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Professional Attributes In The Health Industry Nursing Essay

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Working in the health industry requires numerous attributes that are necessary for professionals to obtain which will enable them to be successful. Attributes can contain both internal and external components (Fagermoen, Moore, Rotegard &Ruland, 2010). Some critical attributes needed by professionals working in the health industry are; balanced decision making, empathetic outlook, meeting standards, respect for policies, dealing with emotional conflict and disturbances, healthcare team orientation, independent work ethic, patient care orientation and patient relations (Zamecki, 2003).

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Balanced decision making is an essential attribute for a professional in the health industry to help solve problems that may occur. It is important and necessary for a health professional to have the ability to be objective and evaluate fairly the different aspects of a situation (Zamecki, 2003). Able to make ethical decisions that take into account all aspects and components involved (Zamecki, 2003). Able to make ethical decisions that take into account all aspects and components involved (Zamecki, 2003). An empathetic outlook towards situations is necessary by health professionals. Whilst working with people professionals need to present the capacity to perceive and understand the feelings and attitudes of others (Zamecki, 2003). Health professionals can show this by looking at situations from all perspectives, by placing themselves in the shoes of another.

Meeting the required standards of a job is imperative to the health professional in determining their success in the industry. This attribute is necessary as health professionals need to understand the basic requirements established for a job and determine how committed will they then be in meeting these requirements (Zamecki, 2003). It is necessary that they meet the standards of care set by themselves, the hospital or regulatory bodies to ensure that they reach the optimum care for patients (Zamecki, 2003). To demonstrate these qualities health professionals need to show consistency and reliability in their personal and professional efforts and roles. Maintain a strong job ethic and take personal accountability; be responsible for the consequences of self decisions and actions. Most importantly health professionals should respect the policies and standards set by the company to ensure a smooth working environment.

Emotional conflicts and disturbances involving patients is a common occurrence in the health industry and it is essential for health professionals to deal with such conflicts. Emotional control is an imperative component too as health professionals should be able to maintain a rational and objective demeanor when faced with a stressful or emotional situation (Zamecki, 2003). This may be demonstrated by displaying ability to balance and defuse stress so that it does not interfere with their ability to perform to their full potential. Show their ability to identify elements of a problem situation, understand which components are critical to decide the outcome. Be sensitive to others cares and concerns and focus on practical thinking to make decisions. Volitional strength is a strong internal attribute in dealing with these conflicts. It is important for professionals to use ones will or resolve to take control in challenging situations. Volitional strength shows the professionals desire to make decisions and choices that will help the patient.

Healthcare team orientation is critical for health professionals in order to achieve the best care for patients. The ability to understand others, willingness to be part of a team and to work closely with others is a necessary to ensure the best outcome for the patient is reached. A health professional could demonstrate this is by maintaining a positive, open and objective attitude toward others. Create close and personal relationships with other colleagues; creating a sense of belonging within a group. They should demonstrate internal self control, by remaining calm and in control when placed in pressure situations.

Having an independent work ethic in the health industry is crucial so professionals are able to manage themselves. It is vital for a health professional to show that they can manage their own responsibilities without high levels of direct supervision (Zamecki, 2003). This can be established by becoming aware of what role they play in the industry, creating a sense of self direction; following a path they must take to achieve their goals. Staying focused and committed to the task, do not rely on supervision or direction, initiate own actions and decisions and motivate themselves from within. Motivational strength is highly significant, if professionals can motivate themselves, then they can help motivate patients towards healthy lifestyles, promote healthy behavior and self-management of an illness (Fagermoen, Moore, Rotegard &Ruland, 2010).

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Patient care orientation is a necessary attribute for a health professional to provide effective, professional-level patient care (Zamecki, 2003). A health professional can display this by paying attention to details, thoroughly assessing all components of any task given. Be proactive in their thinking and stay on target regardless of the circumstances and maintain a goal focus.

Communication and patient relations are an effective element in the health industry to attend the patient’s needs. These are essential attributes because a health professional must have the ability to respond to and listen to the patient in an objective, empathetic and professional manner (Zamecki, 2003). Health professionals should to be able to observe situations so that all statements, decisions and actions are thoroughly processed and then evaluated to achieve the best possible outcome .This can be shown by having an empathetic outlook and human awareness, being conscious of the feelings and opinions of others. Create a relationship with patients, by gaining a personal insight into their situation, evaluating their needs and requirements. Thus then gathering all this information and knowledge to coordinate and organize to put into productive and positive communications between either patients or colleagues. Relational strength between the professional and patient is key in forming trust. Trust as a relational strength can motivate patients and encourage them to be more open to advice and support from others (Fagermoen, Moore, Rotegard & Ruland, 2010).

When working in the health industry many attributes are necessary for health professionals, by increasing their effectiveness in all these key attributes they will not only develop their own skills to be more marketable to maintain strong career and endure superior success in the health industry.


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