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Reflecting On Personal Experience Breaking From Nursing Duties Nursing Essay

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Published: 13th Feb 2020

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Gibbs’ reflective cycle is really useful in making us think through all the phases of an activity or an experience that we had. It really helps in analyzing the event. As a practitioner and also more than that being a human being we all remember the event that really did not go well. We must not be too hard or too restricted about ourselves. The Evaluation phase will make us think about the positive and negative things and also about the areas for improvement. Reflective practice is connected with learning from understanding and is viewed as an significant approach for health professionals who hold close life-long learning. The act of reflection is seen as a way of encouraging the development of independent, competent and self-governing professionals Appealing in reflective training is allied with development in the excellence of care, motivating individual and professional growth, and concluding the gap between theory and practice. This encourages a clear explanation of the circumstances, investigation of feelings, evaluation of the occurrence, and analysis to understand how we will respond if again such situation arises. This type of reflection studies is very important and they really help to analyze our experiences and also enable us to cope with the patients in a good manner in the future. Through this study i have gained some professional knowledge and it helped me to set some personal goals on my own and rest in my professional life i can work keeping all these things in mind. The two main areas of focus are to make an effective communication with the patient and also try to keep a good and healthy relation with the patient.

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In this part am going to explain about n situation that has taken place during my clinical placement in India. I got the duty in the cardiac ward and duty was going on smooth. Personally am an individual who cares my patient more and listen to their problems. One day a 55 years old man named A was admitted in the clinic because for undergoing bypass surgery. All the details were collected and he was admitted in a ward. He was given dress and was then instructed to be on the bed and take rest. The time was around 4 pm and I went for tea break. When i came back I was really shocked. The person was having mental disability and he fell down from the bed. Suddenly bleeding hematoma occurred and the patient was transferred to Coronary Care unit (CCU). He was in CCU for two days and after that he met with death. This event was really shocking to me and it was a worst day in my life. I could not sleep well because it was ma carelessness which caused the death of a person. I would never leave him alone in his bed especially when there was no one with him. At that time there were no relatives with him and I went for tea break. A minor mistake in my duty caused the death of a person. The main goal of a nurse is to care his patient and I did a opposing action even though it was not purposely.


It is one of the unforgettable events in my life which I always remember. I really felt so bad and depressed at that time and when I saw his wife my degree of depression again escalated. Even when he was admitted in the CCU I expected that he will survive and I was daily praying for that and even my family did the same thing. It was completely the mistake of staff which caused the death of that child. During the time when he was in CCU I was with his wife all the time and even I felt her as my mother. She was so tired and I bought food and drinks for her and when she refused to have that I was feeding her. I was crying in my mind because if i had done my duty without any faults she would not have lost her husband and their children will have their father. After this particular even am always attentive in my duty and will not allow any minor error to occur in my duty and I always try to be punctual.


Evaluating this particular event I can understand the worst thing I did was I went for tea break when no one was with him. According to the hospital rules we were instructed to take the vulnerable consent of the admitted person of he is above six years. I forgot that procedure and that person had mental disorder. The person with mental disorders is usually tied over to the bed and I forgot that formality. It was the careless thing I did in my life. As a result of that he fell down from the bed and his head hit the floor and sudden bleeding occurred. It made me so depressed and only the care and concern I gave to his wife and children relaxed up to a small extent and I went through a bad situation in my life


The moral I learned out of this bad event is that doing the duty without a chance of minor gap is so essential or even else it can result in some serious issues. The problem was that I forgot to take the consent of the person and I left him alone. Another alternative for me to go for the tea break was to tell somebody else to take care of him until I come back. I forgot to do everything and did not take serious care for that person. Afterwards I am very strict in my duties and always talk to my patients and their relatives and try to understand their problem. Communication has a great role in building a relationship.

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I could conclude that I understood the significance of communication with the patient such as talking with them and their relatives, paying concern for them, trying to have a in depth knowledge about the patient and try not to make any minor faults in the duties. Actually helping his wife and children was a good experience for me who actually defines the nursing job and it really helped me to relax. Even though they were able to charge case against me they did not do that because of my care, compassion, and support for them.

Action Plan:

My action plan for the in the future when similar event occurs is that I will care the patient to my best and will talk with them freely and try my level best to understand their problem and help them. The strength of a relation lies in proper communication between the patient and the nurse and it is very important for nurse because they are closer to the patient. According to the nurses they define healing as caring the patient as proper care is better than medicine in some cases. One of the main goals of the health care worker is to provide the best care for my patients. In order to build a good relationship with the patient proper communication with them is very essential and it must be continuous in nature also. Another action plan I would like to add to this is that to understand the disability of the patients for example, problems such as deafness, mental disability, blindness and so more care can be given to them. Another important point is that a nurse should be lenient and must withstand any behaviour from the patient and should never misbehave with their patients. In this report I have described my clinic experience using the Gibbs reflective model and also doing this reflective study help us to remember things in an easy way because practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge. In this Reflective study I narrated my experience using the Gibbs frame work model.


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