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Change of Management in Nursing: Causes and Impacts

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Problems in nursing practices

Nursing practice refers to the process of protecting, promoting and optimizing health and abilities, preventing illnesses and injuries through the treatment of human response. Nursing is a health sector which is concerned with the protection and the care of individual. The purpose of this assignment is to elaborate more about problems that are involved in the nursing practice, there importance and how they can be evaluated.

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In the nursing sector there are many problems which encounter the nurses working there hence this leads to a poor working environment or may also lead to poor nursing skills. Most problems encountered in the nursing sector are always influenced by the management in the health sector. Most health sectors have poor managerial skills which prove to have minimum likelihood of operating under good conditions. The managerial issues in the health sector have led to the diminish of good and quality nurses who are able to provide the best and reliable services to the patients in the hospitals.

The managerial hierarchy is always involved in many factors concerning the health sector which includes:Staffing,Satisfaction on patient’s needs,Inter relationships among the working nurses, Job hazards and their appropriate safety in the sector, Advances in technology about the hospital equipments and Patient relationships. Managerial hierarchy is the stronghold’s part of a certain sector where it should provide the best skills for the proper working of the whole health sector. It is important and guaranteed that health sector should have the best working condition worldwide in order to ensure that each and every person with health problems is treated with much care. There are many important factors which are always applicable to the management in the health sector. They include:

Good management reduces costs made to in the health sector. This helps in realization and maximization of results through fewer inputs by proper planning. The management will be able to use physical, financial resources in order to reduce cost production involved in the health sector.

Good management will help in the realization of the sector’s goals. The nursing management will be able to arrange the best factors which are eligible to offer the best services to the patients through the nurses hence providing an effective manner of achieving its goals.

Good managerial skills will establish equilibrium to the sector whereby it enhances the health sector to survive under different and variable working environment.

There is optimum utilization of available resources. The management will utilize the human resources productively. It will provide maximum utilization of the scarce resources by providing its best solutions in the health sector for various uses.

Good management will also provide essentials for the prosperity of the society. An efficient management will enable increase the welfare among the people of the society.

In the journal, Advanced and Specialist Nursing Practice: Attitudes of Nurses and Physicians in Israel states that with the introduction of new and advanced nursing roles, the profession is undergoing dynamic change. Realization of such changes will be easier to accomplish if the nursing community and other healthcare professionals welcome the process of change in the nursing sector. The journal says that the goal is to evaluate Israeli nurses towards the introduction of new nursing roles and to expand the scope of nursing practice.

In the journal Managerial responses to Medicaid prospective payment in the nursing home sector proposes that healthcare reform at the national level is extremely improbable. The nursing professionals should have adequate skills on the provision of care to the sick patients. It claims that with better skills in health sector helps in providing a suitable working environment (Brodsky & Dijk, 2011).

In the journal, Managing Nursing Assets: A primer on maximizing investment in people argues that nurse managers require critical competencies and skills to thrive in today’s health care environment. A nurse manager’s relationship with nursing staff is the primary variable that can reduce turnover and improve unit morale in a variety of different ways hence self confidence is required.

Changing the health management staff refers to the processes and human beings and techniques deployed in order to effectively manage the required change for a better outcome. Change will always occur in a sector when there is a problem which continually exists. A change of health management will involve implementation and provided risks to the existing sector. The change should be realistic and also achievable. It can also be in terms of increased performance and reduction of costs. There should be a change in terms of management in the health and nursing sector.

Management hierarchy should be stable in order to establish a good working environment for the nurses so that they can deliver good services to the patients in the hospitals. Establishment of changes in the health sector should be towards the realization of goals made through the provision of better services. Changing the old operating management leads to the birth of a new system which probably has better skills compared to the previous one. For a nursing sector to have benefits there should be adequate knowledge on how to effectively manage it. Without the existence of change control command system in a sector there will be assumptions that there is poor management in the health and nursing sector.

There are many changes which are always suggested especially when there is suitability of changing the management board. This will include:

Changing the control board in the health sector. This will involve targeting key people especially those who don’t give a well presented outcome of what they have done in the course of their work. Lazy managerial workers are supposed to be prevented from operating in such fragile health sectors so that better and quality services are provided. Nurses in the managerial hierarchy who have less skills about there work should be of rid to the health sector (Reid& Coburn, 2010).

There should be effective identification, validation and communication among the people working together. This will enable proper communication among the people working together in the hospitals hence providing a good working environment.

Implementing and evaluating the change in practice. This will involve the building the systems for knowing the patients, identification of problems early, communicating them and managing the changes of the patient at an early stage.

Integrating and maintaining the changes brought into practice. This will develop knowledge and skills in assembling topics concerning the clinical nursing issues. This will enhance recognizable knowledge and provide well formulated answers for clinical questions.

There are factors which are considered during the implementation of the changes made. One of these strongly considered factors is the individual patient or family needs and preferences. Family backgrounds will largely affect the changes made through implementation. A certain family will come up with an idea of transferring their own patient to another hospital maybe due to poor services provided in the nursing facilities. This will lead to thorough and keen investigation of the nursing facilities which will probably lead to most changes which will cause implementation of the nursing structure.

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Most patients are unable to give their own thoughts on services offered to them. This is because there is limited patient engagement with the nurses present in the nursing facilities. The patients will be unable to interact with the nurses due to poor interaction skills experienced from the nurses hence there is limited communication among them. Patients are supposed to engage effectively in speaking for better services to be provided on them. Patients are supposed to conquer the obstacles which prevent them from engaging in decision making among them. The patient may have additional needs that are supposed to be analyzed in multiple dimensions.

Patient values and there preferable needs are of clinical interview whereby the implementation of the nursing changes will lead to evaluation of patient values. There needs should be expressed to the managing sector so that the nursing team will provide with all the necessities while in the nursing clinics. This will ensure that all the system within which the practices for patient nursing cares differ from the majority or one’s own (Reid& Coburn, 2010).

Patients and family needs will lead to the analysis of ethical and legalized implications that the patient has to describe the boundaries of the nursing clinics. The value shared in decision making among the patient and families will be embraced even during conflicts. This will lead to the analysis of strategies that will empower the patients and families in terms of health care. Patients are engaged in active partnerships during illness moments hence there is respect over patient preferences and reasponsibilties.Barriers are eliminated to presence of families hence there is changes in nursing clinics.

Integration of principles involved in effective communication with quality knowledge and safety among them will give a description of good reflective practice. Continued analyzing and improving of a patient’s level will enhance changes through communication with the nurses in the nursing care facilities (Flannery& Grace, 2009).

When patients demonstrate knowledge concerning their health, they will appreciate their strengths and weaknesses and practice the need for quality conduct. .Flexibility of the patient values are more important in terms of been supportive to specific interventions whereby there is impact implicated on changes made. Health cares managers should be able to recognize that there is need for engaging patients and family members in matters concerning them so that the health cares will deliver more and better resources to them.

As there are changes taking place in the nursing sector, it is important to evaluate the results made after the changes have been made. Evaluating will involve the relations between the original strategy and the sector’s objectives.

When the changes are not evaluated it will become difficult for the management sector to show how well they have been managing the whole process. When the management is able to review and monitor its own objectives there will be further improvements that is required in a health sector.

When the change is not successful, the managers are still able to evaluate why the change process had to fail. The best way of evaluating change processes is through performance indices. If a sector’s objective is to increase productivity then its output can be compared to the input. Evaluation of the outcomes made helps in keeping the processes of change stable.

Change is considered as the biggest challenge for all sectors even though large or small. Change is at a pace whereby it is universal and it is known to be increasing with time.


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