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The Future of Nursing and Healthcare

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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The Future of Nursing and Healthcare 


Nurses are a huge influence in the area of healthcare system. It is a profession in demand that has a lot of certainty in shaping the future of this department and the whole of the running system. There are major issues that affect the growth in most facilities that are run by organizations that are trying to be cost effective and take an advantage of the technology in this era. A lot has to be done to achieve the goals of a better service to the clients.

1. Is individual access to healthcare a right or a privilege? Consider the financial implications of your response. What are the additional responsibilities of the client, the nurse and the overall healthcare system based on your stance?

Individual access to healthcare is a moral right to provide the professional care that responds to individual preferences, needs and care. Just like any other kind of business or organization, healthcare too run to be able to provide their clients the kind of service they require. These are services provided by intelligent, educated professionals. Medical staffs offer the service to the clients and this a right to them to be attended to.

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United States of America should have a fundamental stand that healthcare should be a be a right because on the financial implications of this country based on the taxes, after three years of implementation, (ACA; Obamacare) “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there are still some of the major factors that are intense to debate the benefits and problems on the healthcare services. Statistically, ACA has lowered the rate of uninsured Americans from 18 percent to 8.6 percent in the early 2016.  (Gao.gov, 2012) a perfect example of a country that runs well on the health department is Canada. They do have a good system that helps the less fortunate on being able to get affordable treatment.

There are public health care options, government sponsored that offers medical services at reasonable costs. The Medicare and Medicaid programs signed into law by President Johnson in 1965 was implemented to make it available to the vulnerable Americans which includes the children, elderly and the poor.

The additional responsibilities of the nurse and the overall healthcare system based on my stance are, to reduce the overuse of medical procedures, lower the charges for patients with similar conditions, to stop paying for medical errors, to negotiate the pharmaceutical prices and also the system should try and standardize insurance products to reduce administrative costs and the nurses to teach and educate society on health promotion activities such as exercise and eating healthy.

2. Compare the cost of Healthcare in the U.S. considering the specific approaches of health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic disease management.

a. Identify which approach is the most cost effective.

b. How can nursing practice impact the cost in each category?

The cost of healthcare can be affected by the quality of care. It is very difficult to have some of the cost savings as chronic diseases needs improved quality care, which should be focused on their effectiveness and value. According to Health Affairs, in the last decade the Permanente medical group in Northern California enacted extensive Disease Management programs. After going through and examining quality indicators, utilization, and cost for adults with four kinds of conditions, they were unable to find any way of cost savings, however they were able to find significant quality improvements evidence (2004).

To reduce the cost of healthcare on the disease prevention, social cognitive means should be applied in this country. Bandura suggested that a changing the practices of a social systems along with a comprehensive approach to health promotion is  an effective way to be more cost effective. By doing so, the changes have a widespread positive effects on human health (2009).  Implementing this approach is the most cost effective approach to disease prevention and chronic disease management.

 Social Cognitive is a personal change by an individual’s belief, change of health habits to

operate together with the goal of attaining a good health hence prevention of many diseases. Human health is a social matter, not just an individual one and with awareness from the healthcare department and certain practices taught to people and publicly made aware, this will reduce the cost of treatments and less people will be affected. This will also build a good health system among the people in the social system. 

Nursing practice impact the cost in healthcare as teams. With successful approaches and  skills,  teams can be created to ensure that there are protocols followed on how to manage the population of the patients and be effective to do intensive follow up on the patients. Protocols on disease prevention can be implemented when a nurse encounters a  patient who seems to show signs of getting certain diseases. they can give recommendation of activities such as exercise and daily journaling to help.

3. What, in your opinion, are the current U.S. Healthcare System design shortfalls, if any? How would you redesign the system to promote the approaches of health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic disease management?

The main shortfall in the Health care department is shortage of medical staffs that mostly relate to poor salaries, most of the hospital facilities their waiting rooms are full of waiting patients who need to be attended to urgently but since there is shortage of staffs, some of the patients are not attended on time and their health situation becomes worse off.  “On an evidence based practice, International studies have shown that the larger the percentage of registered nurses among the total care staff, the lower the evidence of adverse client outcomes, such as falls, errors and preventable infections . Statistically, 3% – 12% reduction in adverse outcomes and 16% reduction in the risk of mortality in surgical clients.” (Alexander, 2015, pg. 2458)

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The number of patients’ outcomes and staffs is uneven. More skilled medical staffs should be employed to provide quality care. To re-design this system, more staffs should be employed and this will reduce any chances of patients not getting attended to and no one in the faculty will be overworked.

Licensing of nursing school, in Las Vegas, there are only few schools only and just one campus and the rest are private ad the waiting list is long this leads to a lot of people missing out on a better career opportunities. Few schools leads to few sponsorships of medical schools compared to any other career course in schools.

4. Think about your future nursing practice. How can you use your nursing knowledge to champion health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic disease management?

The knowledge acquired during the nursing practice to better health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management is to solely focus on the skills, roles and the responsibilities to the best of the level on the experience. As a nurse, there should be an effective way to communicate with a client to provide individual and consistent care with a prioritized need.

Patients with chronic illness such as cancer, there should be a program to empower each of them to care individually and be able to manage their condition in a good and healthy living standard. In this process of the patients engaging themselves in self-management will really help their awareness and be aware of their progress as well.

5. Finally, recall the essential themes in the latest Institute of Medicine’s Report on the Future of Nursing? Reflect on how your knowledge/views/opinions have changed or remain the same since starting your education at Nightingale College.

Knowledge acquired from the training is that teamwork is an essential component in the healthcare departments. With the increase number of patients and the shortage of medical staffs, teamwork is necessity tool to meet the required goals of providing good care. “The fundamental characteristics of teams, review strategies in team training, demonstrate and identify specific challenges the health care community must address to improve teamwork and enhance reliability” (Parker,2016)


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