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The Dangers Of Passive Smoking Health Essay

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Passive smoking is breathing in the smoke of smokers, cigars or pipes. Environmental smoke includes the smoke exhaled from the smoker and the smoke emitted from the burning cigarette. Stream smoke from the burning cigarettes tend to wander in the room longer and the concentrations of carcinogens than the smoke exhaled from the smoker. So to have people smoking in the home, whether smoking in another room, the children remain at increased risk for smoke inhalation.

Passive smoking not only affects the lungs of children but also affects the brain, heart, gut … As of respiratory diseases, numerous studies have demonstrated that passive smoking increases the risk of tuberculosis infection, the onset of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, … or children frequent cough, runny nose.

Experts estimate that each year about 150,000 to 300,000 children under 18 months of age with acute bronchitis or pneumonia related to the Smoke Free Environment. Children under 1 year old are the children of smokers with acute bronchitis or pneumonia more than double those of nonsmokers.

Children in families with smokers are at risk to asthma increased more than 2 times daily, the number of hospitalizations for asthma treatment is much more than children whose family members do not smoke drugs. These children are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke or sore throat, inflammation of nasal congestion, hoarseness, and flu than non-exposed children. Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke also scraping the tonsils VA and cut more.

Passive smoking can affect a child’s heart muscle system. These influences include the limited supply of oxygen to the tissues of the body, reducing the heart rate response to activity, and gradually increase heart rate continuously.

Passive smoking is also a risk factor for causing all kinds of other chronic intestinal diseases, colitis. Those children exposed to secondhand smoke, the risk of ulcerative colitis increased 2 times compared with children not exposed.

Results showed that smoking increases the risk of metabolic syndrome – a disorder related to the increased amount of fat in the stomach, leading to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

When you smoke – anywhere – toxic particles from tobacco will hide the hair and clothes. When you come in contact with me, even then you do not smoke again, the baby is exposed to toxins. And if you breastfeed, your baby will go to toxins through breast milk, “Winickoff said.

To protect young children, experts recommend parents as follows:

– Keep children away from smoking.

– Use a coat to wear outside each smoker.

– Wash your hands after smoking.

– Use other measures to stop smoking support

To cope with the increasing restriction of smoking, big tobacco manufacturers in Japan has launched a product which the company claims is the first smokeless tobacco in the world.

Mint looks Zerostyle regular cigarettes, but contains a tube containing a removable medication afraid. This tube is inserted into the filter and the smoker can enjoy a taste of the drug, plus the pleasant fragrance of mint flavor. The most special thing is these drugs do not release the smoke.

two-thirds of the cigarette smoke from the burning will spread into the environment, not on smokers lung. The reason is a cigarette burn out of chips that it only took minutes to about two thirty-seconds for each cigarette.


This is the addictive chemical, smoke a few times as it began to smoke because it stimulates the initial chemicals. Once inhaled, the nicotine running up the brain, making it supremely comfortable for follicle stimulating the adrenal glands and nerve cells. But the long-term use of nicotine cause heart palpitations, high blood pressure, taste buds numb, lonely mood, by the people.

Carbon monoxide.

This gas is odorless, colorless, has negative effects are taken the place of oxygen in red blood cells, causing the body of oxygen. Only very small quantities, but continuous work for longer, this gas is also taken to heart disease.

3-High tobacco.

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals. Nearly half are natural or caused by chemical reactions between each other when the cigarette is burned. Several other manufacturers add to enhance the flavor. When burned, these chemicals to see each other and create tar (tar), a glue-like compound, gray. Inhalation, tar and throat irritation alveoli.

Some chemicals found in plastics are acetone, ammonia, benzene, cyanide, formaldehyde, phenol, toluene, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, lead …

When smoke is deliberately flying in a watertight space, the air will be more air pollution as 40 times normal.

-Sitting in this environment, many people are excited, the plant will eye, tears lead nose, itchy throat, chest pain, headache, dizziness, nausea.

After half an hour, continue to breathe, the carbon monoxide in your blood, fast heartbeat, decreased inference judgments.

Here are some of the reasons that children are more risk severe smoke inhalation and whose parents smoke in the house:

1-The lungs of young children, less growth completely;

2-immune system protects the body’s weak because they are new students;

Because 3-breathing faster than adults so they inhale more harmful chemicals in the same time;

4-You can not protect themselves by staying away or tell the public does not want to inhale smoke, so take the battle to breathe.

Where does the freedom to smoke cigarettes, there is no way to protect them with this hazardous smoke. “

Here are some of the risk of illness for children:

When a new-born but had smoke inhalation, the growth of the lung is not perfect, leading to decreased lung function, poor health;

b-balance Childhood passive smoking increases the risk of lung infection such as pneumonia, bronchitis.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States each year there are 300,000 children under the age of one lung infection with 15.000 children hospitalized treatment, just because the balance of passive smoking;

Smoke makes you cough or, to talk and problems in the throat, wheezing. Many children have surgery to remove excess flesh in the throat department to avoid infection;

e-hand smoke as much fluid accumulates in the inner ear caused surgery to treat or to put drainage pipes;

e-Children with asthma can breathe air that tobacco smoke on asthma and the disease is more severe. Also smoking is the risk of asthma in children may be sick of this. Research in Britain and Israel concluded parents smoke, pneumonia of children doubled.

-When parents smoke, then I can born underweight, premature death after birth or Sudden Death Syndrome (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) may be the reason for the reduction of oxygen to the fetus, because nicotine can do carbon monoxide and blood vessels take the place of oxygen in hemoglobin.

After birth, that I continue smoking, the immortal dead twice. When severe addiction, the mortality increased fivefold since the common inhaled smoke excess air from the mother smoking drugs.

Your mother does not smoke but smoking is the way children are born to light up.

Had evidence of pathological changes leading to atherosclerosis newborn umbilical cord when the mother smoking or breathing secondhand smoke to spare.

i-UK study shows that the balance of passive smoking reduces the likelihood of early childhood reading.

This is not counting, parents smoking when children grow up and imitate smoking and became addicted. And the cycle was renewed generation after generation

Khói thuốc lá tại sở làm, nÆ¡i công cá»™ng.

This is a problem that has been public and government attention very much. The reason is safety in the workplace is very important. Employers have a duty to provide employees with a job without risks, a safe workplace.

Since the 1980s, inhaled cigarette smoke has been seen as residual risk leading cause health risks at work and in public places. The new study shows that access to tobacco smoke in restaurants, more pub than in the workplace or other facilities. Restaurant staff, facilities have smoke are at increased risk for heart disease and lung and the employer must be responsible. There is much precedent court case, an employer must pay compensation for failing to protect the health and safety for workers with residual smoke.

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uly 3, 2003, Sir Liam Donaldson, a senior health officials of the British government, has announced that, who do not smoke but live with the population crush the pill will increase the risk of lung cancer from 20 – 30% and 25% of heart disease. Also, according to these officials, the creation of smoke-free environment will help people quit smoking addiction, but also avoids the risk of disease for millions of non-smokers, including many children, large and small. He also said that “in the past 50 years, tobacco has no significant rival to death for his people the British Queen.” Last November 2004, Britain began smoking bans in public places.

Mindful of the adverse effects to passengers that smoking should not breathe smoke-polluted air, the airline also applicable law prohibiting smoking inside the plane. Most airports also a place where non-smokers.

Kỹ nghệ sản xuất thuốc lá có ý kiến khác

They say that there seems to have exaggerated the effects of environmental tobacco smoke pollution on health; that the risk is not serious except for a few nasty little thing. They promised to publish the medical evidence is reliable passive smoking is not harmful to public health non-smokers. According to them, the campaign against smoking has caused damage not repaired for industrial production of cigarettes and they will launch a campaign asking people to protect the rights of smokers.

A statement to be reminded many times in the journal Tobacco International is: “Communism failed because people do not have freedom of choice. Smoking will last forever because smokers have a choice of smoking or not “

Lý luận cá»a dân nghiền thuốc lá

In principle, smoking or not smoking is a freedom of choice that no one individual or any government can ban. However, where interest, especially when the impact if create is not good for others may be restricted, prohibited.

Some people argue: I smoke in my house, nobody has the right to ban because it is my freedom. But actually it is not used his right only to satisfy the nicotine craving only. Moreover, when tobacco smoke as a spouse or child of his poetry to breathe smoke, then carrying the disease, it is also a form of domestic violence, child physical abuse. That when there is domestic violence law to intervene to protect victims of secondhand smoke. So if you want a healthy spouse, fetal growth, healthy children to live happy life, please think about their responsibilities.

There is also precedent for a divorce, a parent lose visitation rights because the children refused to stop smoking when near them.

The UK, the adoption of standards, there does not account for smokers or sponsored child care, because cigarette smoke lead to risks to their health.

er active smoking and alcohol voluntarily.

Phòng ngừa rá»i ro-Bảo vệ sức khỏe

After decades of research, scientists have demonstrated the benefits of eliminating tobacco smoke, prevent environmental pollution. This is a work necessary to protect the health of everyone, especially when that did not want to breathe the air pollution there.

Service or learn to observe, the risk of causing illness that may prevent passive smoking, the balance of the third, aftScientific evidence for or: there is no safe level for any cancer-causing agents. So environmental tobacco smoke as much or even less, should be eliminated at their workplaces, private homes and public places. As a reminder that smoke and odors can be reduced by ventilation systems, but some chemicals are still hanging around the house several hours after smoking.

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Public places as enclosed spaces frequented by the public, activities such as offices, hospitals, schools, professional or public places, banks, restaurants, entertainment, sports performance, training fitness training, waiting room, reception room … people living in this environment should be protected, sheltered before the dangers of toxic substances in tobacco smoke.

Phòng ngừa ở nhà

Do not smoke or let guests smoke in the house;

b-If for reasons of force majeure that a family member smoking indoors, they should increase the ventilation system in rooms where people smoke it, expand the window, use extra fans to smoke out the milk;

c-No smoking around children, especially infants because they are highly susceptible to cigarette smoke;

e-Not to keep the baby, who helped the smoke in the house or near them;

Select e-home child care has a clear plan for smoking ban.

Phòng ngừa tại nÆ¡i làm việc

The agency safety and health workers are encouraging each facility must have a plan on smoking. Primary purpose is to protect those who do not smoke, avoid breathing secondhand smoke in an unwanted environment.

Here are a few methods can be applied:

a-Banning smoking in the premises or restrict smoking in designated locations;

b-air in smoking rooms are allowed to exit directly out outdoors with ventilation, not flow into other rooms. This room must be placed separately from the work to non-smokers from the back and forth. Those who do not smoke should not use this room for any demand, any service.

If you set up outdoor smoking area shall prohibit smoking right outside the doors for non-smokers can use that path. Should be consistent with outdoor ashtrays to break ground population, smoking;

e-There should be programs to help people who want to quit. Sometimes working in the smoking ban is encouraging people addicted motivation goodbye “yellow smoke”, because many people are unaware that their habit was harmful to others.

-Phòng ngừa tại tiệm ăn, tiệm rượu

Currently, in many localities have passed laws that prohibit smoking in city restaurants, Pub. Many employers sometimes do not want to ban smoking in restaurants, for fear of losing customers. But the study said: smoking bans do not affect the profitability of the service that contrary to many people prefer the back because I feel safer.

Employers should have no smoking areas and smoking areas. This division will somewhat reduce smoke for nonsmokers. No smoking area should be placed near the top of the air supply. Smoking area near the exhaust out.

Bảo vệ cá nhân

Do not smoke, but want to avoid the risk of environmental tobacco smoke pollution, they may protect themselves by:

a. Tell everyone they have contact with cigarette smoke is offensive to her. To sign “Please do not smoke” in the house, car, office work.

b-When the restaurant, so pick the smoking areas as far as possible;

c. Require government measures to protect against secondhand smoke in public places;

e-Support the establishment plans to ban smoking;

e-When meeting people, where the proposal is specifically for people addicted to smoking;

g-on professional or public, to sit as far from smokers as possible;

h-If anyone smoke near her, then gently tell them that you are allergic to smoke. Or away from where people smoke.

Kết luận

In many countries, the problem is excess smoke inhalation is a special public attention. The reason is there much evidence of adverse effects caused by this pollution to health.

In the U.S. alone, every year there from

9700-18.6000 children were born underweight;

1900-2700 children die suddenly;

700,000-1,600,000 children with otitis media;

800,000 new asthma cases are detected;

400,000-1,000,000 cases of aggravated asthma;

150000-300000 children with bronchitis or pneumonia.

All are caused by residual smoke. Not to mention that many cases of lung cancer, heart disease, the risk of uterine cancer. So the problem of passive smoking should be more public agencies and institutions of each country abetting satisfactorily resolved, to eliminate the acceptance of this reluctance to tobacco smoke pollution.

And so people are comfortable living life in peace.


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