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The View of Personal Responsibility for Health

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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The connection between freedom and responsibility progressed as a topic on healthcare issues for individuals, families, society and environment. It also includes the factors about the functions of healthcare workers and other contributors that affect health, like issues on how to implement government programs, wherein in other settings there is lack of support from the community members. And the question lies on who is to be blamed when health problems arises. People should remain liable for their own choices, and there are identified factors which are outside the human control where in people become sick caused by environmental predicament. And the outcome of these problems at times they put on the faults to society. Despite of the impressive disagreement, there are assertive evidence why this health responsibility has been lowered to the framework of family and society, within the background of political as societal affairs that functions as one of the providers of healthcare in any setting. The article “Responsibility for health: Personal, Social and Environmental gave me a question about who are really responsible for our own health?

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I contemplate all the factors involved, and in my own proposition, we are responsible for our own actions and health consequences. Justifying the case of those people who are physically challenged or mentally incapacitated. On their case support from the community, aside from the family is needed, that is why the government has a fund and program for that sector or member of the community, it is part of the government to provide the necessary steps for them to be back on the right track of healthy living, which cannot be given by themselves, and the healthcare workers will be on their side to perform the health plans for them. But for those who are able and have a clear mind on what is going on, then the decision to have a better health lies on their own hand. It is our own choice for whatever we want in our lives, we are accountable for our own health, we have the agency to exercise whatever judgement we make as our choice for personal health and safety, and we do recognized the boundaries wherein our body will be at risk or can still tolerate the elements or substances that, are being advised to consume minimally or avoid completely.

And for me the social side, there responsibility is only for us to be warned about the good or bad effects of any substance available, and to provide support in times health concern arises. Its main responsibility for health is to promote and implement programs that can provide optimum health to individuals. Being funded by the government both nationally and locally, its focus mainly to avoid and eliminate potential health risk, and detection of any possible occurrence of any health issues that will affect the individuals and community as a whole. Health funds derived from taxes were used by health government organization. The benefits include in the public health are the free hospitalization within 24 hours emergency and clinic interventions, laboratory test, dental and immunization, and also subsidy for prescribed medicines. The government also provide assurance that health practitioners are registered with them and fully competent in the practice of their profession.

Environment can only be responsible when both personal and social fails to perform the responsibilities they should be doing, such as pollution. Hazardous waste materials must be disposed properly and possible health effect or consequences should be eliminated. All programs for the maintenance of clean environment must be strictly implemented and the rule for a clean surroundings must be enjoyable exercised by the people involved. An environmental health issue can only be experienced due to lack of function and concern to health programs, of both individuals and the society itself.

Our greatest hope for minimising the burden of preventable disease and death around the world is through Health behaviour change. Tobacco smoking, less active lifestyle, not healthy diet, and alcohol consumption together account for almost one million deaths each year in the United States alone, for example. The World Health Organisation has cautioned that the global scattered of the tobacco widespread could claim one billion lives by the end of this millennium. The rising frequency of childhood corpulence could place the New Zealand at risk of rearing the first generation of youngsters to live sickly and die very young than their parents, and the widespread prevalent of fatness among youngsters and mature individuals threatens surprising worldwide health and economic charges.

The leading behavioural risks factors are non-compliance to prescribed medical examinations and preclusion and illness management activity, unsafe sex, drug application, family and gun foul play, worksite and motor vehicular accidents) say unequal charges in low-paid jobs and less privileged racial and ethnic populace, as well as in scarce-resource societies all over the globe. Taking these behavioural dangers and distinctions, and the behaviours associated to universal health risks, such as influenza virus outbreak, water scarceness, more harmful ultra violet exposure, and the obligation to guard the health of mother earth itself, will be crucial to global health in this century.

There are clinically proven studies for most major behavioural health threats, enclosing tobacco smoking, not healthy diet, unbalanced lifestyle, too much drinking, and diabetes care guidance. There are similar research study instructions for the health care system switches and procedures needed to make sure their efficiency. New society application procedures propose another research study recommendations for a wide array of populace-level, education-, workplace-, and society-based agenda and non-private procedures to develop jab rates and bodily activity requirements for youngsters and mature ones, enhance diabetes self-care guidance, minimise dangerous sun vulnerability, stop second-hand smoke inhalation, eradicate youth tobacco consumption and help mature smokers to quit, minimise workplace and motor vehicular accidents, and reckless drunk driving and family and gun foul play.

The restricted power of even our most effective distinct health behaviour precautions, based on studies emphasizing intrapersonal and interpersonal factors of health behaviours, clearly resulted to an exclusive reliance on distinctly oriented precautions would not be enough to reach our critical populace health and health care objectives. These deficiencies led to a basic “paradigm shift” in our comprehension of what the goals of efficient precautions wanted to be, not just everyone but the full contexts in which they work and live. This movement catalysed the increase of environmental models of health development that have guided the improvement of influential precautions in non-private health and health care facilities. Similar movements in the models and schemes of public health and clinical health advancement opened the way for even wider populace models that link health goals and public health groups, societies, clinical and health care professionals. The Chronic Care Model proclaimed by the Institute of Medicine and the related structure raised by the World Health Organization as examples. And these structures stimulated works to polish and pertain paradigmatic and principles to interpret efficient clinical and public health programs into application and procedures, enclosing the scattering of innovations model, society and association change principles, and socio-marketing and communications principles. Mega parallel increases in what we have educated about the patterns, procedures and limitations of non-private health improvement and health care quality development from the past three decades describe the basic assumption of this and prior versions of Health Behaviour and Education — that an exchange varies between proposition, investigation, and application is crucial to efficient health literacy and advancement.

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The major principles and examples of health literacy at many levels are: personage, interpersonal, peer groups, society, non-private policy; and in a wide array of settings and populace. Analysis is one of the new exertions to comprehend quickly about “what generates” by estimating grassroots labours in schools and societies over the nation and the planet to carry out agenda, policies, and ecological shifts to restrain the increase in children obesity as an example as a whole.


In general, to balance the responsibility between the society and the family, both must recognize its functions to health programs. The society must provide the necessary things for the implementation of care, this involves the healthcare benefits that are subject to be distributed to each member of the society, like medical check-up, free medicine, clean food and drinking water, sanitary project to eliminate pollution, immediate response in any infectious cases, and maintain the ability to identify potential problems. And for the family, the society needs the whole support from each member; the family must participate in all health programs and be open to discuss any health issues. Individual in the family must observe health practice, it includes healthy diet and avoidance of any substances that considered as health risk, and all kinds of vices that affects healthy living. And on the other side of family healthcare protection, it is important that they should acquire health insurances for them to be assisted in finances regarding health concerns. Insurances provide financial support and it elevates the burden from expenses in health problems. For environment issues, proper sanitation and garbage disposal must be observed to avoid environmental difficulties. The effectiveness of any government health agenda rest on the assistance of each individual, and family member of the community covered by the program. A clean environment will produce a healthy individual and a happy family, this will stand as the symbol of safe and wholesome society. In addition, to balance all these factors, the government must provide training and proper education regarding health practice, support its workers through proper funding, remuneration and provision of entitled benefits. Individuals and businesses that contribute support for health standards must be supported. In return to this, compliance to taxation program should be followed, individual members of the family and the society as a whole must support government regulation regarding its health programs.


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