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The Past, Present & Future of Mäori Smokers
25th Aug 2020
Introduction: Introduction Tobacco with the scientific name of Nicotiana tabacum is a plant known to originate on South America during prehistoric times and spread northward to North America. Long before Columbus ...

Communication Skills in Mental Health and Addiction
7th May 2020
Introduction: Task 1 1.1 The communication process is the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver by getting over the barriers that affect its transfer. In simple terms, communication is the exchan...

Awareness Of Anti Smoking Campaigns Health Essay
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Smoking, a practice where in substance, more usually tobacco or cannabis is burned, causes the release of active substances such as Nicotine. Smoking is primarily practiced as an administration route ...

The effects of smoking in the human body
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Hazardous Effects of Smoking on the Human Health Since modern people live and eat satisfactorily, they began to concern themselves more about their health. These days we frequently can see many male ...

Prescription Drug Abuse
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Introduction. When we think of drug addicts and abuse we normally think of people who take the common street drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroine, or other illegal drugs. However most people don...

Masturbation: Prevention and Treatment | Article Review
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Jamie Burden Scholarly Article on the Prevention of Masturbation: The scholarly article under consideration is Masturbation: Prevention and the Treatment written by A.Shekarey, M.Sedaghat Rostami, ...

Research Study: Factors Causing Cannabis Use
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Factors Leading towards cannabis use and what can be done about them: A study carried out in local transport drivers of district Peshawar, Pakistan.   The problem of drug trafficking represents a...

Health Promotion Strategies for Smoking Cessation
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Drawing on appropriate literature, provide a critical analysis of the application of health promotion philosophies, principles and approaches underpinning public health practice in relation to a rele...

Media Effects on Teenage Drinking
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: JOE: A Teenager’s Struggle Stephanie Mikalatos Schools, government programs and parents working harder and harder to educate children, to “just say no” (Levinthal 387) [i] to drugs....