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David Kolb's approach to reflection takes a somewhat different approach in some ways, as it sites reflection as part of a wider set of processes in which the learner seeks to understand their working processes as they move through different stages of engagement with an event, occurrence, or training session and take on relevant aspects of the new material.

Kolbs Learning Cycle

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Kolbs Learning cycle

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Kolb's cycle derives its insight from experiential thought as regards learning processes, and to some extent it is an offspring of work done by theorists such as Lewin, Piaget, and Freire....

Last modified: 26th Oct 2021

Lifelong Learning and Evidence-based Practice in Nursing

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In this essay, it will be discussed how lifelong learning and the ability to use evidence-based practice as a nurse is essential to develop professionally. ...

Last modified: 25th Feb 2021

Reflective Account Of A Student Placement Within The Community Setting Nursing Essay

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This assignment will provide a reflective account of a student placement within the community setting. The  reflective model Kolb’s learning cycle (1984) is often referred to in describing experimental learning and can  be used in any learning situation....

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Learning the Surgical Scrub Technique

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This report is focused on the learning facilitation of a nursing skill to a second-year student nurse....

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Reflection on the Importance of Hand Hygiene

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After collating evidence I established that, hand hygiene is regarded as the most effective way of preventing healthcare associated infections (Gould 2010). Healthcare associated infections are infect...

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Critical Reflection and Thinking on Clinical Supervision and Learning

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For the purpose of this essay the terms clinical supervisor and mentor will be used interchangeably as they are seen as essentially the same in this context....

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Case Study of Health Issues for Older Adults

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The purpose of this case study is to reflect on the journey of care experienced by an older adult during an acute hospital admission. An evaluation of the care given will be carried out by examining t...

Last modified: 13th Feb 2020

Open Minded And Mindful Of Alternatives Nursing Essay

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According to Ennis a critical thinker is open-minded and mindful of alternatives; tries to be well-informed; judges well the credibility of sources; identifies conclusions, reasons, and assumptions; ...

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Importance of Having an Inter Professional Team

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This essay is meant to throw light on the importance of having an inter professional team that would make the service delivery to patients easier. In this essay I will discuss the roles played by nurs...

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