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Equality and Diversity Case Study: ABC Concordia Healthcare

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Managing Equality and Diversity

  • Lonita M. Tejano


In this case study of ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd is dedicated toward eradicating discrimination based on color or race, gender, age groups, ethnicity or national origins, disability, religious or ethical belief, sexual orientation, employment status, political opinion and marital status. This reporting requirement of stakeholders to be treated equally and deprived of discrimination. Consequently, the obligation of every stakeholder anticipates that they should not practice discriminations and have the same opportunities to all employees regardless of. Stakeholders believe that ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd will act in accordance with legislations and compelling explanations stages to make sure stakeholder and the employee to be treated justly and with no discrimination further down the relations of any regulation in strength from the period of connecting to discrimination in occupation and the establishment of properties, services or amenities. Since ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd is faithful to remove discrimination in selection process in recruitment sector, individual career development, relations of and conditions of employment, taking up benefits corresponding to work life balance policies an embodiment having flexible working requests, planning for training opportunities not restricted to equality and diversity, any complaint and disciplinary procedures of the employees, processing of resignation, selection redundancies, and dismissals and working with other organisations. ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd is applying the policy like being accountable who is working with ABC and to all associates, affiliates and board directors, thus complaints of discrimination will be inspected. ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd will be observed and recorded equal opportunities or benefits data about workforce, associates, colleague, and board of directors on the basis of age group of individual, gender, group of ethnicity, and disability. ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd is responsible for equal opportunities, facts to the Human Rights Services Commission and evaluation of the action of this policy every six months in a year. On the contrary, external stakeholders should not be discriminated. Their detailed prerequisites like disability should be addressed. Every individual should be restricted of discrimination and be treated equally because of social justice ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd deliver equal opportunities evidence to the Human Rights Services Commission as a mandatory in relation to workforces and customers further down the relations of the legislation. Many commenters on New Zealand society consider these events both historical and present day a good example of social justice in this country. In a recent study, Michael Belgrave, Merata Kawham and David Williams (2005) showed that in the history of New Zealand, Michael, Merata, and David also found that unexpectedly, The Treaty of Waitangi was only implicitly debated by ten contributors only 4% of the example and was connected with five different arrangements of social justice like tolerance, equal right, equal treatment, equal distribution and legislative. In addition, discrimination an argumentative effect on individual and groups like for example special effects on health and economic.

ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd will periodically reevaluate the policy of the organization operator every six months for a year, but it depends if there is non-compliance or problem concerning equality and diversity issues with clients and personnel identification more than regularly. At that point remedial action should be taken under the policy or barriers to equal opportunities. In addition to that, the policy will review and considering the outcome of monitoring and review actions under communication and training plans. The universal statement of ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd provides fair treatment within the personnel and new job applicants to prevent discrimination. For occupation comprise the variety of employment development, circumstances and relations of employment, admission to working out opportunities, and admission to relocation and promotion, disciplinary measures, dress code, reductions of employees, layings-off of staff, positions, bonus outlines, work allocation and any other employment related activities. ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd promotion and career development will be centered specially on merit. Therefore, promote a positive approach to the employees in agreement toward pertinent anti-discrimination legislation and encourages the staff to work better and it depends on their job performance .According to National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia staff benefits and compensation working in the Hospital, annual merit increase (from 0 to 3% of the employee’s basic salary for non-Nurses and up to 4% for Staff Nurses) upon contract renewal, based on performance appraisal, subject to availability of budget and salary cap restriction. In addition to that ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd treat all employees equally and create a working environment which is free from unlawful discrimination and which respects the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of employees. ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd acceptable optimistic arrangements or an allowable exception standards selection do not illegally discriminate on the grounds of sex orientation corresponding to married employees, pregnancy, maternity and paternity leaved. Maternity Benefit Act (1961) stated that, aims toward stereotype of employment of women personnel in assuring institutions for influencing episodes before and after child birth and bargains for maternity and certain other benefits. Terms and conditions of service for employees will meet the terms with anti-discrimination legislations. Therefore, every woman intends to be eligible to, and her employer shall be accountable for the payment of maternity benefit, which is the amount billed to the staff at the percentage of the usual daily salary for the retrial of her real absence. ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd will improve through audit a good example is an individual survey of the employee, team meetings in order to gather information and ideas on how to improve the organization, to update the role and responsibilities of the employee, policy and procedure improvement, distribution of resources in the organization and programs.

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Therefore, I conclude that diversity is a broad terminology than equality or equal opportunities. Diversity procedures and policies comprise all individuals by identifying that all of us have diverse individualities which create us exceptional organization’s advantage from captivating these into explanation when subscription services or hiring people. In contrast to equal opportunity, diversity is not about treating individuals in the same way, but rather it is about identifying and reacting to different necessities, practices and objectives and performing consequently. Diversity is a courtesy to equality of opportunity while equal opportunities checking to implement and investigate to gather information about certain individual in order to check the procedures and policy does not have a contrary impact on a particular group of individuals or aggregates to unlawful discrimination. Gathered information in relations to gender, age group, disability, color or race, ethical beliefs or religion and some circumstances sexual orientation. Unlawful discrimination which includes the harassment and victimisation, direct discrimination and indirect discrimination. Positive action inspires individual to include with access to services under-represented individuals. Positive discrimination, in which individual makes a resolution on a particular characteristic like for instance color or race, gender preferences and disability.


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Diversity is defined as the ‘individual differences of the human race’ which should be ‘accepted, respected, embraced and celebrated by society’. The differences encompass many factors such age, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation, all which shape an individual to be unique.

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