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Aspects of Health: Contribution to Wellness

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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  • Charlene Mifsud

Health is composed of 5 aspects: social health, physical health, mental health, economical health, spiritual health. Discuss how these five aspects of health contribute towards wellness.

Wellness and health do not have the same meaning since health is divided into 5 different components which are: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, economical health and social health, while wellness mostly emphasizes a person’s responsibility for well-being by practicing health-promotion and their life style behaviours. When one is not healthy it does not necessarily mean that the person has a disease or has a pathogen since health as introduced above is divided into different categories. Wellness is when the five different categories of health are balanced and are all positive so if one of the components starts to get negative, we can say the person is starting to feel unwell due to lack of a certain health component. The following discussion will explain each aspect and my own personal opinion is given in each case.

Physical health:

Physical health concerns the whole physical parts of the human body. One must keep in control of what they eat by following a balanced diet, exercise regularly, not smoke, no drug use, drink water, sleep well and be hygienic. I personally think that these factors will help the well-being of a person and prevent and harm being caused to the physical body. Diseases may arise if one or more of these factors are not followed such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, myocardial infarction, cancers (due to drugs, alcohol or smoking) and countless others. Some may argue that if a person is at a healthy weight they can eat junk food and others might say that if a person is stressed let them smoke since it relaxes them. One needs to be educated about these deadly vices at an early age as to prevent from starting because once a person starts one of these critical habits it’s difficult to stop and may lead to serious damages to body. Also some may argue that children should not be taught such things as it may influence them by trying them out since curiosity overcomes us but some might say that it is their decision and the future is in their hands so let them decide what they want in life. Finally in my opinion I would make people aware of what causes illnesses and these will inspire them to maintain a healthy physical body and reduce any risk factors. Those who argue against it, their opinion is accepted but if any future complications arise stopping these unhealthy habits may be even more difficult once taken after long periods of time.

Mental health

In order to be mentally healthy one must feel comfortable about themselves and raise their self esteem by accepting themselves as they are. Mixing with people and making friends help to stabilize a person and keep their mind positive which will help by avoiding falling into depression of solitude. Economical problems such as being in debt may lead a person to feel melancholic: ‘’More than a quarter of people with mental health problems were in debt.’’(Brian Krans, October 3rd, 2013). If a person is bullied seek immediate help before the victim starts to lose self esteem and may start feeling suicidal. Also if for any reason one may feel stressful, finding ways to calm oneself such as yoga, healthy food, exercise or even join a support group may help before matters go downhill since stress may cause further problems concerning physical health. Some may oppose my personal opinion by saying that if a person does not want to seek help from other professionals let them be it is their life. Also some may say if a person would rather stay alone than mix with people it would be better for everyone so that person will not pass on their depression to others which most probably this would not happen. Letting people who are in a bad state stay the way they are without convincing them to change will have an impact on the people around them and care for them. Help people who are in need of support as to prevent future harm to themselves and to the people around them.

Spiritual health

Spiritual health does not necessarily mean believing in a higher being, but it also includes to feel by loving, being compassionate and forgiving. I agree that as human beings we have the capability to love and be compassionate with our partner and this makes one feel spiritually at ease. Forgiveness though must be earned and I personally think that if one asks for forgiveness they mean it and believe that what they have done was wrong. Others may say that everyone deserves forgiveness even if the person does not ask for forgiveness from their victim. These three values assist a person by gaining ethical intelligence, give the true meaning of life, make decisions easier to take, and appreciate all that is around us. Different people from all around the world have different religious beliefs and others have none. Involving oneself by visiting the specific place of worship for a certain religion will make one feel at peace in mind and spirit. I personally will not put my faith on a higher being and don’t feel spiritually unhealthy. Some may agree with my thoughts and might not believe in superior power but others with different religions do and we must all respect each other. Most sick people pray to their god/s for health or a miracle and if these people did not have faith in such higher beings they would feel hopeless. Faith gives one hope by feeling spiritually at ease when praising their god/s and also when facing difficulties in life.

Social health

Being socially healthy means that one should get involved in society whether it’s a hometown or school, getting to know people around us and feel accepted. As human beings we crave acceptance from peers so everyone tries to go along with what the society as a whole is doing. Usually the outcasts of the social groups tend to make small groups of their own and find acceptance with other people with whom they find similarities with. Volunteering in a group or event will give one satisfaction that no other paying job will, such as helping the elderly and being appreciated. In my opinion I do not feel that I have to be accepted in society as a whole so instead I find comfort by needing to be accepted by my family and friends. We do not all have to click and have the same opinions but acceptance of who we are is enough. Some may argue that in order to be accepted in society one must follow the standard lifestyle and any uniqueness will not be tolerated. For example, the typical sexual orientation is heterosexual, so in some countries around the world homosexuals are not accepted in the society and are labelled as odd beings which may drive these innocent victims mad so they try to be ‘normal’ while others rebel by forming gay right groups. Society has an immense impact on our lives and we all just want to be accepted by someone and be loved the way we are without judgements.

Economical health

Economical health is earned when people are young by receiving a good education for a future stable job. Continuing education such as attending university will increase the amount of pay in their job which will help the person by being financially stable. Finding a good job that makes the person happy will guarantee economical health if and only if the person does not abuse with the earned money. One must save up earned money and spent on essential equipment such as a home, a car, clothes, food, etc. In my opinion education is a necessity, where one may be grateful for it in the future since nowadays money is requested everywhere. Continuing education may be the hard part as some teenagers might be hard headed and start thinking of getting a simple job and start earning money on their own instead of studying further and get a career later on in life. Personally I would demonstrate on how easier life would be if they had to continue their education. Some may oppose by saying that if it were not for some teens to be working such simple jobs their family may fall apart since the teenager is the breadwinner of the family. Some may even start a family at a young age and no other option would be possible except to work a simple job and earn enough money. One must be careful to choose the right choices offered in life and seek help when needed, professional if need be. Earning money is not enough one must spend money wisely and not abuse by gambling or buying drugs/alcohol or purchase unnecessary objects. Spending earned money on the right objects in life will give one good economical health.

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In conclusion to all this, one must try to balance out the five discussed topics above in order to maintain wellness and a healthy lifestyle to prolong life. If one has a good physical health, mentally at peace with no stressors, spiritual beliefs where one may keep hopeful, a good social status and fine economical health this will result by the person being well and healthy. Basically all in all the wellness of the person depends on the different health aspects by keeping them balanced and positive.


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