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APN Professional Business Plan

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Yinusa Moshood Adeyemi



As advanced practice nurses (APN), we have invested a lot of time and money in our education and seeking knowledge around. We have gone through dealing with the state laws and nurse practice acts, also gone through the principle of autonomy / collaborative approach of practice with physician depending on the state of practice. We are at the point where our career is at the turning point. Most people are in the nursing profession because of the passion they have for it, but we need to cater for our daily needs and family. At this stage, we are able to decide if we are going to establish a business or work for someone. Moving forward in the business like direction, there is a necessity for a business plan which will be further discussed in this writing. Who is being referred to in the business proposal is the Advanced Practice Nurse (Nurse practitioner). What they do is to work independently or in collaboration with a physician to fulfill their practice obligations which may include but not limited to evaluating patients via physical thorough assessment (either head to toe or focused), they have prescriptive privileges, and are also able to interprete common laboratory orders. They can order labs if they need further clarification with a current lab value, and so forth. In the state of Illinois, it is mandated that collaboration with a physician is a requirement of practice to be fulfilled. This paper will address the steps and documentation procedures that will be fulfilled to establish a mini clinic in the south side of Chicago neighborhood. Why this is being done is to fulfill the requirement of the APN professional business plan requirement and also to have an insight to what it takes to set up a clinic after licensure as an APN with practice privileges.

Description of proposed APN business profile

Proposed vision statement

Our vision is to bring quality and affordable healthcare to Chicago’s south side neighborhood. South Chicago clinic is aspiring to bring special healthcare services, health educational programs (primary preventive measures) as well as personal health and wellness programs to the south side Chicago population where there are a lot of populations of low class income families, helping them to meet their basic health needs and to engage in active primary health care practice. South Chicago clinic will be located in the Chicago neighborhood on the Chicago’s Southside; it will enhance the community with specialized care for the low class populations in the city and also the people in need.

Proposed services

South Chicago clinic is an affordable clinic that will be situated amid south side of Chicago neighborhood that will be especially dedicated to meet the exceptional needs of the low income populace. Proposing to bring services like vaccination, wellness visits, physical visits, health screenings, periodic health assessments and tests, minor injury treatments and so forth. Proposed services will be cheap and affordable. Most preventive medicine approaches helps early detection of diseases and prevent the expensive cost of complications treatment regimen, because prevention is better than cure.

Proposed process for obtaining all anticipated registrations According to the information published on the website of Hudquarters.com, an article titled “How to get a DUNS number and CCR- 10 steps”, they laid out the guidelines and steps required to get these credentials. The steps are as follows:-

Step 1 was identified as the planning stage. This is the step that all the paperwork will be gathered. As it is known that proper planning will prevent poor performance. This is the step where the name and address of the clinic, trade style, contact phone number and fax, number of anticipated employees, management team, EIN/TIN information which will correlates with the clinic`s tax paperwork and so forth. After all these planning have been done, step 2 involves contacting the company that issues the DUN number is next (Dun and Bradstreet). They can be reached via phone or online at 866-705-5711 or http://www.fedgov.dmb.com/webform respectively. The other steps involve providing the required information, obtaining a free DUNS number and creating a central contractor registration via http://www.ccr.gov. A 3 to 5 days processing / wait time is needed to complete the registration paperwork. Other registration paperwork such as CLIA, EIN, MPIN, NPI, NAICS, SBA, TPIN and so forth will be contracted to a professional business consulting firm due to the nature of its complexity and being on the safe side to avoid mistakes.

Presentation of proposed APN service delivery

The proposed / anticipated staffing teams are as follows:-

Jimmy Khan OTR/L, member and partner

Jimmy khan has been an occupational therapist for 15 years and has a graduate degree in Occupational therapy. Before the agreement to entering into this current partnership, Jimmy have extensive practice experience working as an occupational therapist. He started as an occupational therapy assistant before he made the decision to go back to school to obtain a degree in occupational therapy. In recent years, Jimmy is pursuing his doctoral program at the University of Chicago and currently retains a position as a consultant to a rehab facility in a nearby Chicago suburb. The need of an occupational therapy office space in our clinic cannot be underestimated. They will be in place to help stroke (cerebrovascular accident) victims regain their optimal functioning ability to assimilate with the community.

Yinusa Moshood-Adeyemi RN, MSN (executive track)

Clinical Coordinator and Clinical Compliance Officer (Co-owner)

Adeyemi will be the Clinical Coordinator of south shore clinic and will be responsible for day to day clinical operations and compliance. Operating as an independent provider (Advanced Practice Nurse) with the collaborative agreement with Dr. Taiwo (hospitalist). Adeyemi will be working to make sure that quality and competent care will be readily accessible to the member of the south Chicago community. A care that will also be cost-effective and affordable. Adeyemi has 4 years of managing the operations of a home health business and also over 2 years of experience as a registered nurse. This is coupled with 4 years of military training and leadership experience. Dr. Taiwo will be the collaborative practice physician. Studied in Nigeria and moved to the United States 9 years ago. After passing his USMLE, he has been in in practice for 6 years. Works as a house physicians in couple of hospitals and he is willing to have a collaborative practice agreement due to state practice act.

Consultants (Legal Counsel and Attorney)

Jumbo consulting group provides clients in diverse industries, improve performance, complying with complex regulations, recover from distress leverage technology and statement growth. They will be taking care of other registration paperwork such as CLIA, EIN, MPIN, NPI, NAICS, SBA, TPIN and so forth due to the nature of its complexity and being on the safe side to avoid mistakes.


South Chicago clinic staffing will be composed of (1) occupational therapist and (3) occupational therapy assistants. Also, there is a physician, a Medical assistant, a receptionist, a license practice nurse, a nurse practitioner and a physician. We will also be opened to giving people volunteer opportunities. Funding for this project will be obtained from bank loans. There are 2 banks that are willing to help fund this prospective business plan, Chase bank and Navy federal credit union. Hoping to get referral for patients having Medicare and Medicaid.

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In conclusion, the professional business of an APN requires credentialing and organizational business skills. Basic credentialing paperwork will be taking care of and the complex business documentations will be contracted to a consulting firm. Due to the nature and requirement of the Illinois practice act for advanced practice nurse, a collaborative agreement will be signed (contract) with a physician to fulfill licensure and credentialing requirement. The clinic will be located in the south side of Chicago neighborhood known to have high numbers of low class income. Affordable, competent, and quality healthcare are all included in the primary motives of the clinic and its location. The source of funding for the clinic is by loans from two different banks. Repayment of loans is set up to be completed in about 7 years if everything work out as planned.


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