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Impacts of Huntington’s Disease (HD)
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Abstract Huntington’s disease has been in existence for many years. People used to mistake it for other conditions such as for Parkinson’s disease or possession by the evil spirit. A...

Treatments Available For HIV/AIDS in Modern Medicine
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Treatments For HIV/AIDS Among Different Types Of Population HIV is the disease that had been link to human and it is also known as the disease of the century. According to avert.org, the...

Issue of Substance Abuse in Pregnancy
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Introduction Substance abuse is a mental illness that refers to the unsafe or misuse use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs (World Health Organization [WHO],...

Health and Safety in a Dental Laboratory
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: Health, safety risk assessments and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health  (COSHH) assessments, cross infection and cross infection control, decontamination  techn...

Effects of Aging on the Vertebral Column
11th Feb 2020
Introduction: The biomechanical effects and clinical perspective of aging on the vertebral column Introduction The extent of aging within the musculoskeletal system during the life course af...