 1).

China’s Presidency

The chairman to the People’s Republic of China is identified as the country’s important component of living in the summit which is the country’s highest state organ. The president is the head of the state. The presidency is accorded to an individual on the cases of the person’s maturity, and extensive experience. At home and abroad he enjoys higher reputation as well as prestige of serving. The presidency is limited to age. The president serves for a term of five years and is limited to two consecutive terms. The president has a right to issue orders, issue amnesty, declare war, appoint and remove members of the state council, appointment and removal of the Premier of the state council, and the Vice Premier, the heads of all the ministries and commissions, the State Councilors, the Secretary General and the Audit General. These officers serves odder from the state. The president heads the external states affairs, abrogates, and ratifies concluded foreign treaties and meets the foreign envoys according to the decision of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (SINA Corporation 1).


United States: The Congress

The congress has the responsibility of making laws. It is nationally agreed that the choice of the congress is the choice of the people, and the choices ultimately are made that laws of the land. The congress is bicameral which is made of the house of representative with 435 members and a senate with a100 members two from each state. The representatives serves for two years as the senators serves for six years (SINA Corporation 1).

State Departments

The People’s Republic of China is stipulated in the constitution as belonging to the people all the rights. The people have the mandate to exercise state powers as the organ of the National People’s Congress (NPC). NPC is the highest organ of China authority. The state authorities organize the s the executive body. The executive has the role of implementing the laws and the constitution and ensuring the enforcement of both. The NPC decides who is to take the premiership, the vice premier, the state councilor and all the other candidates. The NPC has the power to remove the Premier of the State Council as well as the state departments. The NPC examines and approves the plans and the budget that has been prepared by the state’s council (SINA Corporation 1).

Other differences

The Chinese political system is dominated by multiparty cooperation as well as political constitution under the direction of the Communist party of China (CPC), but the USA is governed by the western style of multiparty system. The CPC runs the country while the other non communist parties play the role of participatory. The people congresses have a responsibility of exercising the state power in a unified way and they create all the governments’ courts. The Chinese deputies come from all the ethnic groups to ensure equitable distribution unlike in the US where they come from sections (Xinhua 1).

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The United States is a presidential, federal republic. It is administered under a two party system even though this is not stipulated in the constitution. The president is independent of the legislature. The judicial power is exercised by the judiciary in which the Supreme Court fall and the other lower federal courts. The judiciary interprets U.S constitution, and also resolves disputes between the executive and the legislature. The U.S politics are dominated by two parties: the republican and the Democratic Party. On the other hand the Chinese political system is run on the basis of the system of people’s congress. It has an organizational form for the state power. The NPC is the highest authority of the States power while the congresses are the local authorities. Both of the authorities are people elected. The head of the state is the head of the people’s republic of China. He has duties of handling the domestic issues as well as some foreign responsibilities. The civil servants have the responsibility of instigating power on the administrative organ as well as execution of the laws and public services. The areas that heavily populated with the ethnic minorities are managed by self government under the national leadership. The administrative status of these areas is determined by their location and their population. In some case there are established some special administrative regions are demarcated where need be. These laws are enacted by the NPC. The political system has the chief executive, the administrative organ, the legislature and the judicial organ (SINA Corporation, 2009)

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