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Physical Therapy: Is This the Right Career for Me?

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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 The biggest question students studying to become physical therapists ask themselves is, “am I choosing the right career for myself?” Physical therapy is a great field to get into because there are a variety of excellent paying job opportunities and helping people every day is the goal. Hospitals are the most known area that a physical therapist works in and are filled with patients in need. If someone is not a very athletic person, this may not be the career for them. For example, performing the movements encouragingly is required for patients to fully understand what is expected and feel capable. If bodily activity and helping others sounds great, becoming a physical therapist may be ideal.

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It is fairly easy to find employment in the medical field once all of the requirements are met. Each state in the United States is filled with many hospitals and outpatient clinics which are main areas for workplace as a physical therapist. (Inverarity, 2018) In a hospital, there are multiple places to work in such as the cardiac rehabilitation room, oncology, the emergency department, and a care unit. (Inverarity, 2018) A Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapist is seen in a cardiac rehabilitation room, their job is to advance cardiovascular and lung health. (Boone, 2017) Oncology focuses on the care of individuals with cancer, physical therapists provide support physically through rehab which will lead to a positive outcome in mental state (Bauer, 2014). Cancer patients easily are fatigued and need the strength to support their bodies. The emergency department needs physical therapists to care for patients immediately and prevent repetitive ER experience (Andrus, 2016). In this career, working at a patient’s home or in a school is also common. Since children are required to go to school and most people live in a house, opportunity is available anywhere. Due to our country’s large population and needs for healthcare, seeking profession is manageable.

The main goal of a physical therapist is to help the general population be able to function properly. Rehab can prevent surgery by taking away pain and/or an injury. (Gilbert, 2015) Support is provided to the body when you exercise because it strengthens your muscles, leading to injury prevention. A patient may also “recover from a stroke”, since they cause weakness in your body, acquiring the skill to move is important. (Gilbert, 2015) Advertising fitness and how to move correctly is important in this career, giving patients legitimate information is best to see results. (Smith, 2017) Physical therapists must be able to provide background knowledge when asked questions on why certain exercises are crucial for recovery.

This career is all about providing care for those who seek of it. In this occupation, an individual may administer a “wide variety of medical conditions” so it is expected to help anyone in need. (Smith, 2017) Patients may range anywhere from just a little tweak in their joints to all kinds of physical and neurological diseases that prevent correct movement. The exercises performed in rehab may seem basic but they aid a person tremendously. (Gilbert, 2015) Feelings of being welcomed push a client to come back as they do not feel like a complete outcast for having an issue. A person with a kind heart who just wants to better everyone may be suitable for this job.

Constant movement on the clock is normal during a work day. Workers must present a specific movement for certain disabilities to the patient so that they can perform it properly and get better. (Clifford, 2016) Examples of movements performed could be using a stationary bike, resistance bands, step ups on a box, jumping on a trampoline, etc. It is important to be into fitness to show patients background knowledge and that health is important. (Clifford, 2016) A fitness account on a social media platform filled with informational content can attract clients and make them feel like you are trustworthy. Showing knowledge and a passion for fitness can be great to lure in clients. Having a positive attitude is crucial in this field. Patients must feel supported in order to have the motivation to perform an exercise. (Clifford, 2016) Getting close with them will build trust for a patient to keep coming back. Progress will be made more efficiently once the patient is comfortable which is the overall goal. (Clifford, 2016) A happy, energetic, and wise individual is compatible in this field.

Considering seeking a job that pays well? This is one of them! Physical therapy is expensive, whether the patient is paying out of pocket or through insurance, the price doesn’t change. Each session can cost hundreds of dollars and all depend on whether or not an individual is working with the best and what therapy they may need. (Miller, 2018) It can take time to see progress and many sessions are needed. Multiple sessions can add up to thousands of dollars either out of pocket, with health insurance, or half and half. (Miller, 2018) Needless to say, this field is a match for those who are seeking a solid income.

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Overall, this is a great career choice to get into. It is nearly effortless to find a position of work since physical therapists are needed everywhere and can contribute to the world. An individual may never run out of work because of this same reason. The income can be very rewarding and make a worker feel financially stable. Athleticism is required as when expected to be very active throughout a work day. Lastly, attitude plays an important role towards maintaining trust and motivation from patients.


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