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Does Fast Food Cause Obesity?

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Fast Food Cause Obesity

The United States is a free country where we are allowed to choose and pick whatever restaurants we eat at, order at those restaurants, type of food we purchase at the grocery store, etc.Twenty percent of children in US are considered overweight or obese at age 11. It has various severe enduring effects for your health, and it is a important cause of preventable deaths in the USA. Obesity can lead to high blood pressure diabetes, and heart disease if left untreated. Even though we are living in a nation with technological advancement and great economic power we have negligible quantity of realistic nutritional facts. Currently we are existing in a territory which is plagued with obesity. Evidently, there are more than a few diverse reasons for our country’s lofty percentage of obese inhabitants. Several just don’t make out how to eat healthy, which can be tougher than supposed, or might not have the time to sit down to a healthy food. Or just discover it simpler to collect something coming home from work or school than cook. Most people today do not take out time to exercise nor do they eat healthy foods. In these days society people consume fast food further than 3 times a day.

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Fast food has been illustrated as food which is made in rush for people who do not have time for proper meal times. These foods are extremely trendy with the working people and students in view of the fact that they do not have sufficient time to sit and get pleasure from a complete meal course. Fast food comprises of the burgers and fries. These kinds of foods are typically made in hurry to meet the growing demand particularly throughout the rush hours. The recognition of this kind of food is hang on the reality that they are for all time ready and can be taken in a short notice as in opposition to the complete meal course where one has to set an order in advance.

The total of fast food restaurants since 1990, in industry have raised in doubled, which connects to about 200,000 organizations in the USA. Surprisingly, 30 % of the population of U.S. is influenced by obesity and 15 % of kids and adolescents are as well affected. Thus there is a connection among fast food and obesity?[ Brownell, Kelly]

Fast food is at the present served up at every restaurants and drive-through. The entire experience of buying fast food has turn out to be so routine, so methodically unexceptional and ordinary, that it is at the present taken for granted, like cleaning your teeth. It has turn out to be a social custom as American as a little, rectangular, hand-held, freezing, and heated apple pie. On any specified day in the United States with reference to one-quarter of the adult population stopovers a fast food restaurant. When we listen in the name of McDonald, KFC’s, Pizza Hut the water appears in our mouth as it meet all our taste prerequisites at a low down price. The fast food which is prepared from these companies is serve up commercially, which takes simply a only some seconds to accumulate, is appetizing and affordable.

Other than while eating this delicious food, have we think regarding the nutritional compromises, this food include a huge amount of fats and oils, carbohydrates which can source a larger risk of hypertension, diabetes, create person fluffy and also source of cancer heart attack. Eating fast food in huge amount constructs poison in the body. So, in additional words we can state that we are procuring poison in the structure of fast food.[ Schlosser, Eric,]

The majority of our towns and cities have chains of fast food located on each corner and at the similar time our newpapers, television, and radio stations are packed with commercials alluring us to trial the diverse products in proffer in these establishments. It is valued to be noted that the majority of these ads are typically directed in the direction of kids and adolescents validating the grounds why obesity amongst these groups has been on the ascend. Research which have been executed in diverse cities in America have establish out that the majority of the joints of fast food are expediently located close to colleges, schools, and offices.

In a research which was carried out by National Bureau of Economic Research it was establish that school kids whose classes were merely a few blocks away from an outlet of fast food were additional expected to endure from obesity as evaluated to those whose school was only mile away from the fast food outlet. The study establish out that the overweight and obesity rate amongst these kids was 5% superior amongst those whose schools were close to fast food outlets in contrast to those students whose schools were in areas which were far away from the fast food outlets which sold this kind of food (Rabin, R 2009)

Studies has establish that those families which prefer the fast food as their foremost meal for additional than 3 times in one week are at an extremely lofty hazard of developing obesity. In terms of medical, obesity has been explained as a concern of public health which is putting a lot of people at hazard of developing impediments which might direct to early on death. Obesitymeans an excess amount of body fat. If a person’s body mass is no less than 20% higher than what it be supposed to be, he or she is usually deemed as obese. If persons Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9 he or she is considered as an overweight. If a persons BMI is 30 or over he or she is considered as obese. Obesity has been influencing a lot of the people of American on an unconstructive scale. If prospective on how to fight this battle is changed, we will carry on to lose.

Pediatricians, Parents, and even political leaders and Government are focused on promoting healthy weight in kids because obesity is becoming a huge epidemic in the United States. The fast foods are loaded in energy giving foods constructing them superior cause for weight gain amongst individuals who eat this kind of food. They are additional overloaded fats and sugars to construct them tempting to the customers, these 2 nutrients have superior calories rate as compared to additional kind of food. The reality that they are inveigled and sweetened with sugar and fats constructs the consumer to consume in huge quantities to satisfy their urge. They are as well identified to eat regularly in bits such that they do not acquire any further meal aside from these foods. This disallow them a prospect to provide their bodies with additional essential nutrients consequently being prone to obesity.

Most of us do not know how much fat and grease goes into these fries and burgers and everything else, but this does not seem to usually matter to us Americans until we have reached a stage of embarrassment of, obese weight from eating our favorite fast food way too many times a week. The United States is a free country. Where we are allowed to choose and pick whatever restaurants we eat at, order at those restaurants, how a great deal food we purchase at the grocery shops, the type of food we acquire at the grocery store, etc.Twenty percent of children in US are considered overweight or obese at age 11. It has various serious long-term consequences for your health, and it is a important cause of preventable deaths in the USA. Perhaps from physical problems with an emotional attachment to foods, it could lead to compulsive overeating, Psychological problems like other factors in obesity that are recounted to obesity are not the sources, however are the consequences. The ‘enormous psychological burden’ imposed by obesity on an individual ‘might be the severest outcome on obesity.

Weight gain starts when you eat more calories than your body utilizes up. If the food you eat provides more calories than your body needs, the excess food is converted to fat. Fat cells initially, increase in size. They increase in number, when they can no longer expand. If one loses weight, the bulk of the fat cells lessens, excluding the numeral of cells do not. We start to finally realize when all fat and grease has made it straight to our body, and every other organ for that matter. Obesity in general runs in families which are sourced by shared lifestyle habits and diet..

Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease if left untreated. Even though we are living in a nation with technological advancement and great economic power we have smallest amount of nutritional practical facts. We are existing on a ground which is plagued with obesity. US health Policymakers are saying that aggressive action need to be taken to stem the growth of theobesityepidemic in the United States, which is effecting the nation’s health-care system, approaching many of Americans into an untimely death each year and endangering the lives of millions ofchildren, many of whom are or obese overweight before they enter kindergarten. Several local and state governments have recommended put into practice an excise tax on sugar-appeased drinks.[ Caraher M, Cowburn]

Obesity can lead to a number of different health issues; one of the most popular is high blood pressure. One half of Americans aged 50-65 have high blood pressure, which is a rising risk factor for stroke and heart disease – and two in five are obese according to Health, United States 2005 [Van Itallie ] High blood pressure is an rise in the blood amount your heart is pushing through the body with every heartbeat.Main apprehension for the overweight citizens of our state is the health problems that come from obesity, the heart problems type two diabetes, and the many lives are lost today because of obesity.

There has been a dispute that fast foods do not source obesity to a certain extent than eating of extra calories than the body can devour is what directs to gain of weight. Individuals who hold this view dispute that environmental features for instance fast food consumption on a usual basis might direct to weight gain and eventually the peril of obesity however on the identical note such eating might not direct to weight gain. It has been mentioned that one can in point of fact lose weight when they are yet on such sort of diet. This can be made in the course of balancing the right amount of consumed calories in the day course and what the body eventually uses. If the body utilizes further than is typically consumed the individual will lose some weight.

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One of the attributes which one must deem in an endeavor to establish whether fast food in reality source obesity is to glance at the choices of lifestyle which may direct to this predicament. For instance people who have made it a practice to eat fast food for the superior fraction of their week devoid of engaging in additional physical activities will further expected append weight and possibly wind up being obese. Conversely it is worthy to note that eating of further type of food particularly those which are lower in fats will not for all time direct to problems of body weight. It is clearly apparent that people who eat fast food are at a larger risk of being obese than those who consume further type of food. (Seeman Neil and Patrick Luciani.2008)

Fast food if taken devoid of self-control direct to disturbing effects, they construct children append weight; add to the risk of problems of cardiovascular in addition to diabetes. Obesity is one of the foremost predicaments connected with this sort of consumption. Consumption of Fast food has been illustrated by nutritional specialist as meager feeding in view of the fact that one does not acquire all the requisite nutrients and additional predominantly in the correct quantity. Fast foods are identified to be loaded in energy the majority of which is piled up in the body as fats make them hazardous for the consumers.

Department of US of Health and Human Services (HHS) since 1980 has publishedHealthy Peoplereports every decade that: identify national health targets for ten years, encourage collaborations across various sectors, guide individuals toward making informed health decisions and measure the impact of prevention activity. The new aim could be achieved by diminishing calorie intake, increasing physical activity or both. These goals among other things include specific recommendations that address, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, nutritional labeling, the availability of lower-calorie children’s meals in restaurants, marketing of food and beverages to children, and) to monitor and track a child’s body-mass index and provide interventions using the electronic medical record (EMR].

By Telling someone to stop simply eating will not cure the obesity disease because it needs to be something that is in the genes of the person. By telling someone simply to exercise more will not cure the obesity disease because food can be used as an outlet for stress. There is no clean-cut cause of obese, so there will never be a clear cut solution either. Governments can as well aid reduce obesity, a lot of experts say, by providing farmers’ markets and supermarkets with incentives to offer healthier foods and institute their trades in small-income areas.[ Smed S, Jensen JD, Denver]. Many, local governments schools and hospitals around the country have implemented policies to reduce obesity by banning the sale and serving of sugary drinks, which are high in calories and have little or no nutritional value


A good solution to any health concerns would be to grow your own food in a garden in your yard. When you grow your own food, you know what’s going into the food, where it is coming from, and how fresh it is. Foods grown by you are usually the healthiest, too, because it is almost always a natural process.[ Dong D, Lin B.], Research which have been executed in the current past have established that fast food is the foremost source of obesity amongst the school going kids particularly in areas which fast food outlets are located close to schools or areas visited by this section of the population. In a few areas authorities have gone further on to limit opening up of outlets close to school to avert the children from over consuming these foods. This is one of the measures which must be reinforced to make certain that the kids to not over pamper in fast food divulging them to obesity. The masses must also be taught on the hazards of fast food, people must be persuaded to moderate their use to keep away from weight problems and additional complications connected with it.

There are a variety of ways for promoting healthy weight in kids. We can resolve overeating of food issues at home and school. We can force our children to increase exercise and activity. For the majority children who are heavy or overweight, the safest and the majority efficient means to lose weight is to eat less andexerciseextra.. Make a chart this month to restrict fast food. You definitely do not have to slash it out altogether, nevertheless center on small improvements to the degree that you can. Just by setting your lunch a few days a week, you can use considerably less fat and calories. As it turns out to be easier for you, make extra changes. Steady changes can guide to an extensive healthy life.

Health is more significant then taste as a result by increasing eating homemade food give assurance to our health by giving up consumption of fast food calories or fats and refined sugar and by eating fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and additional nutrient horded food in our daily diet. As a result, we have got to give up fast food and consume food which provides vitamins, fiber, minerals and additional protecting food to safeguard us in opposition to heart attack, diabetes cancers, and additional degenerative disorders..As it can be perceived that the food which is additionally fresh have more nutritional implication as the homemade food is always fresh includes no preservative or chemical and constructs us wealthy, healthy, and wise. At last the effect appears to be that fast food is in large or small quantity provides diseases simply in contrast that homemade food enhances our health. As a result, endeavor should be to expand eating homemade food as a substitute of junk fast food.


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