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Role of Communication in Nursing

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Communication is the transfer of information between people. Communication for nurses is important in the present situation, and communication is an important part of the nursing practice, which has a special meaning. Nurses use good communication skills in order to obtain the trust of patients, to gain more fully understand of patients. Such communication is conducive to the conduct of nursing assessment and care plan development implementation, more conducive to the conduct of health education. In order to achieve the purpose of promoting early recovery of patients, successful communication can build a good relationship between nurses and patients, so patients with the treatment of psychological adjustment to the best state. Effective communication between nurses and patients in clinical care can play the role of surgery which drugs will not achieve, is worth promoting. This essay will firstly discuss the importance of nurse communication ability; following this, it will analysis the verbal and non-verbal communication in nursing.

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The importance of nurse communication ability

Nurse-patient communication is information exchange between the nurses and patients, and their families, and it is the relationship between nurses and patients deal with the main contents (Jane, 2010). With the change of medical model, nurse-patient communication is increasingly more people are concerned. Therefore, the communication content between nurses and patients’ awareness and understanding is very important, good communication between nurses and patients is able to alleviate the needs of patients with pain and suffering, it is also to promote understanding and support between nurses and patients, the effect is to improve the care needs.

Nurse-patient communication promotes and builds mutual understanding, trust and support of nurse-patient relationship. Nurses can also communicate with patients to identify and meet the needs of the patient’s negative feelings, so effective communication improves the quality of care, which plays the role of catalytic. Patients before and after communication treatment, the psychological burden rates were 99.14% and 21.57% (Clare, 2009). That state clearly there was clear communication between the treatments of patients with adverse emotional effect. 70% of the clinical diagnostic information from the patients’ medical history, further studies has shown that: capable and competent medical staff can be asked about the history of the diagnostic information 82%, 9% from the physical examination, and 9% from the laboratory results (Jane, 2010). The study results show that increasing communication skills of health care is very important, through the use of appropriate communication skills, health care workers to obtain information and a complete medical history of patient communication. They can make accurate medical history information, providing critical for accurate diagnosis of disease History information.

Nurse-patient communication skills

Nurse is the main role of patient communication. Clinical nurses make interactions information with patients between different levels of all the time. Communication between nurses and patients in the rehabilitation of patients played an important role, including verbal communication and non-verbal communication, communication between nurses and patients in the process of mutual penetration and combined together play the role (Clare, 2009).

Verbal communication

Language can both heal and cause the disease, in the clinical nursing process; nurses are the most contact with patients (Clare, 2009). Communication between nurses and patients physical and mental condition to understand the patient, provide the correct information to patients, reduce patient pain and suffering, improve the efficacy very Important. This is an important progress.

The course of the nurse working, the nurse should use legible language, with appropriate words to convey their ideas, make people understood in order to exchange ideas and feelings (Jane, 2010). Communication between nurses and patients should have a clear purpose, focus on the subject and highlight the theme. Nurses should be good at guiding and controlling the atmosphere of conversation and content and methods, so that patients will be in the elimination of tension, emotional stability, avoid the simple, brutal, cold language, it enhanced the confidence to overcome the disease. Meanwhile, the language should be simple, not to add more attribute with the adjective, colloquial speech, as far as possible. Specifically, the language of nurses should have the courtesy, protection, explanation, comfort and other characteristics.

In the process of Nurse and patient communication, nurses should make the language rich in emotion, first of all depends on the nurse’s emotional control and regulation (Mary, 2011). When nurse entering the work state, they should consciously adjust their emotions, so that in a state of pleasant and calm, as to spontaneously generate sympathy for the patient trust, respect the patient’s feelings and emotions. Nurses determine their language skills and emotional appeal. In general, the voice was soft and some milder tone, speech slower, with appropriate gestures and facial expressions, so this can show the gentle nurses caring for patients and concerns. Verbal communication is important, but the silence will give patients a chance to consider. Carefully the implications of patient experience, understand and acknowledge that the communication process to express the real meaning of patient.

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Non-verbal communication skills of nurses

In daily communication, non-verbal means of communications are used about 60% to 70% by people (Mary, 2011). Some people think that, under normal circumstances, non-verbal communication is more effective than verbal communication, and the two communication methods have the same effect. The non-verbal communication has a strong expressive and attractive, the information is often richer than the language of the appeal across the barriers of language.

Non-verbal communication is also known as the “acts of language”, mainly through face gestures, eye contact, and movement to achieve the goal of communication (Jane, 2010), from language to enhance communication and counseling role. Often act language to express the meaning of language can not express, and can fully reflect the care workers demeanor, bearing, will help improving communication effectiveness.

In nursing, smiling can create an intimate atmosphere of patients, and make patients and their family feel relieved (Jane, 2010). For example: When in the early morning, the patient had just woke up, smiling nurse came to the bed, kind of asking out Good morning, Elimination of patients nurses strangeness. Giving patients the smile, patients will establish the confidence to overcome the disease. According to the statistics: in the information transmission and exchange of the total effect, language is 7%, tone is 38%, 35% is facial expression (Constance, 2008). Nurses communicate with patients should be smiling, giving a kind and warm feeling, while also closing the sense of distance between nurses and patients. Body language is an extension of verbal communication. The non-verbal expression is important, full of very strong function of the verbal expression of information and colorful. Body language refers to people in a relationship through gestures, movements, posture or gestures touch to convey information, express feelings and attitudes as a means of communication (Audrey, 2001). Nurses in the communication of body language in the appropriate use of nurses can enhance patient trust, help to language. Patients with high fever, such as in asking about her condition, while touching their forehead to better reflect the concerns of patients, kind of emotion, reduce patient and their family anxiety.


In conclusion, Nurse-patient communication is an art, to master this art, requiring not only the expertise of nurses, but also extensive knowledge of the humanities and social science and good communication skills. For nurses, the communication is a basic skills achievement nursing profession. Communication between nurses and patients is the integrated use of a variety of techniques, rather than a single method can solve. Nurses -patient only learned the art of getting along, and proficiency in the use of communication skills in order to provide the best care for patients and promote physical and psychological rehabilitation of patients, their families more at ease.


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Communication in nursing is vital to quality and safe nursing care. There is evidence that continues to show that breakdowns in communication can be responsible for many medication errors, unnecessary health care costs and inadequate care to the patient

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