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What About Me Self Assessment Of Personality Nursing Essay

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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What type of personality do I have? What kind of values do I hold? What motivates me? After completing the first section of the self-assessment, I have a better insight into the world inside my head. Sometimes that can be a frightening place, but that information can be very valuable when determining what jobs are right for me.

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I began my journey by reviewing my personality insights. My basic personality is highlighted with traits such as being responsible and dependable along with being assertive and persistent. I am moderately trusting, cooperative, and imaginative. I have a Type-A personality with a Jungian 16-type personality of ESPF meaning that I am spontaneous, generous, and sociable.

When I look at my job in terms of my personality, I begin to understand my manager’s perception of my work. He has told me that I am very dependable, dedicated, and detail oriented. When I work in the warehouse, he knows that he does not have to worry about the quality of my performance and knows that the warehouse will be well maintained. Within the past year, he gave me the opportunity to cross-train with technicians and to broaden my knowledge. My manager said that he is trying to help me to be more valuable and marketable to the owners of the company.

Knowing that my manager cares about my stability and tenure with the company helps me to have a better outlook and attitude toward the company which moves me to the next step of my journey. This portion of my self-assessment gave me a chance to look at my values and attitude. Pride in accomplishment, knowledge and wisdom, and satisfaction in life are at the top of my terminal values while prosperity and wealth are at the bottom. My top instrumental values are assertiveness, dependability, and self-sufficiency. I was surprised to discover that open-mindedness and honesty were at the bottom of my list. Additionally, I am optimistic in workplace diversity and involved in my job; however, I learned that I am not very satisfied working for my employer.

In an attempt to understand his employees and learn more about them, my manager has taken us individually to breakfast away from work so that we could be open and candid. We used the time to speak freely and discuss any issue. Having the chance to meet with my manager and to speak without restrictions has helped me to hold a different view toward our work situation. Before our meeting, my manager had realized that some of my job dissatisfaction has come from not being able to ignore some of the company’s unethical business practices. He discussed his concern about the business practices and informed me that he is addressing those concerns with upper management.

As I moved further along, this journey brought me to the inspiration of my motivation. I have high existence needs with achievement at the top of my dominant needs list, and my main dominant needs include my desire to excel and desire to work with minimal supervision. Along with these needs, I hold strong values. Some of my values include better pay, more vacation time, strong feelings of job security, and chances to advance. Even though I have a varying view of other people, I tend to enjoy watching very successful people fail. When a person acts as though he is better and more deserving than others, it is nice to see a humbling experience bring him back to reality. I have a moderately high outlook on my job’s motivating potential and I am confident in my abilities to be successful.

Although my manager has no control over giving me more vacation time, he uses some of the other values to help build morale and motivate his department. He gave me a chance to advance and learn additional skills which has helped me to earn a pay raise. That raise has motivated me to increase the quality of my work especially since I was the only person in the company to receive a raise because of the poor economy.

Eventually I was able to take a peek into my decision making insights. I discovered that I usually do not procrastinate. Instead, I try to be more proactive and strive to keep stronger ethics than most people. I feel that business decisions should involve a moral philosophy and that business ethics are not just for public relations.

Unfortunately, not everyone in my company holds the same ethical values. My manager strives to guide his department toward good ethical values so that we can set an example for the remainder of the company. He holds us accountable for doing what is right. As I watch him trying to guide other managers and their departments to have higher ethical standards, I gain more respect for him. And, with that gain of respect, I feel even more motivated to help him in his quest for better business ethics.

Finally, I was able to study other traits that I possess. I learned that I am good at personal planning. I have realistic goals for my future, have a plan for completing my major, and am proactive instead of reactive. Another trait that I possess is high Emotional Intelligence which shows that I may be successful in a position that requires interpersonal skills. Other traits that I have are showing initiative, taking action, and persevering.

During my latest employee evaluation, my supervisor characterized me as having these personality traits, and I agree. As I compare myself to other employees, I realize that I am extremely dependable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to my job. According to my supervisor, the owners of the company know that I am passionate about my job and believe that I am a valuable asset to the company.

Although I am successful at anything that I attempt, my manager said that I am a perfect fit for the warehouse lead position and should be able to succeed as a warehouse manager when I finish my degree. I am enthusiastic about my job and strive for perfection. I am also very critical about someone else trying to complete my job. I am currently on a three month medical leave and already know that there will be a disaster waiting for me to correct when I return.

A key to my motivation is helping me to visualize my importance in the company and showing trust in my abilities and intelligence. My manager is beginning to learn this key to help improve my motivation. He shows his confidence in my abilities by utilizing minimal supervision. He is learning that if he gives me the space and ability to work independently I will be more motivated and will give more effort and quality work.

The first portion of the self-assessment journey has been very interesting. I was not surprised to discover the results of the tests. My motivation and confidence helps me to reinforce my values, attitude, and ethics. Eventually, I will be ready to acquire more responsibilities and continue to climb the corporate ladder.

Self-Assessment Library Report

I.A.1. What’s My Basic Personality?

Your scores are:

Score1: 12

Score2: 11

Score3: 15

Score4: 11

Score5: 10

I.A.2. What’s My Jungian 16-Type Personality?

Your score is: ESFP

I.A.3. Am I a Type-A?

Your score is: 108

I.A.4. How Well Do I Handle Ambiguity?

Your score is: 22

How Creative Am I?

Your score is: 9

I.B.1. What Do I Value?

Your scores are:

Score1: 3

Score2: 2

Score3: 9

Score4: 1

Score5: 10

Score6: 5

Score7: 4

Score8: 8

Score9: 6

Score10: 7

Score11: 1

Score12: 7

Score13: 2

Score14: 8

Score15: 3

Score16: 5

Score17: 10

Score18: 4

Score19: 9

Score20: 6

I.B.2. How Involved Am I In My Job?

Your score is: 34

I.B.3. How Satisfied Am I With My Job?

Your score is: 54

I.B.4. What Are My Attitudes Toward Workplace Diversity?

Your score is: 24

I.C.1. What Motivates Me?

Your scores are:

Score1: 16

Score2: 13

Score3: 19

I.C.2. What are My Dominant Needs?

Your scores are:

Score1: 25

Score2: 12

Score3: 21

Score4: 15

I.C.3. What Rewards Do I Value Most?

Your scores are:

Score1: 5

Score2: 4

Score3: 5

Score4: 5

Score5: 4

Score6: 4

Score7: 4

Score8: 5

Score9: 5

Score10: 4

I.C.4. What’s My View on the Nature of People?

Your score is: 21

I.C.5. What are My Course Performance Goals?

Your score is: 12

I.C.6. How Confident Am I In My Abilities to Succeed?

Your score is: 22

I.C.7. What’s My Attitude Toward Achievement?

Your scores are:

Score1: 50

Score2: 47

I-C-8. What’s My Job’s Motivating Potential?

Your score is: 200

I-C-9. Do I Want an Enriched Job?

Your score is: 4.1

I-D-1. Am I a Procrastinator?

Your score is: 1

I-D-2. How Do My Ethics Rate?

Your scores are:

Score1: 1

Score2: 1

Score3: 4

Score4: 2

Score5: 1

Score6: 1

Score7: 1

Score8: 4

Score9: 2

Score10: 1

Score11: 1

Score12: 2

Score13: 1

Score14: 2

Score15: 5

I.E.1. What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score?

Your score is: 39

I.E.2. What Time of Day Am I Most Productive?

Your score is: 33

I.E.3. How Good Am I at Personal Planning?

Your scores are:

Score1: 5

Score2: 4

Score3: 4

Score4: 5

Score5: 5

Score6: 5

I.E.4. Am I Likely to Become an Entrepreneur?

Your score is: 104


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