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Human Resource Management in Residential Care Home

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Welcome to Kindly Residential Care Rest Home


The “Employee Handbook” here summarises the procedures, policies and strategic HR practices related to and with Kindly Residential Care Rest Home.

The Kindly Residential Care Rest Home is headed by the “Executive Director” who will lead the concerned staff and responsible for the development and implementation of the policies, procedures and practices that are mentioned and declared in this “Employee Handbook”. As a routine the strategic human resource management will be undertaken by the HR Managers who will be responsible for the all respective concerns of their staff teams and will make sure that this manual should be used as a reference while applying any of the strategic HR practices within the organisation to remain consistent with the goals of the organisation.

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The “Senior HR Manager” is accountable to maintain the policies and procedures in a systematic way within the organisation and he will be the one to deal with queries and explanations with respect to the employee handbook and remain answerable for the same. This may include questioning about the wages, allowances, holidays, sick and maternity leave, benefit packages, health plans, retirement plans, kiwi saver and insurance.

In Kindly Residential Care Rest Home the HR Management is committed to recognise the strategies that involve the provision of healthcare while caring of the residents and as well as that which comes from employing staff premises and managing human resources and also the practices that are present on a daily basis throughout the organisation and to fallow health and safety legislation and safeguard procedure wherever applicable for the safety of the residents, staff and public by integrating governance and strategic human resource management[1].

The New Zealand Healthcare System

For our employee it is important to understand that where we are in the NZ healthcare system and how the health system works in NZ as NZ is the country of diversity and there are lots of employee from different backgrounds cultures and countries. The following is the overview of the NZ healthcare system in the form of a flow chart.

From the above flow chart we can see that the position of our rest home lies in the section of Private and NGO providers which is under the supervision of DHB (Compliance with the NZ Public health and Disability Act 2000[2]), Ministry of Health and there is additional support provided by ACC, DHB provider arm (Hospitals/GP), Private health insurance and PHARMAC (A government of NZ undertaking pharmaceuticals management company[3]).

The Statement of Philosophy

The statement of Kindly Residential Care Rest Home is to provide a better work atmosphere which will facilitate professional growth of the entire employee and maintain their personnel lives as well and vice versa. Not only that but it’s a duty of the HR managers and the Supervisors to foster each employee of the Rest Home on personal basis as the Kindly Care Rest Home considers its employee as an asset to the organisation. On the other hand the Kindly care Residential Rest Home will expect the fallowing responsibility of all staff.

  1. To maintain “Organisational Code of Practice” by implementing and practicing the policies of effective communication and meaningful cooperation amongst each other.
  2. To maintain “Code of Conduct” and treat each other fairly paying full respect and dignity.
  3. To bring the organisation with a great teamwork and promote harmony within the organisation.
  4. To understand the expected standards, law requirements and work place safety procedures, effective and timely communications.
  5. To promote the participation of the employees and the members and welcome their advice and suggestion to reach a decision or opinion.
  6. To help our employees in the personal development and growth in terms of achievement of their personal goal.
  7. To be committed for avoidance of any workstation conflict, and respond fatly and fairly to provide the proper medium to address it on time.
  8. To act equitably and fairly when it comes to administer the entire culture with respect to the policies. Judicial and efficient use of organisational resources.
  9. To feel and recognize that the person is important then a different kind of a jobs, that all the performances are measured in terms of determined standards without any type of discrimination.
  10. To show empathy and understanding that employees do possess the personal lives and they may experience inconvenience, distress, sickness and sadness during some events of the life and be compassionate to them[4].

The Policy Statement

This HR management strategy, policy and procedures are intended to provide out the Kindly Care Residential Rest Home with key aims and objectives to develop all culture and processes within the organisation to ensure the perfect and effective system to manage the facility through our team members. The policy also outlines the key objectives and aim with respect to the Rest Home in our “Employment Handbook”. The policy executes the strategy to ensure the infrastructures required to address the strategy are in their respective place. The document will be equipped with guidance to provide advice on implementing systems that are effective in managing the facility and its employee.

Who We Are

We are one of the leading service providers with innovative approach in the field of quality eldercare with 88 bedded five winged multispecialty rest home with spacious rooms, separate lounges, welcoming and well-appointed outdoor areas and featured facility which includes diverse activity programmes, extra services like physiotherapy, podiatry, aromatherapy, reflexology, spa and hair saloon offering high/low care and respite care situated in the southern suburbs of kindly park, convenient to kindly shopping centre and the new kindly park interchange.

None the less but we are the “Home away from Home” with an excellent eldercare service provision with a qualified and skilful staff of 103 which is scheduled 24hrly to meet all the desire of our residents day and night to ensure their health and safety and to make them as comfortable as if they are at their own home.

Our Vision

We want eldercare services to take account of the diversity of local populations without compromising “quality of service”. Health services should be “accessible to all” community clients and applicants for healthcare services regardless of a person’s characteristic. We see ourselves as the “innovators” to develop and raise our employee and the facility to cite an example in the field of “cost effective” eldercare. An eldercare for all under one Home!

Our Mission

The ultimate mission of the Kindly Residential Care Home is to be the one in the provision the “exceptional quality care” to our community residents and elderly through the services of highly “skilled and qualified staff” and to “create develop innovate” the best employees ever prepared and managed by the HR in the field of healthcare. The management’s strategy policy procedures and guidance document is to strengthen the rest home employee and the HR personnel to deal and manage the day to day operational functions to meet its management objectives in strict compliance with the standards, rules and regulations[5].

Our Core Values

All the members and employee of Kindly Residential Care Rest Home will remain committed and striven by our core values and quality principles in their everyday work to achieve our mission.

  1. Our Residents: They come first. Show empathy respect and sympathy for our elders
  2. Our Facility: Our facility is of utter importance. That the facility is like resident’s home
  3. Our Participation: That residents and staff are integrated to each other with interest full participation
  4. Our Focus: That our focus is to meet residents and family (“whanau”) needs. Appropriate planning, problem preventive and problem solving approach; provide safe, competent, therapeutic care and services.
  5. Our Team Work: That pay mutual trust, respect and be loyal to the team and facility
  6. Our Quality: Our quality improvement is a continuous process. That understands the on-going process of self-evaluation, learning and continuous improvement[6].

The Scope

The scope of policy is wide and applies to all Kindly Residential Care Rest Home employees, stakeholders and locum business units and partners in collaboration.

Our Organisational Structure

The following flow chart shows the organisational structure of our Kindly Residential Care Rest Home and Governance in accordance to the HR department and staff of the facility.

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