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Graves' Disease: Risk Factors, Etiology and Treatments
19th May 2020
Introduction: Abstract Graves’ disease in an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism in various patient populations.  It is mostly prevalent in Asian and Caucasian women who live in iodine deficient area...

Pathophysiology Analysis of Hyperthyroidism
11th Feb 2020
Introduction:  Hyperthyroidism is a disorder that falls under the category of endocrine disorders. The thyroid gland is overactive and produces more thyroid hormones than the body needs. As a result, ther...

Radioiodine Therapy for Hyperthyroidism
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Radioiodine therapy is now a day increasingly used for treatment for hyperthyroidism. The response to this treatment is unpredictable and the factors postulated to predict outc...