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Unconventional Beauty Treatments by Celebrities

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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In today’s world, in order to achieve recognition in a particular field that you are pertaining to, the first and the foremost thing that counts is ‘the persona’ with which you carry yourself! Be it Multi National Companies or small scale companies, one of the most crucial things that can get you one step closer towards achieving your goals is having a good and magnificent personality. You ought to look presentable in any case whatsoever! And with regard to the celebrities in the Hollywood and Bollywood fraternity, it goes without saying as they have no other choice but to look beautiful and handsome in order to make a living!

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These celebs come up with the most queer beauty treatments ever! Recently, there was an article published in one of the most well known newspapers about these most bizarre of the beautifying treatments undergone by celebs. What we need to understand and assess is that, how beneficial are these so called beauty treatments from a scientific and a medical point of view! Let’s have a look on these various ‘freakish beautifying treatments’.

  1. Liquid Gold Facial:

The heart of Liquid Gold, Seabuckthorn, was known for many years in northern states, as a skin care remedy and nutritional supplement. The berries of this shrub are always been associated with regeneration as they are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The oil of these berries assist in combating dry skin, visible fine lines, wrinkles and various signs of early ageing. These yellow-orange berries comprise of more than 100 nutrients, bioactive substances like phytosterols, water soluble vitamins (B1, B2, C, P, Folic acid, K) and fat soluble ones such as A, E and EFA (80-95% essential fatty acids), free amino acids, alpha and beta carotenes etc.

The Hollywood supermodel Bar Refaeli lately got a Liquid Gold Facial done which is also favored by Ayurveda since it is said to possess anti-aging properties.

When we look at this from a medical point of view, Liquid Gold is a strong resurfacing and firming treatment in order to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. This formulation is fortified with silk proteins, licorice extract and Glycolic Acid. It increases the skin’s metabolism, thereby adding on to tightening the enlarged pores and makes the complexion brighter and clearer.

Also, this formulation is immediately absorbed by cell membranes, reinstalling a golden glow to even the most lack-luster skin. It helps to fight hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles, fine lines and large pores thereby making you look young and evergreen.

There are no evidences available in form of articles or papers to prove the authenticity of this liquid gold facial.

  1. Facelift tape:

Lady Gaga uses facelift tape in order to pull the skin around the cheekbones and neck to look younger.

As per the experts, medically it is just not advisable to do daily face taping since it could lead to internal scarring, which may give rise to poor absorption of nutrients to the skin and early ageing. Moreover, doing face-taping everyday may cause the facial muscles to loosen, causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear earlier than usual.

There are some benefits of using a facelift tape as well. Like for example, if applied correctly, it can make a drastic change in the way you appear, only till the tape is in place! Also, it’s much reasonable as compared to surgeries and even some wrinkle creams. It can also prove to be beneficial to those celebs who are willing to go for a facelift surgery as it will give them an idea of what they will look after they have undergone the surgery and hence assist them in making a better decision in such a case.

  1. Japanese nightingale droppings facial:

This does sound nasty. But Tom Cruise vouches for this ‘bird poop facial’. Making a preparation of nightingale droppings, rice bran and water and rubbing it on the face, makes his face look shiny which contributes in making him look good as ever! This ‘nightingale poop facial’ which is also referred to as “Geisha facial” originates from Japan. Hence the name, “Japanese Nightingale Droppings Facial”. It is said to carry out exfoliation of the dirt from the skin causing it to appear shining bright and squeaky clean.

There are proclamations that the powder made from the excreta/faeces of Uguisu bird (which is used in Geisha Facial) has properties which provide multiple skin benefits. It may be useful for cleansing skin pores, whitening skin pigment of dark spots and discolorations from scars and sun spots, balancing and evening out and thus making the skin tone brighter. It also helps in healing and re-energizing of the skin which has been hampered because of the exposure to sun and aging. This powder is fit for oily skin, rough and aging skin, although it might not be suited to a skin type that is sensitive and prone to allergies.

There are no evidences to prove that it works or vice versa. All the so called “skin-gains” are obtainable in a variety of other skin products. We might hear of people using human faeces in future for skin treatment! That’s so sickening!

  1. Mayonnaise as a moisturizer!

Past years’ legend, Joan Crawford was said to make use of Mayonnaise to moisturize her skin and hair. This is really like taking your breakfast “spread tad bit seriously!

Taking into consideration the medical background, the chief ingredients in Mayonnaise are soya bean oil and eggs, which make it a potent treatment for dry facial skin. Mayo also comprises of vinegar, which helps in encouraging the turnover of skin cells, leaving the face feeling as if it has been exfoliated. Experts say that doing a gentle mayo massage on skin daily may help boosting up skin’s moisture.

Mayonnaise is said to be the possessor of moisturizing properties that extend beyond your skin. It is also observed to be a good hair conditioner as it gives a healthy shine to the hair.

But it would be much preferable to limit the mayonnaise to just your bread and instead make use of so many easily available wonderful hair cosmetics for giving that shine to your hair!

  1. Snake Venom as a replacement for Botox!

Snake Venom is the first choice for Katy Holmes as a replacement for Botox injections.

It seems that, she believes that this synthetic venom product has some kind of ‘muscle-shocking’ effect. It smoothens out the wrinkles and relaxes the muscles of the face.

When we look at this from a medical point of view, we can see that Scientists firstdiscovered a link betweenanti-agingand the paralysis-inducing properties ofviper venom,a few years ago. If thevipercould send its victims into a permanent stupor with itsvenom, they hypothesised thatperhaps the same science could be used to tamecrow’s feetandforehead furrows. The synthetic venom like counterpartSYN-AKEisatopical synthetic tripeptidewhichwhen applied to the skin, relaxes the “frowning and grimacing” muscles that lead todeep wrinkles. Clients of the Sonya Dakar clinic in Beverly Hills line up for thesesnake-venom facials, whileHollywood gossip sitesproclaimGwyneth Paltrow’s love & beliefforDakar’s UltraLuxe-9 Age Control Complex($190), aSYN-AKE-infused skin cream.

But there is absolutely no evidence or any independent medical research to prove the authenticity of the same.

Bee venoms have been used as a replacement for Botox treatment. The research has shown that this product contributes in producing natural collagen, a special kind of protein that provides elasticity to the skin cells and keeps the skin young. To add on to it, increases the number of keratinocytes – special cells, protecting them from getting influenced by certain harmful extrinsic factors like dehydration, agents of infectious diseases, ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

  1. De-puff with Piles cream!

Sandra Bullock believes that haemorrhoid tube works wonders to tighten up facial skin.

These haemorrhoid creams comprise of vasoconstrictors – which are responsible for shrinking the blood vessels. This is helpful when it’s about haemorrhoids, since there are swollen veins, but not so helpful when it concerns sensitive area below the eyes. As a matter of fact, certain ingredients in these creams may cause irritation in the eyes and worsen the situation. Also, there’s never been any convincing or high quality medical study to prove the effectiveness of the same. Hence, not being enthusiastic about this choice will be the best thing to do.

  1. Shine with red wine!

Actress Teri Hatcher pours Red Wine in her bath which helps softening her skin.

Studies have proved that there are certain ingredients present in red wine such as the tartaric acid, an alpha hydroxyl agent helps in exfoliation of the skin, thereby making it softer.

Drinking red wine is also beneficial as because of the antioxidants present in red wine, the skin is prevented from ageing.

What we can gather from all this is that, when it comes to your skin particularly your face, dare not take chances! Some of these bizarre treatments by celebrities do have a scientific base and some kind of possible reasoning but not all. Hence, consulting the expert Dermatologist and/or Facial Plastic Surgeon for such skin treatments is always advisable.





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