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Strengths Based and Case Management Model

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Published: 12th Jan 2021

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Strengths Based Model

Fundamentally this model concentrates on the individual qualities rather than deficiency. It indicates what a specific’s qualities and interior stakes farthest point are. It helps customers to concentrate on the qualities that they have and create a living upon it. While a customer is consistently treated, they ought to be permitted to encounter the recuperation plan with the target that they have a sensible considered what controls the bearing and pace of fixing. Like each of us, debilitated individuals additionally have a particular strategy for their prosperity. The strategies are consistently revolved around one’s useful, mental and moreover lawful needs. As the harmed customers there is continually a case chief who examines the customer’s progress and takes off pivotal upgrades as per the customer’s capacity and general condition.


The essential center of this model is to discover the customers qualities and work upon it to help the customer to a superior living condition. This done through making staggering and convincing game plans based on customers qualities however not the lack. As it concentrates on the flourishing of the customer so thus it is amazingly essential to consider the theory of the customer in every single step. The client ought to be made fitting and they ought to can survey the needs of any perspective and can give responses on the current treatment. This is a not very awful model to use as it can alter by every person because of the gathered qualities of their distinctive circumstances. One frail point in this model is that it simply focuses just on the quality however not deficiency as this model impacts the customer to live as they grade to.


This model needs an extremely serious arranging to start with as the customer will live as indicated by the arrangement settled on and the greater part of the choices made will be based as per the customer’s capacity and aptitudes of everyday lives. The arrangement will change as the sickness or the treatment advance so that the customer is at full profit of the arrangement and it will audit intermittently by the carers and the supervisors. This is carried out to see that if the customer has met the objectives that were situated out or does it needs to be adjusted as they advancement.


This model likewise needs an exclusive requirement of coordination between the customer and the administrator. The supervisors here will give customers’ expert and master counsel of what needs to be carried out and how it ought to done and emulated. The case director will likewise give proposals on the way towards advancement of the customers condition and makes arrangements as per the customers conditions. Customer ought to be the principle center the whole time. The case chief ought to dependably contact the customer and verify that the arrangement is constantly taken after and upgraded as it advances.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Strength Based Model

The quality of the above model is that it is not hard to finish in light of the way that it is centered on the customer’s ability and needs and thusly the customer will be incredibly co-operator in the midst of the course of treatment. Customer’s trust will be amassed successfully in light of the way that the mental needs of the customer will be met and easily imitated. It is incredibly productive to customers mental wellbeing on the other had the customer’s qualities and limit are delivered and kept up. Exactly when looking at the deficiencies of this model, one can say that simply the qualities are consistently tended to not the inadequacies meanwhile as needs be the inadequacy is completely disregarded. It could be seen that every so often weakness expect the basic part in improving the customer’s condition so when the inadequacy is ignored that the customer’s wellbeing may be impacted to some degree.

Perspectives of the disability people

It is a standout amongst the most functional models for the crippled individuals. Strengthening of the customers is a standout amongst the most paramount parts of this model. To enable a handicapped customer, one needs to make assessment to the customer and then again objectives ought to be made alongside the assessment so consequently a decently arranged arrangement will must be taken after precisely. Pundits of the quality point of view propose this is just reframing issues in a superior light. Nobody will succeed while being persuaded that they will come up short.

Summary of the expected outcomes for the disabled clients

One of the principal finishes of these models this that the mental wellbeing of the debilitated people is strengthened. These customers now can join the others in the gathering as they won’t have any sort of mental obstacles because the customer’s qualities will be more focused upon. To some widen the customers may perform better than the others and has a couple of inclination to a more lifted sum than the regular people. Of course the inadequacy bit of the customer’s won’t be made headway.

Case Management Model

In this model an imparted procedure of evaluation, arranging, assistance and promotion for choices and administrations are utilized to meet a customer’s all encompassing wishes through correspondence and existing assets to empower quality expense – successful results. This model has been utilized within an extensive variety of environment which incorporates however is not restricted to group administer to the matured, and individuals with inability and mental wellbeing issues. It requires an association to convey a far reaching scope of administrations based on the full appraisal that is utilized to create an administration plan. This model likewise concentrates on the decisions and inclination of the customers and the arrangement is produced upon it. Case administrators make arrangements and expert exercises that spill out of specific setting, project and customer populace. Normally center procedures to case administration are as per the following: screening, evaluation/hazard administration, forethought arranging, executing administrations course of action, observing, checking/assessment and promotion.


There are a couple of similarities between the case administration model and the quality based model as it both respects the needs of the customers. On the off chance that organization show the essential focus is in the preoccupations of the customer as the case administrators urge the customers to go to relative activities and develop it so the inspiration driving the treatment is accomplished in the midst of gathering time. This model in like manner looks on the customer’s ability to do things in some degree and will endeavor to keep up their way of life however much as it can as they had it before the contamination and keep an element identity and bodies to the degree that could sensibly be required to help in the headway of the treatment. On the other hand there are various potential blocks in this model as the customers wellbeing may lessen due to wellbeing condition and poor environment conditions. Likewise the game plan will need to be changed in view of the conditions went up against by the customers and questionable circumstances.


The plan in this model is usually fixed unlike in strength based model because the client’s hobbies and preference are fixed and stable. Therefore the plan will be made for a long term goal to be achieved and it hardly be changed and the plan is not very detailed, it’s just as optional orientation.


In this model the coordination is between the case manager and the client as well as the relationship between other clients who participate in the same activity. Other consideration should be given to such as the client’s physical ability, elements like economy, climate, and etc. therefore the arraignments should be made in advance.

Strengths and weaknesses of the case Management model

This model is not difficult to be executed as it is focused around the necessity of the client’s exercises as per their hobbies. It is great instrument to use to create both the psyche and the physical improvement of the client. The shortcoming of this model is that it could be effortlessly affected by the components like instability of the atmosphere and general physical state of the client and whatever possible individual issues on the client’s part. Additionally this model can’t be upgraded as it comes and it can influence the client’s wellbeing and lessening the wellbeing state of the client. About whether as the client’s wellbeing abatements a period will come when the client won’t have the capacity to take an interest in the exercises as the arrangement is not being changed as per the advancement of the client.

Perspective of the disability people

It is one of the easiest models to use and it can be carried out easily in the client’s life because it is based on the client’s hobbies and preferences. This model will be continuingly developed during the practice in reality. It plays an important role in the recovery or dealing with the disabled people. The potential of the client will be found during the process of the treatment so there is a bright future of this model.

Summary of the expected outcomes for the disabled

In this model the client’s life is intriguing notice satisfied than before as it focused around the distractions and the inclination of the client. It additionally creates the mental piece of the client. This model can additionally be utilized to make plans to the active recuperation. Then again this model will make the clients rely on upon the others for backing as it won’t support clients in discovering an occupation to get by upon.

Comparisons of the two models

The quality built model primarily centers with respect to the customer’s qualities and capacities and makes an arrangement based upon that while case administration model concentrates on the leisure activities and inclination of the customers and sways them to go to relative exercises so the motivation behind the treatment is accomplished amid the group time. Then again case administration model is a bit like the quality based models as it both regards the needs of the client’s. At the point when contrasting the arrangements in the models, the arrangement in the event that administration model is altered upon customer’s side interests and inclination though in quality based model the arrangement progressions as indicated by the advancement of the treatment. There are contrasts in the coordination part also. The quality based model will require a high coordination between the customer and case director while the case administration model obliges a decent coordination between the customer, case supervisor and alternate customers who are taking an interest in the movement. Customers with a mental objective can utilize quality based model and customers with physical needs can utilize case administration model.


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