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Comparison Between Democratic And Autocratic Nursing Essay

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Its being a long time I have been working in New Zealand. After working within groups and under influence of different leader I learnt many things about Leadership, before working experience I got basic knowledge from books and lecturers about leadership. From experience I gained from working under and working as leader I can mark myself as Democratic Leader. My style of leading is Democratic, the survey I conducted on internet helped me to figure out me and make me sure about the Leadership style I Inherited within myself. According to this survey this style suits my character and is helpful in my career. Sometime it’s also important to be Autocratic leaders because sometime some situation occurs where u have to take lead and enforce authority to achieve your goal. In my career I also faced some situation where it became necessary for me to use my authority and enforce it on my team members to achieve the target.

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Democratic – The Democratic leadership is an ideal style of running a team successfully. Democratic leader are most efficient leaders. They know how to achieve the goal with support of their team. This style proves very vital role in dynamic and rapidly changing environment. These leaders knows importance of each and every member of their team, they take advice and suggestion from their team while making decision. (Sanajy)

Autocratic- The leaders with autocratic style are also known authoritarians. These leaders took control on decision making; they don’t take advice from their team members. Autocratic leaders are concerned about their targets and they don’t care about the interest of their colleagues or their team members. They rarely accept advice from their team members. (Leader)

According to my point of view Democratic style of leadership is most efficient and successful style of leadership in a restaurant. I have experienced that this style is also used by my seniors as they know that this style gain them respect, colleagues trust and also to achieve the target. Couple of time I faced situation in which my manager autocratically deals with the situation and it was necessary at that time.

I can say that both of these two styles are efficiently helping the leaders in day to day activity and are also being used by different leaders in New Zealand. I can say that where democratic style helps to achieve target and employees satisfaction, whereas in some situation autocratic leaders prove efficient to achieve the target. After having experience in different workforces I also found some minus points in my leadership especially in term of anger management. I see it as a barrier in way to be a successful leader so I decided to deal with it and solve this problem as soon as possible. I read some anger management books and also saw some videos related to anger management, but I had very good communication skills and the understanding level within my time. My team members share their personal views as well as issues with work with me. I see myself as a good leader in future if I overcome my problems.

1. B Leadership Theory

Transactional Theory

Democratic theory suggests that Democratic theory is an ideal theory to run a team successfully. The leaders with democratic style are known as most efficient leaders. They took advice of their team members which helps in generating of more ideas and more solutions for the problem. These leaders encourage participation which boosts the confidence of the team and motivate to work more efficiently. Involvement of group members improves mutual understanding and ignores competitiveness between group members. Taking advice and increasing participation of group member result in better result and increase in group effort because some time outcome by group effort is much better then single’s effort. (Sanajy)

Transformational Theory

Transformational Leadership encourages the motivation, morale and performance of followers by using different practices. These include interacting with the followers and other team members.

The leaders set example for the followers, encourages them and giving them difficult task and motivates to achieve that. Leaders convey the clear vision of group goals. These leaders energize the team and leads to positive aspects. They are not only concerned about their own task but also approach to other members of their group and ask if there any problem and try to help them. Under transformational theory not only leader but the followers also with leaders make each other advance to a high level of helping and motivating.

Transactional Theory

The transactional leader promotes the performance of followers both by punishment and rewards. These leaders supervise the work of their followers in order to point out faults and mark their efforts so that the faults can be eliminated and the good work can be promoted. Under transactional leadership leaders supervise the work of their colleagues and keep check so the quality of work should be maintained and the work should be carried out in a specific fashion.

The followers should obey the orders and guidelines of the leader and have to carry out what exactly is demanded, otherwise there are punishment if the work is less than satisfactory level. This leadership can be explained as management by expectation.

Delegative Theory

Under this type of leadership there is least productivity. Under this leadership group members are more demanding to the leader and leaders are less cooperative with team members and leave decision making on other group members. This leadership might prove beneficial in those cases where the group members are highly skilled and knowledgeable. (Leader)

Comparison between democratic and Autocratic

Transformational Theory

Under this theory leaders are more concerned about the team performance rather than day to day activities.

The leaders motivate and encourage group members to take team performance ton next level.

These leaders are more concerned about team comfort.

These leaders motivate and encourage the group members by setting up targets and push them to achieve it. They provide opportunity for their personal growth.

Transactional Theory

More concerned about maintaining the flow and quality of project.

Uses disciplinary power and rewards or punishment system to motivate the member.

These leaders make sure everything goes smooth and in direction toward the goal.

These leaders motivates the staff by exchanging the rewards, supervising and providing regular feedback

Role Model


Brack obama is 44th and current president of America, begun as a democratic leader and won trust of enough delegates to be nominee of president. From the beginning of his political culture he leads to a democratic thinking and as President of USA he not even try to bring democracy nationwide but also in thinking of the citizens. Reason why he is successful to achieve his goals is that he knows that running a country is not to easy and is not possible to be controlled by an individual so he always move with his team. He takes advices and suggestions regarding situation this he also mentioned during the press conference after he was re elected as president of America in2012. He said that it was not the success of an individual but victory of a team. His views and they way of working proves him as a democratic leader and this helps him to be a successful leader. He is making his best by putting all his efforts to make country better and move on the path of prosperity. He also encourages the general public to take part in political activities as it’s important for them. (Democrats)

New Zealand leaders


HE is 38th Prime minister of New Zealand, elected on 8th November 2008. From being a foreign exchange office dealer to Prime minister he struggled and also became one of the richest persons in New Zealand. He is the Leader with Democratic leadership style. His point of views, plan and policies are aligned with his own team members. He took several steps and made efforts to stop social destruction like stopping binge drinking. In 2008 he suggested to raise the drinking age limit 18 back to 20 but that attempt was failed due to refusal by the Law Commission. He is also aware about environmental issues he believes that Global warming is a real phenomenon to be worried about and he said that the government will implement some actions and will reduce this global warming by 50% in next fifty years. (John Key)

John keys targets –

Building Brighter Future.

Builder Better Public service.

Building world class Infrastructure.

Building safer New Zealand.

Rebuilding Christchurch.

Less Debts More jobs.

Each of his vision is categorized in small missions as this could lead to his desired future. It has also been seen that to make things go right he is making overseas trips in relation to finding job opportunities for New Zealanders. “The screen industry in New Zealand supports over 2700 businesses, over 95 per cent of which are involved in production and post-production work. We need to keep New Zealand front of mind for those individuals who can bring further investment to New Zealand.” (john)

Phil Goff

He is an autocratic leader of NZ. He is a current leader of Labour Party. He was a determined person with great political knowledge through his studies and was a great achiever with an positive attitude. He is self motivates as he believes in himself that he can create a better society for New Zealand. “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” His idea is that it is not wise for parents to discipline their children through corporal punishments. “GST increase will hurt families that are already struggling to make ends meet”. (wikipedia) It is also seen that he opposes on John keys decision as he is a person who is social minded too. It seems that he wants incremental changes rather than radical as it affects at current situation. He has a strong belief in himself and does not lose hope. He also went to investigate further on the oil spill issue that arose recently to find answers. This also shows that he has great care for the environment. As an opposing leader it is hard to maintain trust and confidence of the people but somehow the other he is trying his best to cope up with this.


Both leaders have opposite styles. John Key is a Democratic leader whereas Phil Goff is a leader with Autocratic Leader. Both leaders are doing well in their own ways and styles. Both have some similarities in their goals and their views.

It seems that I have some characteristics of both the leaders and their thoughts inspire me and guide me to improve my leadership tactics. Even my goal is not to be a politics but their leadership qualities guide me to achieve my goal to be a good and successful leader. These two personalities are great models to look at and to take as example and learn how they deal with different situation and learn their ways and strategies to fight with our problems.

Benchmarking Tools

These are the tools which help to evaluate how efficient is leader and his leadership style. There many leaders everywhere, at home, offices and etc. In same way the student is also a leader when they work in a group one of them is a leader of the group. Following are some tools.

Setting Goals- Setting of goal is the primary step to be taken. It’s necessary to be goal oriented any task without goal is like a Race without end. If you know your goals and target you what you want to achieve and you can make plans according to that and setting up policies to achieve that target.

Influencing- Influencing is vital part of communication. Being a good communicator you should know how to influence others. To make other work for you or to make them work with you, it’s necessary to influence them and convince them to follow you and for that it’s necessary to know how to influence others.

Planning- planning is the next step after setting up the goals. To achieve target one have to make plans and strategies. Without plan one can’t implement any action or can’t take any step. If you what you want but you don’t know how to get it then you can’t reach your target. A sound plan results in achieving of target and completion of target.

Conversation- conversation opens the doors of mind which results in more ideas. If there is conversation between the group that helps to create mutual understanding and avoid misunderstandings.

Benchmarking criteria

This helps to measure the performance by knowing actual and current situation.


Benchmarked Figure

Actual (My Own)


self-confidence with high-level




Social responsibilities (awareness)




Positive thoughts




Practical approach








I noticed that I am ambitious wit positive attribute. I have positive thinking and also aware to my social responsibilities, which I have toward my society. I am a good communicator and I know how to influence other with my views. I stay focused on my target and make efficient plan to achieve the target.

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I have a strong vision of helping other and this helps me to make good relation within or outside my workplace. I have mutual understanding with my colleagues, whic helps me to maintain the quality of work and result in maximum output. I always want to be well educated and to be a well civilised person. It was my dream from childhood to do management in studies and also as profession.

Currently working in Indian restaurant as front staff I am struggling to achieve my goals and to achieve the target which I want to achieve. I know I can handle whatever the situation is and can overcome from those problems. I just want that if I am following someone as my role model so I want that someday I would be role model for someone. I with my hard work and with my discipline will do well in this country and will make myself and my family proud. I believe that with democratic and autocratic leadership style I will prove myself worthy at my workplace, being democratic will help me to achieve trust and faith of others whereas being autocratic it would help me to deal with some typical situations.


Computer skills- Now days technology has conquered all the fields, in offices the records are maintain in computers and in restaurants the bills and the orders are also putted through computers. I had problem while dealing with till in restaurants, sometime I got confused about different payment system and some time in Chinese orders

Anger management- It’s very important to control your anger. When you are working in a team, it became necessary to maintain your anger because at that time we are working with different personalities of different individuals. Sometimes there are situation which create irritation and raise anger but being a good leader or a good employee it became necessary to control the anger. Sometime it happened that I lose my patience during busy days, sometime due to my colleague’s mistake or sometime by irritation.

Time Management- Main problem I face is lack in time management, sometime I mix two tasks and in result I am not able to give proper time to each task and results in low quality outcome.


Computer skills- I have to practice more on till handling so that I can easily handle it even on the busy days and that will also help me to work efficiently and achieve my target.

Anger management-I should control my anger otherwise that may result in loss of trust and mutual understanding

Time management- It’s necessary to be punctual and completion of task on time for better results.

Time management is vital for good leadership.


Computer skills- To improve my Till handling i increase mu practice time on till and i take advice and instruction from my manager to know how to handle till easily and manage different bills and orders in busy time. I even go and practice on my day offs and that is proving helpful to improve my skill I getting my grip on till.

Anger management- To control my anger I am taking help of different articles and books for anger management. This is helping me to control my temper and to avoid the risk of conflicts and loss of mutual understanding between me and my colleagues

Time management- I know importance of time. It’s well said that “Time is Money”. I can’t let lack of time management to affect my work quality so I am taking advice of my manager and also taking advice from some articles regarding time management so that i can overcome this obstacle between my Targets.


Reading books and articles.

Taking advices from Manager

Practicing practically as well as theatrically.


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