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Philosophy in Nursing

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Published: 21st Aug 2020

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Philosophy in nursing shows the values, ethics, and beliefs of nurses, while they are in their profession. From an abstractly viewpoint,  nursing is a multi-focused and everchanging profession that ensures  provision of care to patients while promoting a safe environment, which stimulate wellness and patient health. In this case, nursing is an important occupation that enhances the community quality of life in a well-being environment. This involves the use of nursing theory that enables the adoption of system approach in the provision of care. This paper focuses on one’s philosophy of nursing.

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Humans are important in the sustainability of the planet for the unlimited responsibilities they carry out on the planet. This means that humans need to be healthy in order to conduct their daily affairs effectively. Nursing ensures that people are always healthy, when care is provided for any person who is unwell. All people have the right to receive good care and this exceptional care is provided by nurses. Importantly, nursing involves establishing a good environment for all patients care in general. I also believe that environment is the surrounding of people, especially people who are sick should be made as comfortable as possible to ensure quick recovery or wellness. Nursing involves care provision that focuses on the patient-centred approach rather than the disease-centred approach. This means that the patients' immediate environment matters during the recovery process of the patients. Theorist Florence Nightingale claims that nursing environment is important when it comes to wellness (Karimi & Masoudi Alavi, 2015). Therefore, I believe that nursing plays an important role in the life of humans, in ensuring their wellbeing.

Additionally, there are specific standards in which care is supposed to be provided in regards to nursing. Despite the fact that many nurses work for long hours, in challenging surroundings, which makes them emotionally drained, they are required to work to their level best according to the provided guidelines and standards in nursing in ensuring positive patient outcomes. All these are articulated in caring Science which considers philosophy of Human Caring by Jean Watson where in his guidelines he claims that nurses need to be experts who should be able to make good clinical judgments that ensure patients are cared for to improve their quality of life in all ways. This also includes promoting a good environment where patients can feel comfortable and be free from infections ("Caring Science: Transforming the Ethic of Caring-Healing Practice, Environment, and Culture within an Integrated Care Delivery System", 2015). Altogether, I believe that there are standard practices in nursing which are ethical and moral right to prevent the death of the patients. I believe that nursing is important because it prevents people from dying prematurely  considering that there is usually no life after death. This means that healthy living can only be achieved through standard nursing practices that aim at making humans increase their longevity on the planet.

Moreover, based on my philosophy of nursing, I plan on embracing infection control and compliance with diet nursing interventions. Currently, there are many infections that can affect the wellness of a person or cause death in severe cases. I believe that nurses should ensure that people live in a safe environment to promote sustainability. In this case, one of the nursing interventions which involves infection control will allow me to save many lives, especially children who are often more susceptible to infections. I will also inform my patients about what they need to do so that they are not infected in any way. Infections dramatically impact the lives of many people and nurses play an important role in ensuring that individuals’ recovery and know how to prevent themselves from being infected ("Consistent Infection Prevention: Vital During Routine and Emerging Infectious Diseases Care", 2019). I believe that care in nursing not only means that nurse administer drugs or provide to patients with the treatment plan ,but also includes educating people on ways of improving their health and avoiding factors that may lead to them contracting disease. Interpersonal relationship between nurses and the patients is also required as this significantly influences recovery.

Nursing also involves the provision of therapeutic interventions which are important during provision of care. In addition, many chronic illnesses are caused by poor lifestyle habits including poor food choice ("Lifestyle Choices: Root Causes of Chronic Diseases", 2019). Embracing compliance with diet, nursing intervention will allow me to improve the health status of many patients as well as ensuring that they adhere to the treatment plan. I believe that there are several challengeable incidences that result in ethical dilemma in nursing and a good nurse should make good clinical judgment during such times. For instance, there may be an incidence where a patient cannot eat some diets due to cultural beliefs, despite the fact that the diets are important in regards to their condition. Nursing involves carefully understanding the needs of the patients and finding alternatives, in the event that there are any contradictions. Moreover, it is also important for nurses to tell the patients the importance of food in their body and why the patients should always follow meal plans made by nurses when it comes to improving the quality of life (Desroches et al., 2013). I believe that nurses are the bridge that allows people to be fully conscious and know what is expected from them. When it comes to nursing metaparadigm, it is so important that the four roles that make up the framework be included in nursing. I believe that nurses operating outside of the nursing metaparadigm framework default in the interconnected nature of nursing.

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In conclusion, I have several beliefs when it comes to philosophy in nursing. I believe that nursing is a profession whereby nurses provide unconditional care for the patients and ensure that they promote a safe environment for humans in general. Several nursing theorists such as Florence Nightingales has come up with a nursing theory in regards to philosophy in nursing. Additionally, theoretical, moral, and philosophical foundation in nursing has also been explained in caring Science such as in the guidelines of Jean Watson. Philosophy in nursing encompasses humans, environment, and the care provision standards that object at promoting wellness. In my belief, nursing ensures the sustainability of humans and this is usually important in increasing their performance and productivity on the planet. In light of this fact, I plan on embracing compliance to diet and infection control nursing interactions so that I can impact the lives of people positively. Additionally, considering that the environment influences the lifestyle habits of people, I will ensure a safe environment for my patients so that they remain healthy. This includes helping them with their diets to avoid incidences of chronic illness. In nursing, the nursing metaparadigm and different theories are important in achieving different functions and goals.



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