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The World Health Organization defines inter-professional care as “multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds work[ing] together with patients, families, carers (caregivers), and communities to deliver the highest quality of care.

Inter-professional Care

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Case Study for Inter-Professional Care

Nursing Case Studies

Introduction: (200 words)182 Mr George Orwell (Mr. George) is a 68 years old male who lives in rural South Australia. He has been transferred to the Farquharson Memorial Hospital (FMH) in Adelaide Sou...

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Optimal Nursing Care Delivery Model for Patient Care

Nursing Essays

Acquiring a nursing license means taking on a higher level of responsibility in healthcare settings. Regardless of the facility where one works, duties are assigned to registered nurses, while ot...

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Organisational Issues in Health and Social Care Services

Nursing Essays

“People do not care about organizational boundaries when seeking support or help and expect services to reflect this. From Our Health, Our Care Our Say (DoH 2006)” Introduction Since the ...

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