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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Cigarettes?

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Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Electronic Cigarettes

As time continues technology is always advancing from cell phones, computers, and even cars. We have advanced to a time where we now have electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigs or a nicotine delivering system which are gaining popularity with everyone from young teens to adults. Electronic cigarettes are equivalent to traditional cigarettes but have less added ingredients. Most adults are using them to cut their habits from traditional cigarettes and stop smoking. Even celebrities are shown to use these devices. Electronic cigarettes market is estimated to be worth $1.5 Billion. Electronic cigarettes are a device that able to provide nicotine that comes in many flavor forms and many different sizes. The smoke is vaped through a mouthpiece each pen has a battery and includes a chamber that carries liquid nicotine. These pens have been around for a short amount of time so not much research has been done on them. Are these electronic cigarettes safer than cigarettes or are they just as dangerous? 

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 While these devices have been out since 2003 there is no long-term data to show what long-term effects, they have. When they first came out one of the dangers that they had was that they were catching on fire and exploding caused by battery failure. What we do know is that these electronic cigarettes have the main ingredient which is nicotine which could be highly addictive. Researchers have even said that nicotine could be as addictive as cocaine or even heroin. Some of the side effects of traditional cigarettes are higher blood heart rate and higher blood pressure. One of the most popular electronic cigarettes is the JUUL which look like a USB card electronic it carries the most amount of nicotine than any other electronic cigarette on the market. It can carry up to as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Nicotine, in general, has many sides effects which include headache, palpitations, local irritation of the mouth, and abdominal symptoms.

There is enough research to say that electronic cigarettes are being used as smoking cessation. Even with these electronic cigarettes having high amounts of nicotine there have been some studies where they gather two groups of traditional cigarette smokers. One group is given the option of nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges to help aid them to stop smoking. The other group is given electronic cigarettes both are put on these options for three months to see if they could stop smoking. After the trial, the participant’s given the electronic cigarettes had a higher success with people quitting. They also found that people using electronic cigarettes had less phlegm and coughing. In a different study, there had been found that people that use electronic cigarettes had lowered blood pressure versus the people that smoke cigarettes.

 From celebrities and commercials on the television and radio, electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity from teens and are getting their hands on them.  An epidemic of teens becoming addicted as nicotine is highly addictive. They catch the eye from teens as they come in many different colors and a variety of flavors such as cotton candy. There has been a dramatic increase of calls of accidental nicotine poisonings according to the CDC calls have gone from one call per month to hundreds of calls per month. Some side effects associated with nicotine poisonings are seizures, vomiting, and death. Nicotine in young adults can also cause development issues which we continue to develop into our twenties. In the studies from the CDC electronic cigarettes are becoming a gateway for young people to start smoking regular cigarettes. Most young teens that have used an electronic cigarette have also smoked a tradition cigarette within 30 days of first using the electronic cigarette. Even though the FDA has done their part to make sure that electronic cigarettes are regulated just as tobacco teens are still finding ways to get them. Some ways that they have been able to obtain them is through friends or family members.

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 Teens are using them more over time which is caused mostly from advertisements showing young adults using electronic cigarettes as well on commercials on the television and the radio. Teens also follow many celebrities and these electronic cigarettes could do more harm than good as they could face development issues becoming adults. Teens are reversed in a sense they start with electronic cigarettes and advance to cigarettes. Smoking affects many people here in the United States and they need to know what alternatives could help aid stop smoking. If your trying to cut the habit of using cigarettes electronic cigarettes could be a good option for you. Both cigarettes and electronic cigarettes both contain chemicals but, overall the electronic cigarettes show to have the most positive outcomes.  With them being fairly new to the industry we still need to conduct further research to know what long term potential side effects these electronic cigarettes can cause.

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Vaping is defined as the act of inhaling and exhaling an aerosol produced by a vaping product, such as electronic cigarettes. These electronic devices contain special substance called Nicotine, which increases the airborne concentration of particles.

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