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Adult nurses work with old and young adults with diverse health conditions, both chronic and acute. They juggle numerous priorities and use caring, counselling, managing, teaching and all aspects of interpersonal skills to improve the quality of patients’ lives, sometimes in difficult situations.

Adult Nursing

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Significance of Assessment in Adult Nursing
Nursing Essays
Introduction: The following essay will highlight the significance of assessment in the field of adult nursing. It will bring out issues on when and to what degree it is carried out working on examples and structure... Last modified: 4th May 2020

Personal Reflection on career in Adult Nursing
Reflective Essays
Introduction: I have chosen the career path of Adult Nursing because I have always been interested in health care. This began when I worked in a Pharmacy a few years ago and I felt great achievement when helping pe... Last modified: 13th Feb 2020

Health Promotion in Adult Nursing: Adult Asthma Case Study
Nursing Case Studies
Introduction: This essay will address how to help a 20 year old asthma sufferer bring to an end his recurrent admissions to hospital because of acute exacerbations in his asthma. Asthma is a common and chronic inf... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Multidisciplinary Approach To The Older Adult Nursing Essay
Nursing Essays
Introduction: By 2030, the United States Medicare eligible population is projected to grow to 69.7 million (Stanhope, & Lancaster, 2008, p. 50). This will ultimately increase health care costs and expose numer... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020

Collaborative working within the area of adult nursing
Nursing Essays
Introduction: For the focus of this essay I will be discussing the concept of collaborative working within the professional area of adult nursing. This essay will examine the definition and rationale of collaborati... Last modified: 11th Feb 2020