I’ve been asked to verify my payment, what does this mean?

Type: Support Article. Published: 1st Apr 2024

As we are an online company we can be susceptible to fraudulent payments and in order to protect both us as a company and you as a customer, we may request these documents in order to verify a payment over a certain value or an unsecure payment that has been made using a credit/debit card.

Please be assured that all documents are handled with full confidentiality and in line with the Data Protection Act; they are requested in order to verify the payment and your account. We don’t pass this information on to anyone else. If for any reason you didn’t wish to provide these documents, we can process a full refund back to the account you paid from and you can then make your payment via bank transfer. As this is a secure method of payment, we would never require any verification documents from this method.

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