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Benefits of Cochlear Implants
17th Aug 2020
Introduction: Hearing impairment or the disability of being deaf is very common today. Most people with this disability rely on cochlear implants to help them with their hearing....

History of Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
17th Jun 2020
Introduction: Introduction: Hearing aids are a small electrical device that goes in or behind your ears. It makes some sounds louder for people who have hearing loss so they can hear, listen and communicate through...

Anatomy and Physiology of Cochlear Implants
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Cochlear Implants Introduction Hearing loss impacts a large number of people at various points in their lives1. Whether a parent or grandparent has a hearing aid, or a loud con...

Health and Social Care for Deaf Children
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: The journey for parents, from suspected to a diagnosed hearing loss for their child, can be difficult and stressful. The first few months are described to be like a jigsaw puzzle, where lots of p...