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Health and Social Services Programs in Houston

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Published: 19th Jun 2020

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As stated in last weeks blog, Farm to Table cuisine in a restaurant is using well harvest, short distance traveling food from local farmers and markets.  In this blog however, I will be discussing our future social service program for you and why it is important to support this cause.  I will then explain how it is important to the farm to table philosophy, how it will improve the health and wellbeing of consumers, how it improves small farm sustainability, and how it improve the welfare of animals. Our customers and community is very important to us and here at Kayln Farm to Table restaurant we hope our new first annual social programs services show as much appreciation for you as you appreciate our restaurant.

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Never Fear, Kayln Farm to Table restaurant s here!  Our customers everyday supports Kayln Farm to Table restaurant by spending money on our product, promoting our product, and come to all our social events.  By doing so, it is only right we create an event that gives back to our wonderful community and help people in need. So here at Kayln Farm and Table we have decided to be a participant in benefiting the community by contributing to social program services. Social Service programs are programs funded by government or private companies to better help the poor, the hungry, and the homeless. Social programs are very important to society. Katherine A. Kendall says social programs “purpose is to strengthen human resources and to maximize human potential for handling successfully the many stresses and strains which seem to characterize this era of rapid political social, economic, and cultural change”(Kendall). Here at Kayln Farm to Table we value social programs for our community and want to help. 

Sundays at Kayln Farm to Table restaurant used to be closed.  However, starting July 29, 2018 Kayln Farm and Table along with Houston Food Bank will host annual food drives every Sunday from 12pm to 8pm.  Not only would we be giving away food from the Food Bank, we will also serve fresh meals for free from 2pm to 6pm.  Yes Free!  Sundays are days we throw leftover food away, so why not give it to the public.  Also, every holiday from New Years to Christmas day, here at Kayln Farm to Table we will be feeding the homeless and children from Child Protective services for free.  As we believe the less fortunate deserve our contributions.   Another plan for benefitting the community is by hosting fundraisers for kids between the grades Pre-K to College Senior.  Here the kids or young adults would come to our restaurant on a Friday or Saturday and support their cause or organization. By having customers use flyers, we have prepared for them, our restaurant will give a percentage of the earnings made in the given time.  At Kayln Farm to Table we value hardworking kids and young adult’s futures in our community.  Our most heartfelt community benefitting plan is giving special discounts to all who have served in the American Military.  We at Kayln Farm to Table restaurant value our Military greatly and want to show our appreciation with a special 15% discount every time you order an Appetizer and Entrée.  Lastly us at Kayln Farm to Table have combined forces with the Position of the American Dietetic Association, Society for Nutrition Education, and American School Food Service Association-Nutrition services to provide kids in the local HISD school district with meals every Friday lunch and dinner for $3.  We have the same values as them, as these groups believe “integrated nutrition services in schools, kindergarten through grade 12, are an essential component of coordinated school health programs that will improve the nutritional status, health, and academic performance of our nation’s children” (Briggs).

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 Social service programs are important to Kayln Farm to Table resturanty as they bring exposure not only to our restaurant, but the farm to table philosophy as well.  Having exposure increases the audience to support more organic, natural, healthier food served at farm to table restaurants.  Our services also increase the health of future recipients as through our social service program people who are in need will have access to economic fundraising opportunities for their children, free meals on holidays, veteran discounts. Also, kids will have cheap access to healthier, more tasty food in schools.  Because of the exposure the social service programs will receive, Farms such as Tatum Farm of life will get more publicity as they will also be there helping us serve and educate the people of farm to table restaurants and good healthy farms. 

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