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Cultural and ethnic care perspectives toward health and social care

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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How have cultural and ethnic care perspectives toward health and social care changed as a result of globalisation?


Globalisation has impacted society in many ways, with the UK becoming increasingly culturally and ethnically diverse as a result of immigration and the increased trade and sharing of ideas with other nations. Additionally, globalisation has impacted health and social care practice throughout the world, with a large body of research now emerging from non-Western nations in Western academic journals identifying care related strategies and differing principles of health care. Higher prioritisation on research in China and the Middle East has led to the spread of new ideas with regards to health and social care that have the potential to positively enhance care in Western medical communities. The dissemination of evidence derived from these nations and greater numbers of studies available in English from non-English speaking nations has led to improvements in the social and psychological care of community members and a more long-term and preventative model of care in the UK. Additionally, the Middle East and China have benefitted from the biomedical findings and technologies available in the UK and other Western health and social care environments. The continued sharing of knowledge and information between nations and regions of the world within differing health care perspectives will be critical in managing worldwide health challenges and promoting equality in response to an increasingly globalised health and social care environment. Open sharing of research will also help stimulate novel ideas for solving tomorrow’s health challenges as well.



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