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Elderly Care in Residential Home Case Study

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Unit Standard 7979

Context/ Setting eg. IHC, residential care home

Residential care home.

Individual(initials, not full names)

Group eg. Child, elderly person

Summary of reason alternative care placement is required

Client A


65 years old kiwi.

Who is intellectual disability, and unable to speak clearly.

Stay in residential care home.


Placement Diary

Student Name

Shaopeng Wang

Alternative care placement for

Client A


Agape Home Trust

Outline the information and issues relevant to the decisions about the alternative placement for this individual.

Client A he is very strict with his schedule, such as having must having lunch at 12pm and must go to toilet after lunch. If there any unexpected things happen which affect his schedule, his will scream for what he wants. For this case, client A made his own decision to follow everything under his schedule, but sometime we have to change it because things happen. Then I have to follow the instruction from his care plan to answer his challenging behavior.

What other information did you need to obtain?

For provide alternative care to client A. I also have to know what he will behaviour and how to make him stop when trigger his challenge behaviour.

Facilitation of decision making


Note/Key point of information provided to the parties involved or other observations


After lunch I bring client A to toilet assist his toileting, the hand paper finish after he washed his hand. He starts to scream for the hand paper.


Client get sick in that day and his DP suggest him go home early to take a rest. When he gets into the van he start scream and hitting his head with hands, says it’s too early to go home.


That day he is late for his swimming, then he starts to scream again.

Outline how decision making was facilitated in accordance with the service providers standards.

The staff writes down his entire schedule on his resident profile, to avoid trigger his challenging behaviour. Such as, he goes to church every Sunday, shopping at Pak’n Save every Wednesday, and goes to west wave pools for water walking, spa and sauna. And also write how to deal with his challenging behaviour, or how to give him comfort when he feels upset. To ensure he has a proper service with his decision making.

Other Notes (reflect on the decision making process)

The service will make sure he get ready to perform his schedule a day before, like prepare his swimming wears or make sure there is enough money for shopping.

If there is something happen which cause to change his schedule, the staff have to raise the voice to let him focus and understand what staff saying.


Placement Diary

Student Name

Shaopeng Wang

Alternative care placement for

Client A


Agape Home Trust

Outline any further or additional information or issues relate to the alternative placement for this individual

The staff needs to add additional information in the resident profile when client change their behaviour or there is new hehaviour show up. There is one day client A get sick in the morning, and after seen his GP, the GP suggest him go home early to take a rest. I and another staff bring him into the van try to let him go home early. After he realizes his going home early he start scream and hit his head and hit the van. In this situation, normally he just screams but not hitting things. So after this, we add he may hit thing or his head when he feels sick and there is changing schedule.

How did you plan the placement in line with the decisions of the parties involved and any other key people?

I’ll try to as far as possible to complete his schedule, and prepare solution for change of schedule. Sometime when he is scream and not listening what the staff saying, may contact his mother to let him talk with his mother by phone, then he will calm down and start to listen.

How did you plan the placement in line with ethical practice?

I will always write down into detail when he having a challenging behaviour to let other staff know and avoid trigger it again. Also treat my client equally with respect and understand, give enough patience and always ask client’s permission and let them make their own decision. Make sure my client is receiving the right service.

How did you make sure that everything you did was focused on the current and future safety of the person who needed the alternative care placement?

I will always read through client’s profile to make sure I know the basic situation of my client before making any plan for my client. Then according client’s ability and will make a plan for client, and explain to my client clearly. During the plan making I have to consider all the safety needs, such as client’s mobility, number of staff will participate and solution of emergency situation.

Facilitation of Planning


Notes/Key points of information provided or other observations


Client A used wheel chair for his mobility


Client A is very obsessive with his schedule


Client A are close with his mother, he is behave when talk to his mother

Outline how planning was facilitated in accordance with the service providers standards. Give examples

Planning can reduce the change of trigger his challenging behavior. For example, client will feel satisfy when everything follow his schedule, and there is enough preparation for his outing and activities. Even there is some accident change of his schedule which makes him feel anxiety, the planning can provide solution for provide him comfort and how to make him calm down.

Other Notes (reflect on the planning process)

Social worker need to consider the safety and wellbeing during planning process. In this case this client need to have a 24 hours care service and personal development with his life span.


Placement Diary

Student Name


Alternative care placement

Client A


Agape Home Trust

How did you encourage self-determination of the person who is the subject of the alternative care placement?

Self-determination means the client can make his own decision without any assistant. To encourage self-determination of client, the social worker has to find the way to provide confident to client. Such as, to let client doing task he familiar with or give him compliment if he did something by himself. Also the social can let client have more contact with other people, like buy thing independent or joint a community event (e.g. color run, festival)

How did you discourage dependency on you as the social worker and the social service provider?

I like to give my client a simply brief of how to complete the task, and watch him doing it. If he is struggle with it, I’ll just give him with a small tip for that. That makes my client have chance to achieve his capacity but not just let social worker do everything for him. Also during the process of the task, social worker need to always be patients and good at finding the goodness of client.

How did you assist key people in the implementation of the plan to identify progress?

The compliment from his mother may bring he with a lot of confident and motivation of doing things independently.

How did you assist parties to the plan to review the plan? What if any further options were identified? If the plan was amended, how was it amended?

Plan to have a family consultation with client. According to the client’s disability and his emotion, social workers need more care and attention, to assist in this client.

Implementation of the alternative care placement plan


Notes/Key points of information provided or other observations


Discuss care plan for client, with the senior staff


Discuss care plan fro client, with his mother


Discuss with client how he feel with the care plan and any other additional staff he want to add.

Outline how the implementation was in accordance with the service providers standards

The implementation process must under the policies of service provider’s standard, also may involving client’s family in to this process. During the process of implementation the social worker must make sure the client are stays in a good condition both his mental and physical states.

Other Notes (reflect on the implementation process)

The social workers have to always ask how client feel, and respect his willing and decision all the time.

Task 4

Placement Diary

Student Name

Shaopeng Wang

Alternative care placement for

Client A


Agape Home Trust

How did you know had completed your required tasks or involvement in the plan?

Social may have a family meeting with client and his mother to get how is the result of the plan, did the client become more confident in his daily life or did the client can make decision independently.

What possible future involvement might be required from the social service provider in this case? Think about factors that may lead to further contact being needed, what functions or services a social worker or social service provider might offer the person in the future, and how the person could go about re-establishing contact with the social service provider

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Client may seek for assist with his living security, for example the social may seek for him with more care hours from MOH to assist him with the daily living. The social worker may look for a life company for him or assists he to get a job. For the re-establishing contact with the social service provider, the client may ask assistant from MOH or just request help from the social service provider.

Closure of involvement in the alternative care placement plan


Note/Key points of information received/provided or other observations made


Client A’s care plan, support needs assessment was completed.

Outline how the closure was in accordance with the service providers standards

The social worker have to ensure the client are satisfy with the service, and make sure all the client’s information are fully record and place in a secure place for reference.

Outline how you made sure information was kept confidential

Not talk client’s privacy to any other people, and make sure all the decision making and family meeting are progress in a privacy place.

For the client’s profile and information must keep in a secure place under the service provider’s policies and protocols.

Always follow the code of right to perform a professional social worker ethics.

Provide two examples of how your actions were in accordance with relevant legislation. Name the legislation in the examples

Human Right Act: Created to ensure that customer information is to keep maintain customer confidentiality and privacy protection

Privacy Act: Created to ensure that customer information is to keep maintain customer confidentiality and privacy protection.

Other Notes (reflect on the closure process)

During the process of the case, all the new update must record truthfully into the service plan for other parties to view.

Always ensure client are in a good mental and physical condition while receive the service from social worker, and make sure the safety and wellbeing of client.


Implementation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Te Tiriti o Waitangi includes 4 main principles, which are partnership, protection, participation and permission. Those four principles are given me guide during I provide service to client A as follow listed.

Partnership: as a social worker I build a good and equal relationship with client A with trust and understand, while we progress the task or creating plan we always works together and share suggestion.

Protection: during the process of this case, I do keep in mind to protect client A’s personal information and privacy. Strict follow the code of right to provide protection to client A.

Participation: I always invite Client A and his mother into the plan making and building relationship, by sharing feeling and suggestion. It makes us make fewer mistakes and saving more time.

Permission: when I have any idea or add any information with this case, I always let my client know and get his permission.


Application of social service theory

According to the client’s situation, I do apply the Models of practice, including Iwi and Maori Models of practice theme into his alternative care.

The Te Whare Tape Wha which including the Tinana(physical health), Wairua(spiritual health), Whanau(family health) and Hinengaro(mental health). When I provide care to client A I always look after these four health in to his care and reach his needs.

Tinana: as a social worker I have look after the environment which I provide service. Before I provide any service to Client A I always check is any potential harm or risk, and exclude it. That makes me and my client both are stay in a safety environment without task a risk with accident.

Wairua: as a social worker I have to know the client’s spiritual needs before provide any service, because the belief of client may take a very important part into the service. To fully respect and understand client’s belief may give client the exactly right encourage and confident. Also in many time the belief of client may give a unimagined strength to complete the task which hark for him.

Whanau: family is a very important chain in the service process. Always involve the family into the care may let client feel more relax and easy to working in role. On the other, the support come from family normally are the biggest help and assistance with service perform.

Hinengaro: I would like to make sure my clients have a good mental condition during I provide service to him to avoid his not feel satisfy. Also that ensure my care are effective to my client. Sometime, my client may feel upset. Then I have to give him with encourage and bring him with confident.


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