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Personal Reflection Of A Nurse Nursing Essay

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Published: 14th Dec 2020

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My love and deep-rooted passion for nursing education enable me to serve my patients well. I must confess that I have always had a passion for helping my clients, managing health care plans, learning new things and a curiosity for investigating medical conditions. As a child, my dream of becoming effective health care provider is still alive up to these days and I am determined to pursue this dream by putting my plans into a reality.

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My background has prepared me for multiple, diverse challenges in communicating internationally, paying strong attention to detail, and in producing essential therapeutic communication. I earned my Emergency Room / Critical Care Technician Training Course at Florida Community College, Jacksonville, FL. I also gained additional courses in English, Math, Psychology, Spanish, Music, Earth Science, Sociology, Computer Concepts, and History at Three Rivers Community Technical College, Norwich, CT. My unique mix of previous work experience in health education and my current status in different health care institution enhance my skills, knowledge and personality in managing patients and communicating effectively.

In the increasing demand for nurses worldwide, there is also apparently increase in the demand in training. There are current and projected shortages in many health professions, especially nurses. Factors that contribute to these shortages are varied and complex. Some of the contributing factors include the state of the economy; decreased interest and increased enrollment in the health professions. This shortage caused health care institution to hire nurses with not enough experience and lack competency in clinical field. Proper training and professional and clinical empowerment is very imperative. In my workplace, nursing education program have responsibility is the assurance of appropriate health care provider preparation to which it entrusts its patient in clinical practice. I have attended several trainings, workshops or programs that were properly planned and outlined to provide information and instruction in the principles of giving care and learning different skills, pedagogical styles, and valid evaluation techniques. This increases my professional empowerment and autonomy in my workplace. These workshops and proper trainings imparted “knowledge and skills essential for success in the clinical setting”. I am embracing that knowledge and acquired skills in a familiar environment that provided me with an increased level of confidence and autonomy in the practice and educational development in my profession.

I am fascinated whenever I encounter people who have their Nursing Degree when I was working in a hospital setting. I am always inspired by these people and I always told to myself that someday my dream of earning my own nursing degree will come in a reality. Currently I’m on the process of achieving my Nursing degree. My limitless inspiration fuels my desire to gain more wisdom and knowledge in these fields.

As peer health educator, some of the activities practiced in my educational setting is the provision of the most current information possible for the using the collaborative approaches. During the teaching session and actual learning practice, the provision of clear explanations of the pathophysiological condition and processes of human illness and injury integrating all information as vital component of clinical practice and evidenced based practice. I always emphasize the prioritization of diagnoses and interventions specific to altered responses to illnesses and disease conditions, providing case studies for each case so that we can envision the client as a person needing and requiring care and acquire knowledge regarding the specific case. I also learned how to foster critical thinking and decision making which very important for every health care professional in clinical practice.

The Teaching sessions and discussions in clinical practice are very important because I learned how to maximize my learning through acquiring knowledge derived from the application of concepts and theories. I can actually discuss and clarify some information and clinical practices during these sessions. Helping one another in achieving proper knowledge and competency in nursing practice is also innate with this kind of forums. Focuses on diversity and demonstrate the contributing factors are also a necessary in improving my basic knowledge and application of nursing theories and principle.

My education in different subject areas, as well as my strong decision-making, problem-solving, and action-driven leadership skills combined with my working experiences, makes me an excellent professional in the field I chose. I’m looking forward to help building the society by educating people and developing their character through effective educator.

My career interests include clinical/pharmaceutical research protocols for seizure, burn, HIV/AIDS and trauma. Presently, I handle various roles and responsibilities such as Emergency Room Technician, Critical Care Technician, Medical Assistant, Psychiatric Technician and Phlebotomist My clients and my dearest family helped and continually inspire me to pursue this career path further. They were my inspiration in practicing and teaching healthcare and wellness for several years and these experiences brought me bundles of wisdom and enough knowledge to face the challenges. Through the years of my education, I realized this profession requires patience and self confidence which is automatically injected to me when I decided to do so. My current position in various health care setting serves as effective training ground and career enhancement. I have enough experiences in providing basic and complex nursing care and procedures to all age groups and administering emergency medical care to patients during emergency situations in the emergency trauma center. I enjoy delivering front-line interventions in acute and primary care in hospitals other health care settings, and perform basic health services as diagnosing and treating common acute diseases, illnesses and injuries with advanced degree on practicing the profession in clinical or educational settings, teaching theoretical and clinical knowledge, clinical skills and interventions and conducting research and study. I believed I was used as an instrument in developing my client’s ability and maintaining their health. I believe this internship program will give me more opportunity to improve and sustain my competency.

Programs related prevention, education, & outreach enhance my interpersonal communication skills and willingness to support works to help individual patient recognize and modify their risk-taking behaviors. My education interventions are based on theories of social learning, community and peer support for incremental risk reduction and understanding of the disease process. My goal is to provide education strategy to increase and support prevention programs especially among the most vulnerable population groups and their environment. Improving general understanding of the public through encouraging protective individual behaviors will promote individual and collective vulnerability to any diseases. My personal and professional goal is to help reduce the risk of every individuals acquiring disease and to maintain patient’s wellbeing.

My educational background, hard work, professionalism, and dedication to employer success have resulted in significant accolades and increased responsibilities. My superb organizational skills, firm understanding of nursing care, management, regulations, and awareness of the bottom line proved highly beneficial in my recent career. I had been teaching health care for several years. Teaching developed my character and enabled me to acquire knowledge necessary in molding my personality.

The role of institutional organization and structure where I am currently employed would be to increase my ability, knowledge and skills in clinical setting and education. In short, nursing empowerment is the main objective. The need for empowerment and organizational orientation in the hospital setting is essential in sharing knowledge, training and supervising other nurses in actual situations. As health professional, tangible skills and knowledge in a hospital setting is very important in managing clients and supervising their needs. In general, my role is focused on providing effective, quality care. Hence setting personal goals and philosophy advances the means of preparing myself to supervise and educate my students and subordinates. In our workplace, emphases on these areas are well implemented and give me the room for improvement and increase my self confidence and empowerment.

Skills, Knowledge and ability are very important part of health care personal traits and the main armor of every health care professional whenever facing in the battlefield of care management. Competency and Autonomy is essential. As part of the team, empowerment is vital and these three factors are the most important thing in hand before going to the battle. My ability is incorporated with decision making and critical thinking ability. When achieving the empowerment and my personal professional traits, change is very important, especially in behavior and attitude. Change requires adding new forces for change or removal of some of the existing factors that are at play in perpetuating the behavior.

I participated in professional activities that aid in making the change that include imitation of role models and looking for personalized solutions through trial-and-error learning. My personal mission and vision are crafted toward this goal; especially in patient management and professional advantage. I have developed behavior toward work and patient that becomes habitual, which includes developing a new self-concept & identity and establishing new interpersonal relationships. This personal competencies and experiences are applicable to all health care professionals in identifying problems because it addresses the changes required to achieve organizational goals. This concept is important because of its nature in terms of change process and behavioral approach method. Behavior, personal traits and knowledge can be addressed through the utilization of change.

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My career plans are centered in the future of developing my ability to self determination and freedom in choosing and implementing my own decisions free from deceit duress, constraints or coercion. This trait is also known as autonomy. I have developed this competency through professional independence and decision making skills with the aid of critical thinking ability.

As nursing student, entering into a new environment not knowing what to expect is difficult. Yes, patient care is the “same” everywhere, but they must be comfortable with the environment they are placed in. Adaptation is crucial in the clinical arena. My goal in this area is to be familiarized in protocols through use of an orientation plan in hospital settings before my clinical experience may become a highly useful and an effective strategy in clinical education will be carried out. I become less apprehensive about the clinical environment and become more patient focused, therefore increasing the effectiveness of self empowerment and autonomy. This also provides me with the opportunity for role modeling as the patient maintains and develops standards of practice and competent care in a familiar environment. In my current learning environment, nursing managers and supervisors let nurses decide for their patient in a professional and proper way with accordance to protocols and policy of the institution.

I learned how to communicate effectively at all levels which is a common barrier in the implementation of change among health care in various settings. Communication practices were also addressed in order to identify and effectively set the goals. I also was lucky to be granted with the blessing of being able to work with some exceptional health care professionals that really cared for and about their clients; Health care professionals that would do everything in their abilities and power to make their patient feel better physically and emotionally. That is what I hope to be able to do in the future: providing extraordinary care everyday. Maybe someday I can be a role model and inspiration to other people to strive for a higher level of competence just as those I look up to were for me.

In pursuing this education, my purpose is to help patient achieve their wellbeing and achieving their maximum potentials. Developing the health care society serve as a deep challenge to study further and gain enough knowledge, more information about the life itself and definitely to be an effective and productive member of the society and furthermore, helping my peer to gain more knowledge.

In my workplace and learning environment, superiors initiates the development of a clinical practice programs based on the goals or mission of the institution given to us. These development programs increases my professional autonomy, confidence, knowledge, skills and competency and allows me to understand the importance of my roles. The program helps me in my transition into different roles by assisting in understanding effective methods of delivering care to patients in the clinical setting. It stresses the importance of utilizing the nursing process in the care of individuals, families, and community by assessing the client health care status, planning with client or significant others the action based on identified needs and problems, implementing appropriate nursing interventions wholly compensatory, supportive and educative, modifying interventions and evaluating the results of nursing interventions accordingly based on criteria established. These criteria help me to produce competent effective qualities and ability to sustain the demand for care in response to increasing numbers of patients. The utilization of my personal and professional process serves as guidelines in implementing my roles.

I believe that the essence of my profession is having the possession of knowledge and competency in performing skills and interventions. It involves a combination of many disciplines, including aspects of biology and psychology to promote the restoration and maintenance of health in our clients. And at the end of the day, behind the vital signs and doctor’s order, what will count the most is how much you really cared. Yes- this caring which made this profession unique in the first place? The genuine reward of this work comes from the distinct gleam of the client’s eyes every time we perform what we have sworn to do. Although it is sad fact that some nurses are quite amnesic to why they become nurses in the first place, the future nurses of today still, should rise and take the challenge of being real nurse.

My late mother and my dearest family helped and continually inspiring me to study further. They were my inspiration in teaching for several years and these experiences brought me bundles of wisdom and enough knowledge to face the challenges. Through the years of my teaching, I realized this profession requires patience and self confidence which is automatically injected to me when I decided to do so. I believed I was used as an instrument in developing my peers’ ability and molding their character. That is why I did my very best and I gave whatever I may give to them. This profession gave me more opportunity to improve and sustain my competency.

The years of experiences in hospital setting allowed me to possess a substantial background to keep my ambitions alive. It has been very interesting and I find myself loving what I do as well as my patients. But amidst of these thing, I am not exempted in the test of hard work, motivation and challenge to be strong. These obstacles gave me a room to develop my full maturity, learn to become team player and to enhance my critical thinking ability. With this ability and character that I possess I was able to improve my own capability inside and outside the classroom and workplace.

I am very proud to be able to share different aspects of my life that are not apparent from my professional and academic record. After being encouraged to continue my degree by both family and friends, I found that pursuing career and education are character-defining time in my professional and personal life, causing me to face different challenges such as personal and financial hardship and manage roles and responsibilities associated with work, school and family.

I am very excited and enthusiastic about this coming year, I know I can face challenges because of the determination and motivation to achieve my goals and desired career. It would create and open a gateway of opportunities and I know I could achieve my dreams and I want to pursue my ambition in the field of nursing.


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