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Organizational Analysis Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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This Organizational Analysis is for Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare; I will analyze in order to achieve conclusions, comparing consistency among documents, and effectiveness of structure and weakness of documents.

Description of Organization

Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare is located at 1400 E. Irving Park Road in Streamwood Illinois. There facilities provide healthcare services for an extensive continuum of behavioral health programs to children and adolescents suffering from persistent and severe psychiatric disorders. Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare is owned by Psychiatric Solutions Incorporation the largest operator of owned or leased freestanding psychiatric inpatient facilities with approximately 11,000 beds in 32 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (Psychiatric Solutions, 2010).

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Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare is accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. This Hospital is a for profit investor owned hospital that opened in 1991 that has provided a comprehensive range of treatment options such as Inpatient Stabilization, Specialized Inpatient Treatment Units for Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Advanced child Treatment, Outpatient Assessment, Residential Care, Therapeutic Day School and Parent Education. Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare serves children and adolescents ages three to 17 and their families (Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare, 2010).

Description of Data Reviewed

The Experts and consultants consist of a clinical specialty board of three physicians, one Nurse and 10 other physicians on staff (Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare, 2010).

There are currently 50 Nurses on staff along with Therapist, Case Managers, and Psychiatrist among others working in both inpatient and residential units.

The Hospital capacity is 162 inpatient beds and 105 residential beds available; bed occupancy rate at this time is 65-70%. The Inpatient units consist of two female units, two male units, one children’s unit and two specialized unit for the autistic. The residential facility has three special needs units’ one male and two female and four other gender specific specialized units (S.York, director of nursing, September 3, 2010).

The Hospitals mission is to provide H.O.P.E. healthy opportunities in a peaceful environment (Streamwood Behavioral Health, 2010).

Organizational Relationships

Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare hospital boundary is permeable as it is fully interacting with the community. It is composed of affiliations with school districts; universities and the Jason Foundation who helps the fight against the epidemic of youth suicide; along with others (Streamwood Behavioral Health, 2010).

Organizational Structure of the Nursing Department

The Nursing Department is managed by the Chief Nursing Officer and a Director of Nursing who both report to the Medical Director who reports to the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Nursing Officer credentials are a Masters of Science degree in Nursing and 15 years experience. The D.O.N has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing with 10 years experience (S.York, director of nursing, September 3, 2010).

Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare has a nursing staff mix. It contains 45 Registered (Bachelors in Science Nursing degrees, five Licensed Practical Nurses and 68 Mental Health Counselors. There are three charge nurses one for every shift, who are not chosen based on education but chosen by experience (S.York, director of nursing, September 3, 2010).

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The nursing shift schedule is divided into three shifts. The duration is eight hours with a half of an hour lunch break, shifts run from 7:00am to 3:30 pm, 3:00 pm to 11:30 pm and from 11:00pm to 7:30am. The Baylor program is for weekenders who work every Saturday and Sunday from 7:00am to 11:30pm at a higher rate of pay so it usually equivalent to working a forty hour work week.

Nurses at Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare provide patient care upon assignment sheets, there is no computer charting each nurse is responsible for delivering his/her assignment. “Decisions regarding work methods, nursing care of individual patients, and conditions under which employees work are made where the work is carry out” (Yoder- Wise 2007).

The Objective of the nursing department is to provide healthcare in adequate levels, develop competency of staff members, and be familiar with patient needs, collaboration with other hospital staff and departments in an effective way to improve nursing care services (Streamwood Behavioral Health, 2010).

Education and Training is usually done once a year for recertifications. There are trainings, seminars and free continuing education. Tuition reimbursement is offer at a rate of 1000.00 towards an associate’s degree, 2000.00 towards a Bachelors degree and 3000.00 towards a Graduate degree yearly (S.York, director of nursing, September 3, 2010).

Analysis of Data


Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare is accredited by JACHO, and is an institutional provider that provides services that are classified as special care. The Hospital is well known for its provisions and continuum of quality care in behavioral health. During the year the hospital has strived to attract more support staff especially nurses. The nursing staff level has been better this year than in recent years. The hospital continues to excel in its various endeavors because of its organizational relationships and supportive environment that are involved in the direct provision of healthcare. These factors have lead to opportunities such as an expansion to the hospital’s Autism units. The financial position of the hospital has done well this year; although Psychiatric Solutions has turned over ownership to Universal Health Service (Psychiatric Solutions, 2010).


The Hospital has a high turnover of nurses which continues to affect nursing services due to low census and low funding at this facility. The Hospital lacks in staff educational materials and educational resources such as publications, and journals for the staff. The hospital would probably benefit from a program provided to develop new nurses which would be a long term investment;” nurses need to develop a foundation of leadership and knowledge that they can build on through planned program of continuing education” (Yoder-Wise p.124, 2007).


I find that the administrators who oversee the support staff should encourage employees to question existing rules and assumptions. I think they would be surprised that their employees sometimes have a deeper understanding than their superiors of the environment that affects their jobs, and can suggest effective ways to address those issues. According to our text

Yoder-Wise, (2007) organizations where professional autonomy is encouraged have demonstrated higher levels of staff satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and improved retention.


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