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Health and Social Care Practitioner Role in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities

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Published: 20th Aug 2020

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C1 (4.1) Explain how the health and social care practitioner supports individuals with learning disabilities to overcome barriers.

Work within policies and procedures

Healthcare practitioner should support individual with learning disabilities to overcome the barriers they should work with the policies and procedures it allow them to understand what they should do when they are struggling to overcome the problems it is important to work with policies and procedures it give an ability to do something has policies and procedures gives guidance for decision making. Procedures can support a practitioner with identify the cause of disabilities, what action should they take, it shows emergency procedures if a practitioner are working police and procedures they can increase the number of accident and it can increase complaints, has policies and procedures enable the workfare to clearly understand individual and practitioner responsibilities and clearly written policies and procedures must be follow by the service. You need to follow the policies and procedures practitioner within health and social care in learning disabilities this is to make sure that every individual are safe also we are make sure that we stay keep the individual safe and they need to protect them they don’t protect themselves they will face different consequences it is important for health and social care practitioner to safeguard individual when they are working and supporting them. 

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In learning disabilities if we don’t follow policies and procedures it can cause lot of barriers to the individual such as not be able to provide wheelchair for the people who can’t walk. Polices and produces train to staff and individual who recently developed learning disabilities and it provide better opportunities for people with learning with the necessary level of support to live their lives as they wish and make informed choices and decisions also in case where the individual does not have the ability of capacity to understand the risk of learning disabilities for example practitioner can provide a person who can hear a hearing aids or sign language who can translate for them. Working within policies and procedures can prevent discrimination and to take away a stigmas has policies and procedures give equal opportunities the Equality Act 2010 is about giving individual equal treatment for the individual who has learning disabilities.

Care Plan 

Care plan is important because it the practitioner to plan a activate for the patients who has learning disabilities it will help the person to overcome the problems and be able to follow the care plan easily, it ensure that patients gets the same care, care plan also to ensure that the care given is recorded it support the patients  and to meet the individual needs to they can achieve their outcome of care it is important that you has a practitioner involve them while you making their care plan for example ask them what they like to do when they are free or their likes and dislike this you will get to the patients and you will understand them. Having a care plan will help and support individual emotions it help them physically has they are more likely to do more different kind of activities such golf, fishing they will be socially active day-to-day has the duty of care provide the support, need for the individuals. In the Learning disabilities we have care plan  so we can help the vulnerable people and provide them their need such as medication, food it is also about keeping them safe away from danger and to communicate with the individual and to report the outcomes. To support a vulnerable person to overcome this barriers we the learning disabilities practitioner should provide support such as a Care Assistant who can plan your care orgisaning your active  and looking after your personal care and needs it is massively important that we provide support to the people who do not have the capacity to look after themselves whereas the care plan will support them with their personal care, needs providing care also their medical support, a care plan will identify the responsibilities of learning disabilities professional they tend to improve the person living by providing them with treatment.

Person-Centred Practice 

Person centred practice is to put the person in the centre of care this will protect the individual from mistreatment or abuse, neglect and harm the healthcare professional will work together to improve the person health and welfare. The person- centred practices is important because everyone is different and unique this promote the rights of the child and young person to choose make contraction and communicate has this will help to plan for the individual need, people values and putting people at the centred of care to help them to develop their own health and we should ensure that the people are physically comfortable and safe the person centred practices help the individual access higher stranded support and we ensure that people get all the information they need in way that is accessible for them and to make decisions for their care and support. Within safeguarding we should values the person has this will allow us to understand them and to value the relationship with the clients and the counsellor or care provider also we should  respect the individual and congruence we should not be non-judgement in safeguarding we should show empathy has it will allow them to speak and trust us. The person centred practices involve lot of different people from different background such as the children, adults, young people, middles adulthood , late adults, professional people from different background every individual is different from each other we means that we need to have different plan for them to develop their own health and growth development.


Empowerment support individual with learning disabilities has it help to them develop their self-esteem and awareness children and young people tend to feel low confidant and helpless because they have learning disabilities it is important that in health care we encourage young people and children to self-care for themselves and approach them to try new things this way it will build their confidant and self-esteem. For example, a dementia patient is refusing to taking a medication a care assistant should approach this with care and advise them to take this medication so they can get better be able to do different activities by themselves, empowerment provide care and support and having equal opportunity empowerment is like a person centred of care the practitioner tend to put the person in the centre of care and they will work with different organisation to improve the person living. Empowerment is most lily to use in the residential care home where they approach residential to make their own decision this will protect their rights of choices also they will be informed choices has you are involving them in their decision, if the healthcare doesn’t approach the patients they will not look after themselves it is important that healthcare advice the patient to maintain the health and growth, welfare.


A advocacy is to empower people to ensure that their views and opinions are heard in any decision making they tend to support and put forward people with learning disabilities this is because healthcare service is making sure that every individual has right even if the person has disabilities has it help individual to speak out about things that negatively affect them this can be about themselves, treatment or even someone is not being treated rightly it representing the person wishes and feeling, it ensure a person rights and entitlement are being met. For example, a person who is deaf and blind can ask for advocate to guide them and be led by the person only doing what they request also to be friendly while still maintaining boundaries advocate must listen to the person wishes. There are different types of advocacy such as peer advocacy, informal advocacy, formal advocacy and professional/independent advocacy this is make sure that everyone have the same life opportunities as other for example some people with learning disabilities don’t get to the opportunity to go to school due to their desirability the Children Act 2014 say each child should be treated with respect and they should have same equal opportunity. The health and social care should support each with learning disability and listen to their problems should have an understanding with the person this you can build trust, their self- esteem and confident.

Partnership working

partnership working is when different companies work together to improves the best outcomes for the patients to improve the safeguarding setting we need to provide the best care for our patients has some service do not provide the care and equipment and has they may not respect the individual need or having a poor service as we are working with vulnerable in learning disabilities we tend to work with different people with different types of disability such as learning disability, mental health conditions, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder, we the learning disabilities practitioner work with different service that can be benefited for the individual has they are suffering from different abuse and neglect also harm working with health and social care service will help us to develop lots different idea such as how to improves the individual needs and support, keeping the individual safe we should value each individual input  we the learning disabilities practitioner making sure that each individual receive high quality of care and support. Partnership in learning disabilities is mainly working together sharing ideas and working  with other practitioner within that setting to make sure that patients get the right treatment has they will be meeting specific need of child, young person and adults partnership working is important if a child were to be cared for by ranges of people, has partnership working is about identifying the need for agencies to cooperate and work together in order to improve children wellbeing such as be healthy, stay safe, making positives contribution, in learning disabilities the health care service tend to look after vulnerable people who don’t have the capacity to make their decision its important to work with different organisation to improve the quality of health and welfare this will be benefited for the person and the organisation 

Positive attitudes

we need to have a positive attitude in healthcare learning disabilities so we can encourage the person who has the disabilities to support them by providing care and needs the practitioner should an positive attitudes so they can provide care for the patients and to respect the patient personal information and their health states. Having positive attitudes will enable the person to control their mood and they will have the ability to handle patients with disabilities. if are the care giver you need to have positive attitude to respect the patients  and to support them also Individuals with a positive attitude will feel the impact on their health due to lack of disease and increased overall positive well-being having positive attitudes will help the person to a stress time it will support them. For example Nurse should have the positive attitude so they can provide care for the patients they should not panic if they see someone with lots blood or someone with a disability that is affecting their health and wellbeing.  Having a positive attitude will enable to show empathy for the person with disabilities you will be more patience and you will have the abilities or show respect for example you will knock on the door before you can see your doctor also mainly important if you have positive attitudes you will have the abilities to work under pressure.

Challenge discrimination.

Within learning disabilities vulnerable people tend to face discrimination because of their disability has the people may judge them and feel petty for them and you must always challenge discrimination whenever you come across and you must always  record and report discriminatory behaviour and comments for example when young children uses bad language teacher should tell them off and they should not shout at them and everyone in schools should be treated fairly and with respect, services providers need to make sure their setting is promoting equality and diversity  facing challenge discrimination can be hard buts you should be positive such as you can challenge discrimination by questioning.

Access to services, information, advice and guidance

Information, advice, guidance this is an information that tell you something about how to keep someone safe or perverting any risk having this information will support us in our daily live this information will guide us from any danger. In the mental health this would help us for example if a person has been sexual abuse then he/she can go to any local user to get help or he/she can look up online to get help such as NCPEE, Rape Crisis it advice you where you go and get support to support your health it is very important you get advice from professional or read the information to guide you if you have been abused or neglect has it will guide you where you should get help and how.  This will help individual with learning disabilities if they have been treated unfair it will guide them to go to right service that will help them with their disabilities also having to access to a service which mean having an access to life and ramps, lop system and communication barriers it is important that service have the access to the wheelchairs also access to blind people having braille.


Advocacy service is when someone speaks on behalf of you. They would keep it confidential unless you want them to share with others. For example, if you find it hard to speak to the doctors someone on behalf can speak for you example your parents and careers. 

B1 (2.1) Discuss causes of learning disability.

Learning disability can be genetic which tend to run in the family or it could be that your whole generation has learning disabilities such as down syndrome is an genetic which is caused by the additional of an extra chromosome in the body cell has this is not an disease that will kill the person they tend to have a learning disability that will likely to affect their living such as need of extra support, not be able to write or read due to the chromosome in their body.

Complications during birth

Having complication during birth can be very relay because during not only this will affect on the child but also on the mother health and wellbeing, complication normal occur during the baby labor and delivery which can have severe effects on both if the complication results in brain damage to the child and the child may end up being diagnosed with cerebral palsy it is important for the both individual to have a healthy diet also practitioner need to make sure when they are delivering the baby they must be ready and need to extra care.  For example, complication during birth that lead to cerebral palsy can put the babies at an increased risk for cerebral palsy because it can affect their brain has it can happen due to the complications reduce or cuts off oxygen to the baby brain also it can cause physical trauma which mean that they can have movement also their brain they might not have the ability to do something on their own.  If you are worried during the labor it can affect the baby it is important that you attend you doctor appointment has it give the ability to the doctor to understand and screen the potential complication and to prevent them from causing harm to the baby and mom.


Illness you can be diagnosed by the environment or someone can pass on to you such as Tuberclosis which is a bacterial infection that can spread through the body and it can pass on to other individual and they may also be diagnosed (NHS 15/11/2016). Many of illness that we experience are short term and treatable. Such as coughs, cold and broken limbs can all be cured with the right medicine and treatment and we will not have any long lasting impact on growth or development. Some illness and disease can have much more serious consequences such as the genetics haemophilia downs syndrome and cystic fibrosis are all life- long conditions that cannot be cured and which will impact on the person health and wellbeing.  It is important that you see your doctor on time has illness may be the sign of disease. Also having illness can prevent the risk of disease has illness tend to happen when you have flu and cough if you don’t get treatment you may be ill for long term it is important in learning disabilities that children with learning disabilities is treat straight way due they can get easily affect also they can pass on the other individual has children with disabilities don’t have the abilities to speak and notice if they are ill they body tend to have an illness with may affect their learning disabilities.


Disease can be genetic or you can develop later in life diseases different types of diseases have different impacts health and wellbeing they are disease is form has you can die and it lead to long- term illness something a disease can be treatable by the medication such as Tuberclosis is treatable with medication with will kill the bacterial. Some learning disabilities are common in people who suffer from disease such as down syndrome this is disease which can cause by an extra chromosome in the person cells. Diseases will impact on the person living such it can effect on the person cognitive, emotional, social and physical development individual with diseases must likely to suffer from different health issues also diseases can be inherited for example two individual with learning disabilities are must likely to pass on to their children and they can develop learning disabilities. Has the disease is a disorder that control in the individual health and wellbeing which can affect the person mind and body which can lead to lot of different development, disease may have single cause for example heart disease it has different symptoms which effect the person physical and mental. Children with learning disabilities are at risk of health for example if they have disease it causes them health problems not only that children who has already has diseases if they develop a new disease it can impact on the mind, body and it grown on different parts of the body it is important that we keep the children with learning diseases has a healthy lifestyle by taking them to regular check-up which will help them to stay healthy.

Environmental/ Unknown

An environment and unknown cause of learning disabilities an environmental is when you develop it from the pollution which may cause disabilities to the individual. Drinking or taking drug is an environmental cause learning disabilities which affect the baby in womb and it can put the bay in risk for learning problems or even disabilities also some people may have learning disabilities later in life such as if some has accident and it may affect their brain due to the injuries.  Having a poor nutrition may lead to physical and cognitive development has it may show sign of learning disabilities many individuals tend develop environmental learning disabilities due to driving faster than usually it is important when a young person on the road they must wear their seatbelt which will prevent them hitting their head and damaging their brain.  Having poor diet which it impacts on the person living it impact on their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development some people may be underweight or obese having people who has obesity are more likely to have some serious health problems such as stroke, stroke may lead to learning disabilities it affects the person cognitive and physical development. Whereas the unknown cause of learning disabilities has no known cause it is because there are no known reasons as to why a learning disabilities has developed such as autism the healthcare practitioner doesn’t know the case of autism why children and adults suffer from autism it is unknown. 

B2 (4.2 ) Describe the support available for individuals with learning disabilities.  A minimum of three (3) sources of support available for individuals with learning disabilities must be described.

Support groups, networks

The support that should be available for young people is it support children with learning disabilities who need support with their learning in primary school you tend to see a teacher working with one student to support them with their learning and to understand the concept learning.  Has not only healthcare learning disabilities practitioner not only provided support to the children but also the provide the medical treatment for them in case some children have been hospitalised care, a support groups, network is small service that provide children with support such playgroup, health problems, disabilities which movement and maintain their health as they go alone. Networks of support are groups organized around specific conditions or disorders, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Support networks, like other forms of patient education, allow patients to become more informed about their illness and play a more active role in their health care. It provides an opportunity to meet other children who has different types of learning disabilities children with learning disabilities tend to feel lonely, isolated, judge, and anxiety due to their disabilities. If a child is being involved in the support groups and network if will help them with their emotional development has they are improving their skills to cope with the challenges, talking openly and honestly about their feeling has when they are at the support group each person is supported by their needs and practitioner would support them with their learning disabilities   

Day Care

A Day Care service provide vulnerable children and adults support to help and support them with their complex needs has it give new opportunities to the learning disabilities individual its allow them to develop new skills and quality(Belfast health and social care trust 2019). Learning disabilities practitioner will be working with children who has learning disabilities problems they will be helping to provide them with their basic needs which will allow them to understand their health problems day care service will support individual with learning disabilities with their personal care, serving food, drinks, being creative such as art and crafts, meeting other children with disabilities, gentle exercise to maintain their health and wellbeing. It is imporant that you has parents and practitioner to provide children with good quality of day care serivce which allow each child to become more independent, learning new skills and quality also it is to protect children from discrimination for example children with learning disabilities should have the to be educated even if they are disables no child should be isolated due to their disabilities under the act of Equality Act 2010 an healthcare organisation that provide serivce to the child they must not be discrimincate against them if they are disabled and they must provide adjustment such lift, ramps to ensure that they the same rights and learning opportunities as other children  also the Equality Act 2010 is making sure that each child with disabilities has the same right and opportunities. 


Respite mean in learning disabilities taking care of someone for a short time of time or for a long time has respite means providing care for the individual who has learning disabilities and difficulty learning or finds it hard to live independently. Respite can be planned or it can be emergency temporary it can be provided to the children and adults it is a positive short time experiences for the person who is receiving care. It allow the person to take break from the person that they are caring for they tend to force on their own health has you will be having break from caring which mean if you are going away without the person you are for they may have temporary stay in residential care for example if you choose to go on holiday without the person you care for you would put them in residential care or day centre 

B3 A minimum of two (2) relevant and traceable references must be included. A reference list must be included.


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