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The pathophysiology of the Hyperlipidemia can be classified into primary hyperlipidemia and secondary hyperlipidemia. Whilst genetic factors cause the primary hyperlipidemia, the metabolic disorders cause the secondary hyperlipidemia. The secondary hyperlipidemia can be caused due to diabetes mellitus, high usage of drugs such as beta blockers and estrogens, renal failure.


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Critical Thinking Skills in Patient Diagnosis and Care

Nursing Case Studies

Case Study: Mrs. Wong The basis of this paper is to enhance critical thinking skills when it comes to diagnosis and plan of care for Mrs. Wong by utilizing the information in the case study to formula...

Last modified: 7th May 2020

Discharge Plans: a Case Study

Nursing Case Studies

It may come as a shock to caretakers of the patient that discharge planning may commence as soon as a patient has been admitted. This does not necessarily mean that the patient is being released for ...

Last modified: 12th Feb 2020

Patient Management Plan: Diabetes Mellitus

Nursing Essays

 Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. Over 86 million Americans have prediabetes and 90% are undiagnosed or unaware of the condition and...

Last modified: 11th Feb 2020